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On the previous posts we have been analyzing different aspects of Facebook as a tool for a real estate in Spain and we will now go deep on these aspects linked to the real estate marketing on this particular social media.

The first step that a real estate must follow is to create a Facebook page. This is the starting point for the real estate marketing strategy. In case the real estate manages its client portfolio on different languages (database, webpage or real estate blog), it should create different Facebook pages, one for each language.

A real estate with a multilingual webpage and blog must link its pages by languages, in order to get the best result regarding the international filtering of the clients.

If the pages on Facebook allow the implementation of marketing campaigns segmented differently, the real estate must filter its clients straight from its online websites (webpage, real estate blog, social media platforms, etc.).

The system of real estate marketing on Facebook is based on spreading contents. Payable campaigns (Ads) are an effective resource if we want to strengthen this sharing tool. A real estate must take certain variables in consideration in order to manage its resources in a better way and get more positive results.

A very important point to be taken into consideration by a real estate in Spain is that an economic investment is not enough. A real estate should previously create a minimum infrastructure in order to implement this ad campaign and also plan the types of contents to share in a very careful way.

In the same time, some negative aspects of Facebook must be taken into consideration by a real estate. These aspects were previously analyzed.

However, the most important thing for a real estate in Spain is to manage to implement a really effective Ad campaign which must attend to its business interests and must have a positive cost-benefit relation.

The costs of a campaign of real estate marketing on Facebook are not really high, but they could vary depending on the necessities of the real estate.

What is a real estate marketing on Facebook?

Ad campaigns on Facebook are not necessarily payable. A real estate must first use up all the human resources in order to strengthen this platform.

The potential offered by Facebook in a free way is really high and the figure of the real estate Community Manager is essential in this case. A real estate in Spain needs to invest in advertisement campaigns in order to share its properties for sale or real estate blog articles on Facebook Ads. Practice says that this can be managed with the help of a Community Manager or Content Curator.

However, from many reasons, a real estate needs to implement a payable campaign also. Mainly because of the lack of organizational figures in its structure such as the figure of a Community Manager, or because of training limitations or not knowing the potential that Facebook offers in a free way.

Anyways, we will analyze the variables a real estate in Spain must take into consideration at the moment of implementing and Ads campaign on Facebook.

Basically, a real estate in Spain can advertise any product on Facebook through a payable campaign:

  • Real estate website.
  • Contents of real estate blog.
  • Properties for sale.
  • Real estate promotions.
  • Rental properties.

On the other hand, Facebook Ads allows us to create real estate marketing campaigns on different formats (links, texts, events, ads, videos of properties for sale or properties for rent, etc.). The model of marketing offered by this social media platform is based on paid per click. The real estate only needs to pay for the clicks of the users on the ads made by the real estate (no matter what type of content it shares).

Advantages of Facebook Ads for a real estate.


These are the main advantages of the payable campaigns on Facebook for a real estate:

  • Low cost real estate marketing campaign.

Implement a campaign of real estate marketing on Facebook implies a low economic investment, especially in relation to other types of advert campaigns.

The real estate will pay only for the clicks received through its ads. If the filtering of potential buyers has been done correctly, the results obtained will also be good.

In conclusion, the real estate only pays for the clicks made by those users who were really interested on its ads.

  • Specific filtering the potential buyers.

The real estate can filter the type of ads and the targets, not only the demographic aspects, but also advanced filtering tools.

This is a very important point because this social media platform counts with millions of users all around the globe, but not all of them are potential buyers for a real estate in Spain.

Filtering the public of the real estate in a precise way is an essential factor in order to receive good results.

  • High levels of content spreading.

If the real estate contents on its Facebook page are quality ones, they will get to become viral when choosing the payable campaign.

The quality of the contents shared on the real estate has always been an important factor. However, quality becomes an essential factor just at the moment of managing to get the contents viral.

Although if a real estate in Spain pays to Facebook for sharing its contents, if they are not quality contents, for sure we will not get high chances to become viral.

The users that click on the real estate ads will probably share the contents if they find them interesting.

  • Strengthen the development of the real estate brand.

The brand development through Ads campaigns can be strengthened in a simple way, as this platform allows us to create competitions, enquiries or events.

These are elements that allow us to reinforce the online identity of the real estate and they help the Community Manager to strengthen the community of users of the real estate page.

  • Measure the obtained results.

The possibility of measuring the obtained results in a precise way is essential and Facebook offers a complete system of measuring. The real estate marketing campaigns on Facebook can be measured in a precise way simply by using the tools offered by the platforms.

Statistics and graphics linked to Ads campaigns are a very important resource used to measure the impact obtained from objective data.

On the other hand, measuring the results obtained brings also the possibility to modify the strategy in order to get the best results possible.

None of the social media campaigns (payable or free) have a sense if the campaign cannot be measured based on objective data.

Types of ads for a real estate on Facebook.

These are the main factors linked to a real estate marketing campaign on Facebook when attending the types of ads and the types of ads to implement:

  • Increase the number of followers of the real estate page.

The advantage of getting followers through an Ads campaign is that those followers are well segmented.

For a real estate in Spain is important to count with many followers on its Facebook page. However, the essential thing is to get to those potential buyers.

A high number of followers of the real estate page not filtered correctly has no sense at all.

  • Generate organic traffic for the real estate.

The ad banners of the real estate on Facebook can include external links which will take the users straight to the real estate website or blog. This is a very effective system used in order to get quality organic traffic for the real estate website on Internet.

  • Get conversions for the real estate.

A real estate can implement specific strategies so the users of the platform could make different actions on the website or real estate blog.

For example, a real estate can implement this system in order to get more subscribers to the real estate newsletter.

  • Promote the offers of the real estate.

A real estate can strengthen the advertisement of certain offers such as:

  • Properties for sale with a special price.
  • Rentals for short or long term.
  • Real estate promoting brand new properties.

This is a very interesting resource for a real estate in Spain because it can be used according to the specific necessities and to the business circumstances.

Implementing a payable campaign on Facebook is rentable for a real estate in Spain, but it requires a previous planning and counting with a minimum functional structure on this social media platform.

However, the real estate must take into consideration that a marketing campaign requires to be implemented on Facebook and not only.

A real estate social media strategy must be previously planned before being implemented on different platforms in order to get the best professional results.

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