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Types of real estate hosting.


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There are different types of web hosting for the real estate on the market right now and all of them show important characteristics and technical functions.

The prices for the real estate hosting are also different and sometimes, they show a huge difference of money.

The huge differences in the prices of the hosting for real estates are coming especially from the technical characteristics that each offers.

In many circumstances, what seems to be an expensive web hosting turns out to be a wrong knowledge if we take into consideration its technical settings.

We know that the price of the web hosting will always condition the real estate, especially when the latter does not count with the money needed in order to support this investment.

Web hosting for the real estate.

The main types of web hosting for the real estate are the following:

  • Shared web hosting.
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server).
  • Server dedicated to the real estate.
Shared web hosting.

The shared web hosting for the real estate is the most economic, although it is not the most recommended.

This type of hosting is used by more than 90% of the real estates in Spain, by the new companies or the veterans in this sector.

The negative point of this type of hosting is given by the possible hosting neighbors with whom they share the same hosting.

If one of the users that share the web hosting with the real estate enters in Google´s black list, then the real estate will appear on that list too.

Why? Well, mainly because they share the same IP address (Internet Protocol).

The IP address assigned to the shared hosting of the real estate is a numbered tag, which will be managed logically in a hierarchal way.

This allows the communication and connection with servers and users as for example the visitors of a real estate web or real estate blog.

The problem for the real estate appears when the latter shares hosting with sites considered dangerous as for example the sites for adults or sites that use illegal practices.

The most complex which is also the one generating its importance is the fact that the real estate does not know with whom it will share the hosting.

When the problem starts to appear, then the real estate starts to dig and from there all the possible problems derived from the sharing of the hosting start.

On the other hand, there is also other variable that might harm the real estate: the fact that one of the neighbors uses too many resources (this problem appears with the direct and derived high traffic).

There is also the possibility that the real estate web and the real estate blog use too much width from the servers, fact that leads to the high traffic generated by the users´ visits to the real estate sites.

If there is also another user of the shared hosting that generates traffic, then the problem is obvious.

Virtual Private Server.

The VPS hosting for the real estate is the most balanced option regarding the technical uses and its economic costs.

This is the best quality-price option. The Virtual Private Server for the real estate allows us to count with a private server although not entirely dedicated to us.

This means that an entire server is divided into different virtual servers and each partition is assigned to a particular user.

The huge advantage for a real estate that hires a VPS hosting is given by the fact that each partition of the entire server counts with a private and personal O.S (Operational System).

In the same time, the real estate can manage its apps in an independent way in its VPS server, so its apps will not be damaged by the other users of the physical server.

The performance of a VPS hosting system is never linked to another VPS that is configured in the same main server.

In this way, it seems that the real estate has its own dedicated server only for it. Although VPS is not a dedicated hosting, the real estate could manage its resources as it was a dedicated personal one but with a lower cost.

The VPS is more secured than shared hosting because it functions independently and not linked to the other private servers of the main server.

In other words, each VPS represents a separate shelf on a main server and there is no chance that the real estate´s performance or security might be visible to another user of the main server.

In the same time, inside the VPS hosting, the real estate can only consume its private assigned resources, but it can have the possibility to expand its plan depending on its private necessities.

On the other hand, the real estate must not be worried by the possible problems related to the management of email, as when another user in the shared server uses spam techniques and the real estate might be harmed, because each VPS has its own IP.

Server dedicated.

The most advanced option for a real estate is the dedicated server. This is the best option speaking of web hosting, the techniques and its functions.

This is the most “expensive” type of hosting web for a real estate.

Why am I using quotation marks? Well, because the price of the hosting depends directly on the technical functions, but its price is relative and its economic significance might mean a good investment for the real estate.

The server dedicated to the real estate leads to the fact that the real estate will have exclusive hosting without sharing it with anyone else.

Let´s suppose that the real estate uses the hosting for:

  • Real estate web.
  • Real estate blog.
  • Real estate CRM (internally and externally).
  • Online training system.
  • Real estate CMS (independent from the above elements).

For a real estate, the minimum is to count with a real estate web, a real estate blog, use a CRM and CMS for real estate and train its team online.

I have not reflected the need of the members of the real estate to have a personal web or blog, as I have not said anything about the possibility to have a customer attention online system because if the real estate web and real estate blog offer thousands of visits per day and the real estate uses a real estate CRM, then with only 3 platforms used in the hosting, the server will have demonstrated its efficiency.

Real estate as the client of hosting services.

On the previous article we have insisted on the importance of a good service for the customers.

When the technical problems occur in the servers that host the real estate web and the real estate blog, the key is to fix them as soon as possible.

The systems of customer service that the hosting services offer are the following:

  • Creation of automatic tickets.

These include a detailed revision of the servers with their reports. This is a practical system so that the webmaster of the real estate might realize a sharp analysis of the possible technical errors without the implication of anyone.

In the same time, he/she will get a detailed report, which will help in discovering and fixing the problems detected in it.

The automatic tickets allow also a following of the possible errors detected and they can be assigned a priority by the administrator.

When a support ticket is created for the revision of the servers, an email is automatically sent to the email of the real estate webmaster as a security proof that a ticket has been created and processed correctly.

This is a very effective system which allows the management of any technical problem which might occur with the servers hired by the real estate.

We should underline that the real estate webmaster must count with a minimal knowledge of technical level. On the contrary, this system will not be of effective use for the administrator of the real estate web and blog.

  • Customer service email.

As a means of customer service it might result effective, but not in the cases in which the real estate needs a fixing of an urgent problem.

Depending on many variables, that system of managing the incidents might sometimes result very practical for the real estate.

  • Telephone service system.

The telephone is a fast and effective means of communication, although this system is also applied according to some variables which do not attend to the necessities of the real estate.

This depends mainly on the hour when the problem occurs and when the webmaster detects it.

If the incident on the hosting is during the night, no matter if the webmaster detects it, he/she should wait until the customer service is opened in order to take on his order.

Unless the service functions 24 h (something quite unusual if we think of Spain, but there are some exceptions of course).

  • Chat for the customer attention.

The chat system for solving problems produced in the servers of the real estate offers the immediacy as its principal characteristic, although it might depend on the time the incident happens and if there is someone at the other end of the line to attend the request.

However, the assistance system via chat might result very practical for making simple enquires not only related to the technical problems extremely difficult as the flood of the servers of the real estate.

  • Mark the person who attends the enquiry.

This is a very important point: the marking of the efficiency of the person who attends the enquiry. It is essential in order to manage the incident efficiently.

This is a point on which most of the clients complain about, because if the person that attends the client does not have any minimal knowledge, he/she might harm more the process of fixing the initial problem.

Not all the services of hosting in Spain and other countries from EU hire qualified technicians in order to solve the possible incidents.

This is something already proven and the perfect persons who could confirm this idea, are the webmasters that have a professional experience of many years.

Final conclusions on the type of hosting for a real estate.

The dedicated hosting is the best option for a real estate, although it is the most expensive.

The shared hosting is a first good and acceptable option for a real estate that has just started on this market of the real estate sector.

Between the two options from above, we can find the VPS, an excellent option that offers the real estate a professional hosting service with a good ratio quality-price.

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