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Real estate marketing trends.

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The online real estate marketing is in total progress and Internet is in a constant change. Search engines change their algorithms, the social media platforms introduce new filters and the users show new behavior patterns.

In other words, the real estate marketing strategies must be modified in order to be effective; they must be adapted to the users´ tastes and the new technological requirements.

During 2018, certain basic elements of the real estate marketing will still be valid and other will be left aside.

Static images will be replaced by the animated ones and the traditional real estate videos will become outdated in comparison to the new formats.

Tips for an online real estate marketing.

Content real estate marketing.

CMI (Content Marketing Institute) confirmed its projects for 2018, which showed that the content marketing will be an essential factor for any digital strategy.

For a real estate, considering some published data, contents of the real estate blog develop an essential value.

Through its studies and surveys, CMI showed that 76% of the companies *B2B in 2018 are actually blogs.

In the same time, HubSpot showed that 97% of the companies worldwide managed to get excellent results with their strategies of Inbound and content marketing.

On the other hand, HubSpot reaffirms the importance of original contents and they showed that companies use specialized professionals in a higher number.

Apart from searching for specialized professionals for the creation of contents, companies focus on other different organizational figures based on IT, such as the Community Manager and the Content Curator.

According to the experts, web analytical in real time will end up by being the trend in 2018. Its importance is reflected by the achievement of the targets, which will increase the flexibility of the strategies and the fast implementing of the company´s necessities.

Inboud real estate marketing.

Inside the Spanish real estate sector, the Inbound Marketing strategy is not used that often. However, during 2018 all Spanish real estate agencies must start using it.

During 2015 and 2016, the Inboud Marketing increased its digital strategy worldwide. This trend shows that the strategy will keep expanding during 2018.

The system is based on the content marketing (derived from the real estate blog), the SEO optimization of the online websites of the company (webpage, real estate blog, profiles and social media platforms, etc.), web analytics, real estate email, newsletter, etc.

However, during 2018, the methodology must be applied with special care and it must be non-invasive to its users.

The differential value applied by a real estate in Spain are its contents, which must strengthen the Inbound Marketing of the real estate. In this way, the real estate posts will become essential factors.

However, inside the real estate marketing and the intention of the methodology at the moment of implementing it, must have clear targets: get an increase on the number of visits and increase the conversion level.

Real estate web optimization.

The real estate web optimization is essential in achieving good results, which will be shown through the results obtained from the conversion ratio.

The optimization level of the real estate website is essential in 2018. Sharing properties for sale or the offers of properties for rent in an active way will not be enough.

Not even after the implementation of an effective proactive interaction, the real estate will need to fulfill some set standards related to programming, design or usability.

Even the typography of the real estate web and real estate blog will affect the results obtained. This is one of the basic elements of a website in the first place.

Google counts with a site dedicated to web design, where Google advice the programmers towards certain standards on this matter.

The real estate webmaster will find from general aspects of design, up to very specific elements; all targeting the improvement of the users´ experience.

The design of a real estate web must be attractive and based on a solid programming. All different versions of the real estate websites adapted to different mobile devices must also be taken into consideration.

Not forget about the SEO optimization, both for the real estate web as for the real estate blog.

In the particular case of a real estate in Spain which works on different languages, the former must take into consideration the importance of the multilingual systems. They are essential for the positioning of the website on Internet and a key factor for the users´ experience.

Real estate video and its importance.

The use of interactive elements is a very important factor in 2018. This is a way to pass the call to action to an incentive interaction.

In this way, a real estate web based on images of properties is not enough. The real estate must take into consideration the creation of videos and other types of contents in order to advertise the real estate products.

The real estate video has a special relevance during 2018 based on the levels of experience offered to the users, as on the real estate SEO. However, this type of contents and several other aspects must be considered by the real estate for its website.

Graphic images, interactive maps, virtual visits of the properties for sale and GraphsCinema images are almost essential for a real estate.

The traditional real estate video is forgotten in 2018, mainly because users have other necessities. That is why, 3D images are becoming so essential.

The same happens with the animated images, which combine static images with movement ones; they offer a more attractive and stimulating experience to the users.

The real estate must achieve to increase the level of conversion of its webpage. Even if organic traffic is still important in 2018, visitors must stay on the websites and they must be attracted by other type of contents.

The possibility of having a virtual tour of a property for sale or rent, will ease the closing of the commercial process.

The conversion level increases significantly on the real estate webs which use 3D images. During 2018, virtual tours of properties are an essential factor.

The model of a real estate web with images, maps and a property description is outdated since many years ago. The traditional real estate video changed with the 3D one and the classic static images changed to animated ones.

The real estate sector in Spain seems to resist to this change. In some particular cases, we can still find websites that show a resistance to the new necessities and tastes of the users.

Real estate newsletter and email marketing.

It is known that the strong explosion of the social media platforms in people´s lives that has changed with the use of the new mobile devices, have involved the efficiency of the traditional model of real estate newsletter and email marketing.

Communication channels for a real estate are also different; they are in a constant change.

Data shows that half of the emails are open on mobile devices, which means the real estate email must be also responsive*.

Nowadays, any website on Internet must be correctly adapted to any device: from the real estate web, real estate blog and email.

The real estate newsletter must not only be attractive for the users and include a call to action; they must be responsive also.

The adjustment of the real estate newsletter to different mobile devices is key during 2018.

The interactive content of the real estate email and real estate newsletter is key in the achievement of a good level of conversion. During 2018, the traditional email and the passive newsletter are not taking part in a good real estate ad strategy.

In 2018, the communication system of the real estate cannot be passive; it must be proactive and interactive.

Users behavior.

Behavioral patterns of the users on Internet are way different than the patterns we were used to until now. This is important to take into consideration by the real estate.

Inside a real estate marketing, the segmentation system of potential buyers has also changed, due to the factors previously presented.

Demographic segmentation, by age, economic resources or other variables are still a starting point. Apart from these, more variables must be considered.

Behavioral patterns of Internet´s users (potential clients of the real estate) have been modified by some segmentation variables such as: value added to contents, level of training, level to access the info and new technological devices.

Social codes of Internet and the digital background are different. A real estate marketing strategy must be planned according to those codes.

The level of complexity of the users´ behavioral patterns is really high and they have been structured on different levels.

Since some years ago, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other big companies of Internet have invested huge resources to investigate on this subject.

However, the variables mentioned before must be taken into consideration if we want to implement a campaign of real estate marketing in 2018.

*B2B: Business-To-Business / * Responsive: adjustable and adaptable web design.

Sources: material.google.com / contentmarketinginstitute.com / hubspot.com / convinceadconvert.com

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