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For a real estate agency, planning to create its Facebook page is part of its marketing strategy.

Such a network with almost 100 million of active users all over the world, means an excellent opportunity to introduce a good marketing strategy and nowadays, no real estate company could give away a free resource such as Facebook.

In order to get positive results from a Facebook page, a real estate agency must take into consideration some fundamental factors:

  • Create and configure the account.
  • Identify the target public and announce the page.
  • Generate and share quality contents.
  • Supervise and measure the obtained results.

Create and configure the Facebook page of the real estate.

The first thing to do is to create the real estate´s Facebook own page and use the specific system of URL. In this way, the campaigns would turn more effective.

An URL example for a real estate page could be: facebook.com/realestate, where real estate is the name of the agency.

Once created the account and designed its URL with the name of the real estate agency, the next thing to do is to link the Facebook page to other sites such as its blog and the HUB which is actually the web.

The Timeline of a Facebook page is divided into two parts:

  • The timeline which deals with the entire front space of the page.
  • The profile picture where the logotype of the agency can be placed.

There are many possibilities and opportunities the timeline offers directly to the agency. Moreover, different fonts and aspects can be used in order to fit the necessities of a real estate´s strategy of marketing. Some of the most used possibilities for a real estate´s Timeline are:

  • Landscapes associated with the location of the real estate agency.
  • The entire team´s photo.
  • The use of a special and customized head.

What it is not accepted to do with the head space of a Facebook page is to use a series of patterns based on the agency´s logo. The previously designed patterns of a Timeline, are actually copys and they represent a negative influence on the commercial market.

On the other hand, it is not advisable to use the agency´s logo, as this latter is used as a profile picture already.

It is convenient to create a contrast between the head of the page and its picture, so this latter could be emphasized better. I strongly reaffirm that it is highly recommended to use the logo of the company for a marketing strategy campaign.

Identify the real estate´s target public.

engagement facebook

At this moment we don´t speak about how to use the real estate´s Facebook page to attract more clients, it is about the people who have more possibilities of converting possible clients.

The real estate marketing is about how to get to those possible clients. For this, it is necessary to make a demographic division of the clients so you could later on divide them again into important classes for the agency´s interest.

The aim of the webpage on Facebook is to connect with potential clients, not just gathering followers. There is also a not recommended practice which is the buying of followers. This practice ends being a totally failure for the marketing strategy.

Once we have configured and designed the real estate´s Facebook page and we have a great strategy of marketing, we need to start spreading the page and make it known. A fresh start to announce the webpage is by following this steps:

  • Invite all the contacts of all the real estate agents.
  • Share the real estate page through Likes.
  • Invite by mail all the real estate´s contacts to like your page.
  • Link the Facebook page to the initial webpage of the agency, to its blog or other social media accounts.

In order to announce the real estate on Facebook, it is very important to transform all the most viewed posts in certain promotions. In other words, it is recommendable to detect the most liked posts and reuse them accordingly.

If your followers like some contents, they will probably share them to others, so the number of followers would increase.

A very important resource is the possibility to use direct adverts through Facebook. Invest in the adverts of your real estate will only bring positive feedbacks and this will contribute to the entire marketing strategy.

It is very simple to create announces on Facebook and it can be done directly from the front panel of the page.

Generate and share quality contents.

The same situation of the blog happens with the real estate Facebook page which also needs to generate and share quality contents.

The real estate Facebook Page must be seen as an interactive site, taking always into consideration that the addressees are humans and not machines.

Every time a new post is sent, there must exist an evaluation of the reports. In this way, we could notice which are the preferences of the public and its targets: certain links, articles from the blog, properties, etc. In the same time, it is important to attend to these factors:

As highly important as he authenticity of the contents, is to generate an emotional relation with the possible clients.

The contents must vary and the webpage cannot be used only to present some properties. This is not a good strategy and it is considered counter-productive. In this way, it badly influences the marketing strategy.

Answering with rapidity to the clients shows seriousness and professionalism from the real estate. This is a job often considered difficult, especially when you add highly liked and commented contents to which you have to answer.

Anyway, this transforms into positive synergies and brings a lot of benefits to the real estate.

On the other hand, the regularity of sharing new contents is important: the more often we share on the real estate Facebook Page, the higher the number of potential clients.

This also helps strengthening the existent links, creating new contacts and transmitting an increased rate of trust.

Supervise and measure the obtained results.

facebook ads inmobiliario

Facebook offers plenty of tools to measure the results obtained through the webpage and they are useful in order to increase the real estate´s performance. Once analyzed, the data play a very important part in changing the strategy of marketing.

When analyzing the statistics, we could detect the most highlighted tendencies and so we could create more effective contents so to win a better performance.

Statistics also permit to isolate or divide the potential clients through linked data that are permanently active. Features as age, sex and location of the users facilitate a perfect geographic division.

If one chooses to announce the agency creating special announces on Facebook, it is important to be taken into consideration the strategy of marketing, leaving most of the budget to those posts that are mostly liked.

The clients´ feedback will always be a useful resource, especially if we think of how to improve the marketing strategy.

There are also the questionnaires on Facebook that also provide good information and feedback.

Both strategies of marketing and those used in social networks must be used and planned by an expert.

For the creation and the management of a Facebook Page for a real estate agency, the task must be left in the hands of a Community Manager, so he could provide the best results for the company.

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