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Real estate intranet with Bitrix24.

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In the previous article, we analyzed the main characteristics of Bitrix24 when used as a real estate CRM and now we will focus on the possibility of using the platform as a real estate intranet.

An intranet is an internal and private network which is managed and owned by a company.

This is its main and simple definition which is used in order to understand better the main functionality of an intranet. Since decades ago, the implementation of an intranet inside big companies has become a usual habit.

Nowadays, all real estate should implement its own intranet in order to maximize its resources and manage its organizational working in a more efficient way.

In a small or medium real estate in Spain,we might still find some contradictions regarding its implementing and this comes from unknowing the real potential of the intranet inside a real estate.

However, we can notice also a change of this trend in the small and medium real estate in Spain and that resistance will easily disappear.

The increase of the internet´s presence in the daily life and in companies combined with the easiness of the new technologies conditions the necessity of implementing a real estate intranet.

The new digital era which we are living in is showing to us that the communication ways have changed a lot.

The flow of info is changing everyday and this increases the necessity to find special ways of communication.

On the other hand, the new ways of internal communication ask for effective functional systems which facilitate the internal management of the real estate and they increase the level of productivity.

By using an intranet, the real estate could manage the info in real time with all the members of the team and so, the leaders could manage the task assignment in a more effective way. Anyway, a very important factor for the good functioning of the real estate intranet is to assign a leader or an administrator to it.

A real estate intranet should be used effectively and we should know all the technical details that allow this system to function correctly.

In the same time, to assign a person as the responsible of the real estate intranet will bring us higher levels of collective efficiency, because when a single person deals with its administration, we can eliminate the possible distractions of other members of the real estate.

The administration of a real estate intranet and its management (both of them linked to the flow of info) need two essential ingredients: time and specialization centered on the figure of the intranet´s administrator.

A real estate intranet should be implemented and focused on its functionality, which is actually the effective communication between the members of the real estate.

An effective real estate team should be informed in real time and should also have an instant way of communication without interferences. A real estate must never waste its organizational resources.

There are two elements that one can detect in the small and medium real estate in Spain: papers everywhere and constant questions of all types. Although it might seem normal, there are two factors that underline the type of organizational model implemented by the real estate.

Even in the extreme cases of corporative carelessness, we can easily notice the lack of organization than the organization of the work.

A real estate intranet eliminates the interferences such as constant unnecessary questions, because all the members of the real estate might be updated with no need of constantly asking about their tasks.

It is very important to eradicate the constant questions which are actually only interruptions. It is also important to systematize the internal ways of working with the systems of spreading info in real time.

No member of the real estate team has to ask what he/she is supposed to do next if they are already advised and informed by the intranet. Moreover, there is no need to waste the time of a normal weekly reunion with so unnecessary info.

A real estate intranet can be considered an internal real estate CRM and the combination of both can become very effective for the real estate. In other words, both an intranet as a real estate CRM should be implemented in an efficient way in order to get the best resources for the real estate.

There are different ways of implementing an intranet in a real estate and every real estate should analyze its limits in order to decide which are the perfectly adjusted to its specific necessities.

In this way, Bitrix24 offers a CRM to be used inside the real estate, but it also implements an intranet for the real estate in a simple way.

Bitrix24 as a social intranet for the real estate.

A social intranet for a real estate is the response to the organizational necessity. The social networks on Internet owe their popularity to two linked factors: their facility of use and the efficiency of the info interchange.

Bitrix24 offers the possibility to implement a very effective communication system for its internal use. Its social intranet is based on the functions that characterize the social networks.

Due to the previously discussed matters, the knowledge of using the intranet is achieved very fast. This is a very important factor, because there is no need to learn how to use it.

The user interface for the members of the real estate is intuitive and its design is attractive.

These are some of its main characteristics:

  • Personal profile with photo.
  • Internal searcher.
  • Pending posts and no read messages.
  • Notifications and event creator.
  • Attach all types of archives (documents, images, videos, etc.).
  • Direct access to the real estate CRM.
  • Special section for the groups of internal and external jobs.
  • Send and receive messages with internal and external links.
  • Make comments and follow discussion links.
  • “Like” button to value the comments.
  • Mark the messages to “Favorites”.
  • Visualize the updated activity calendar.
  • Invite users (only with the authorization of the intranet´s administrator).
  • Direct access to the videoconference system.
  • Personal agenda of activities.

Activity Stream of the intranet.

The flow of internal activities of the real estate in centered on one point, from where every member of the real estate team receives some info. This is a central characteristic of the internal activities of the real estate, a unified source of interactive info, from where we can have access to all updates and changes of the social intranet.

Each member of the real estate can be up to date with everything that happens inside the real estate, a good thing that stimulates the sense of belonging to the organizational level.

In the same time, the social intranet is a source of info for the real estate agent and the latter can also interrelate by bringing data, presenting his/her opinions.

Users can choose how to maintain themselves informed on what happens inside the real estate by many means: through the flow of activities of the social intranet, by the use of notifications, by the internal messaging or with the help of the email.

We can also receive info on how to send invitations or notifications of all kinds through the system of the internal messaging of the social intranet or by email.

Internal flow of the activities in the real estate.

The real estate agent can interrelate in real time without the necessity to use the additional system of navigation. Any comment we want to make on the flow of info, we can do it from the main interface. Here you have some examples:

  • Confirm the acceptance of assignment of a task.
  • Value a property and make some comments on it.
  • Inform on a potential buyer of a property.
  • Access the images of properties for sale.
  • Share the new take on of a property with its main info.

In a real estate social intranet, the communication gets to a higher level of effectiveness, because we can establish conversations and we can invite other members of the real estate team.

This is a means of effective internal collaboration inside the real estate, where we can share info of properties, or attach a picture of it or even answer to the doubts or our colleagues.

In the same time, the social intranet manages and creates different levels of importance to the flow of info in an automatic way.

For example: a real estate agent publishes a property with a very attractive price and from the moment when the colleagues see the info, the property becomes the featured one. This is something similar to the trending topic of Twitter.

The social intranet offers all the necessary tools for the internal management of the real estate, introducing elements such as the task assignments or the possibility to share documents. Bitrix24 can be used as a real estate social intranet from any device such as smart phones, tablets or laptops.

The app for the social intranet on a mobile is free (and this is a featured factor).

The flow of info and activities on intranet for a real estate can be visualized from any device on real time, allowing the real estate agent to work and participate as if he/she was present in the real estate office.

A social intranet for real estate must be considered as an active system of communication with a proactive target focused on efficiency as a way to increase the levels of productivity.

By implementing a social intranet, the real estate could access to a very fast and effective system of communication which would increase the levels of efficiency and productivity.

Source: bitrix24.com

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