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Real estate marketing with Twitter.

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For a real estate, Twitter might result a weak way to attract the potential clients because its dynamism is totally different to the other social networks.

Twitter´s particularity is its main concept, as it is a micro-blogging network. It is totally different than Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn which count with other technical functions. 

The distinctive characteristic of Twitter is the limit of 280 characters per post; a factor that makes the difference among the social media platforms.

To be honest, Twitter is probably the less effective social media when it comes to catching potential buyers, but it is used as an organizational communication channel in order to bring added value to the real estate.

On the other hand, its dynamism makes it a very effective social media when it comes to spreading contents of the real estate blog or promoting the properties for sale or rent.

Anyway, although the possibility to achieve a sale through Twitter is very low, the sharing of the contents and the brand development are very attractive factors for any real estate.

These elements can be effectively achieved on Twitter, but we must never forget this platform counts with codes and particular functions.

As on any other social media platform, a real estate must understand it needs to avoid the practice of spam. Twitter sets some limits for the users with the intention to avoid the spams, so its servers will not get harmed by an overloaded network. The daily sending limits on Twitter are:

  • Status updates allowed per day (tweets or retweets): 1.000 per day (something like 40 per hour).

  • Direct messages (DMs): 250 per day.

For sure, a real estate will not get to the limits set by Twitter, but we should take them into consideration and set a frequency of new posts.

For a real estate, an average of 4 daily updates on Twitter is enough, as we are looking to achieve effectiveness by sharing some contents, not all of them.

Effective real estate marketing strategy on twitter


The numbers on Twitter seem to be overwhelming, although there are similar social media platforms that achieve the same numbers, or even more.

What really overwhelms is Twitter´s dynamism; a multitude of interchanging info in real time through which the real estate can manage to achieve its targets.

Normally, Twitter shows these numbers:

  • 500 millions of active users.

  • An average of 340 millions of daily tweets.

  • More than 1.5 millions of searches per day.

The daily data volume on Twitter is really important, but what really makes the difference is the speed of the info interchange and the constant number of update posts.

In order to manage an effective brand development through Twitter and get an effective organizational communication channel, a real estate must contain certain aspects linked to the platform and take into consideration some practices.

Real estate posts on Twitter.

A real estate can choose to post any type of content on its channel, but we should be careful, because we are talking about an organizational communication channel linked to a company.

In order to define the posting strategy of the real estate on Twitter, the most effective thing is to get a professional Community Manager. However, for a small and medium real estate in Spain, the strategy of hiring a qualified professional might results very expensive.

Anyway, inside the real estate sector, Twitter channels can be effectively managed by posting:

The best moment of posting.

Each social media platform has its strongest hours; these are the hours the users´ peaks of activity are the highest.

It is important for a real estate to segment its type of user by nationalities and so set the best hours to publish new contents based on the different hours.

However and no matter the countries that the real estate wants to target on Twitter, the hours with a major activity on this platform is normally between 08:00 and 19:00.

Just inside these hours, there are also the hours with lots of traffic, between 13:00 and 15:00.

We cannot define the best moment that a real estate should post something on Twitter, but it is always better to analyze the results in order to modify the hours, no matter the countries that the real estate wants to target.

Twitter has also the best days to share contents and normally, the traffic lowers a lot during weekends, expect if there are any global and geographic events.

A real estate is recommended to post from Monday to Friday.

Daily frequency of real estate posts on Twitter.

Once established the posting calendar and the proper hours for sharing its tweets, the real estate can set a daily frequency. As part of the strategy needed on Twitter and after setting the schedule, we need to set a minimum target of 4 posts per day.

Among those posts, a real estate can mix the type of contents and post properties for sale, or the real estate blog articles on different languages or advertising properties for rent.

The essential factor in order to achieve an effective strategy on Twitter is to get an effective daily post frequency and we should not stress the followers with contents that do not bring any added value to them.

Avoiding spam and manage not to publish posts based only on properties for sale are two essential factors.

On Twitter, the variety of the published contents and the variety of retweets are essential keys in order to achieve a good level of effectiveness. If the real estate does not bring a channel with attractive contents to its followers, the former will probably achieve the upside down effect and it will start to lose the followers of its Twitter profile.

Posts extensions.

As we already said it before, Twitter is a micro-blogging network that allows only up to 280 characters per post. That is why it is so important that a real estate Community Manager needs to manage those characters in a proper way in order to get a better level of effectiveness.

For this purpose, we need to leave at least 20 characters free so the other users might add some extra info on the retweets.

The limit of 280 characters on Twitter can be exceeded with the help of tools such as Tweenjoy, which allows us to create tweets with higher quantity of info. Those tweets can be personalized using these guidelines:

  • Font type (there are nine types of letters to choose).
  • Text alignment (left, right, centre or paragraph).
  • Font size (small, medium or big).
  • Color of the letters and the background (nine for both of them).
  • Include overlapped texts on the selected images.

Links on the real estate tweets.

Normally, real estate contents which we publish on Twitter should be linked to the articles of the real estate blog, or to a property for sale and the space occupied by those links must also be taken into consideration.

According to the studies, tweets that have a link generate a viral level and the retweets get a higher rate.

In comparison to the normal tweets, linked tweets can achieve more than 80% of the retweets.

In order to get the best out of the real estate linked tweets we need to use short URL addresses. If we personalize them, that´s even better.

A very important factor inside any strategy of real estate social media is to personalize the published contents and the daily updates through different resources, such as URL addresses, hashtags, etc.

The orthography of the real estate tweets.


Status updates on Twitter are 280 characters long and tweets cannot have any orthography faults or grammatical errors.

It is highly important for a real estate to revise the grammar and the orthography of its tweets before publishing them. Grammar and orthography errors might harm the strategy of brand development of the real estate.

Revision is valid for all posts on all social media platforms, both for the real estate pages as for the private profiles of the real estate agents.

All content published on different platforms of social media must be correctly structured from a grammatical and orthographic point of view.

In order to get good results, a real estate must avoid the tweets in a resumed way or abbreviate them in an incorrect way.

In the same time, the use of words or titles in capital letters is counter-productive, as they are understood as screams.

Punctuation signs should also be taken into consideration, as the use of quotation marks and brackets can become useful at the moment of structuring the tweets.

It is very important for a real estate to structure a solid online reputation and understand that the orthographic and grammatical errors might harm the real estate image both on Twitter as on any other social media platform.

Apart from taking into consideration the previous aspects, a real estate must use a direct and friendly language in order to achieve a better impact on the tweets.

Behind all social media platforms there are persons who want to communicate. That is why using personal names is another aspect to take into consideration, because it allows us to contact with the users of the real estate channel in an easier way.

This does not mean we need to leave the publishing of contents for a certain person, but we need to search for the balance as the real estate channel reflects corporate means of communication.

Tweets titles are also very important elements, the same as the images which will make the difference in the obtained results. A real estate must “sell” its tweets through its titles. Titles are essential elements in order to get a major number of retweets.

However, we need to be aware of the structure of the titles used in order to avoid spam.

Hashtags of the real estate on Twitter.

Hashtags are an effective resource in order to get to a specific and segmented audience. In the same time, it is a simple system that helps the users of Twitter to find the posts published by the real estate.

Some of the social media platforms such as Google Plus bring hashtags also. In the particular case of Google, those tags bring a major impact of the real estate SEO.

The key is to manage to implement the hashtags on Twitter in an effective way and always take into consideration two aspects: the limit of characters and to use them in the most natural way possible.

The limit of 280 characters on Twitter reflects and underlines the need to achieve a balance between extension and effectiveness. We need to take into consideration that the link attached will also occupy some space from the whole extension of a post on Twitter. That is why we need to use short URL addresses.

In the following article we will explain the way to manage to exceed the limit, although we should not use this trick when we want to get the effectiveness of the hashtags.

A real estate must manage to add the hashtags in a natural way in order to position its best contents. They can appear as linked to the tweets titles.

The important thing is to make difference between Twitter´s hashtags system and other platforms on which hashtags can be used without a limit.

Hash-tags posts on Twitter have a better impact and a higher conversion level, but we should never exaggerate with their use.

Normally, the contents with two or three hashtags get a higher percentage of engagement.

– Examples of how to use hashtags on the real estate Twitter contents:

  • #rentals by season in #orihuelacosta #costainvest + link to the content.
  • Offer! #bungalows in #torrevieja for only (price!) #costainvest + link to the content.
  • The importance of optimizing the #blog of the #realestate #costainvest + link to the content.

These are some simple examples of how to use the hashtags in an effective way. A real estate should keep analyzing the impact achieved in order to make changes that would bring a higher level of efficiency.

Properly used hashtags on Twitter can increase the conversion level of the real estate and strengthen the brand development also.

Image tweets of the real estate.

Image posts on Twitter have a better impact among the users of the platform. Images are calls to action and they stimulate the engagement.

By using attractive images, a real estate can get a major number of retweets and increase its conversion level through the attached link.

The use of a link in a Twitter post relates directly with the image of the post. However, the real estate can use the same image or a different one than the one of the content linked.

If the image of the post is not the same of the published content, the former needs to be optimized, adjusting its size and quality in order to get better results.

Normally, the articles of the real estate blog have a header image which will automatically be attached to the tweets.

However, the properties for sale of a real estate count with different images. We need to choose the most attractive one in order to get a higher impact.

Each sector inside Twitter has its own rules and functioning codes, determined by the type of content shared. That is why the use of images on tweet becomes so important for a real estate.

Inside the real estate sector, image tweets get a higher number of retweets and so strengthen the real estate channel on Twitter.

With the help of images, hashtags and attractive titles on the posts, we will manage to get the best impact. These are important factors for a real estate that wants to achieve good results.

Summary of the Twitter tips for real estate Twitter.

twitter inmobiliario

After analyzing the main factors in order to strengthen the brand development on Twitter, we need to observe and structure them in order to get a better perspective.

  • The target is the efficiency of the tweets.

  • Twitter is not similar to any other social media platform.

  • A specific strategy is needed.

  • The contents of the real estate channel are essential.

  • Set a calendar and the hours to publish.

  • Set the frequency of the status updates.

  • Short tweets get a higher level of effectiveness.

  • Place links inside the real estate posts.

  • Care the orthography and grammar of the tweets.

  • Use titles that would attract the users.

  • Hashtags on Twitter are a very important resource.

  • Attach attractive images in order to get more retweets.

The number of active users on Twitter reaches millions and its info traffic is also dynamic.

Among the millions of tweets generated all day, the real estate´s ones should be taken into consideration too. It is very important to manage to highlight the real estate though its tweets, by using the resources previously stated.

Twitter is a different social media platform which can definitely strengthen the brand development and bring positive consequences to the real estate marketing strategy.

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