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An agency´s email address is a very important tool which if it is properly implemented and used it could easily get you the best positive results.

The use of the email as a means of communication with the clients of a real estate agency must be a daily schedule. In many of the cases, this type of communication is the first contact with possible clients.

This determines the importance of the proper use of an email address as a tool for the real estate agency and a lot of attention must be paid to some factors when starting writing an email.

The basic factors that must be taken into consideration when writing or replying to an email are:

  • If it is the first contact with a possible client, we transform into the voice of the real state agency through the words.
  • If the intended email is for one of our clients of the real state agency, we must value our actual status at the moment of writing the email. The wrong words will obviously ruin your contact with our client.
  • The rapidity of a reply is very important and it could not be the first time when you lose a client because of the lack of quickness in response.

The characteristics of a real estate email address.

  • Promptness.
  • Clarity.
  • Effectiveness.

In order to adjust to those characteristics previously stated, there is a need of pro-activity , experience and training. The pro-activity permits you to be effective, the experience gets you to assertiveness and the training gets to rapidity.

Why do I need a training for writing an email?Well, yes, we should start by being competitive in using correctly the language and then to getting used to typing it. This last point turns out to be one of the most known scarcity in this sector.

Those that type with only two fingers and their eyes stuck on the keyboard, no matter what his/her studies are, they are not so productive.

We should remember that classes for learning typing can be freely downloaded from the Internet. You will only need a few minutes per day to obtain positive results which will consequently turn into efficacy and productivity for the real estate agency.

Example of an real estate email address and its structure.

  • The addressee of the email.

The email of an real estate agency must always be used professionally. Either it is used to communicate with a client, a collaborator or another real estate agency, there must always be professionalism.

This determines one of the most important aspects of an email address, its formality.

The use of a colloquial language will modify the formality that we have with our addressee, although it is always advisable for a real estate to use a standard model to communicate via email.

  • Prepare it before you write it.

In any circumstance, before sending an email we must always structure it mentally. This means starting from the bottom, with the purpose of writing the email, what its content will be and its factual consequences.

It is advisable to centre on what we pretend to communicate and on the way we will do it so we could get a higher rate of efficacy and assertiveness.

To this we should sum other two issues in order to get the best results which in fact are what we pretend from the beginning and why are we writing for.

  • The netiquette must always be present.

Right from the beginning of Internet there were some well-established style rules in order to be applied to the written communication and this has been known as ¨netiquette¨.

On the Internet, the netiquette appears as a necessity to maintain a certain degree of respect in the written communication, either regarding the forums, the commentaries on other blogs or even at the moment of writing an email.

Although nowadays, the netiquette turns out to be lesser used, this does not mean that its rules must not be applied by our interests.

I do insist on the fact that the email that is being sent from a real estate agency must be professional and some well known and established characteristics must be taken into consideration.

In this area, the use of capital letters suggest shouts and screams and the emoticons if not sent to a receiver with whom we share a high degree of trust and confidence, they represent something childish.

  • The email´s structure and design.

Here, we should pay attention to the principal parts of an email, starting with the greetings to the central content of the message and ending with the basic concluding message.

There must be paid attention to the content of the message , to the spaces and to the indentations that should be used.

The message must be pleasant in seeing not as if were we to prepare scrambled eggs of letters for our clients´ sight.

A correct use of line breaks , spaces and symbols would serve in creating a clear and easy readable message.

  • A well implemented grammar and orthography.

It is inadmissible to write an email with errors of orthography or without pay attention to its grammatical structure.

The receiver of an email which contains these errors would think he/she is receiving a message from any person but not a professional.

That is why the grammar plays a very important role at the moment of writing an email. It is very important the use of complete phrases, and an intense grammar revision before sending the email.

  • The colours and the fonts.

The type of letter and the size to be used when writing an email are very important. Although there are a lot of fonts that may look nice, that is not the most practical and functional way to do it.

The two most used types of writings which seem to present design and functionality are Arial and Times New Roman.

Regarding the size of the font it is often used between 10 and 12 points, taking into consideration that the recipient must visualize well our message either on a mobile or a tablet.

The colour to use when writing an email is black. Some people wrongly believe that by using the blue colour or other similar colours they suggest seriousness, when in fact, is less effective to use a colour which is not black.

On the other hand, is it very clear that using certain colours for headers, or dividing parts of the email, or even for attaching links turn out to be the best resource.

  • The extension of the email.

First of all, the extension of the email depends on some factors. The most known is the necessity to transmit precise information to the recipient, depending on whether the email is part of a communication already established.

Anyway, the extension of the email must not exceed the information, in other words, you must be very specific in the email so you must not lose the effectiveness.

For example, is not the same thing sending an email previously requested by the recipient, to sending an email as a part of a management process established by the real estate agency.

  • Writing an email in other languages.

Speaking a language does not mean you have total skills in that language. Apart from the necessity of having a high degree of comprehension in a certain language, there is also the need to know how to use the grammar and the different styles of that language.

I do insist on the fact that is not the same thing speaking a language as knowing and controlling it.

Precisely for that, in order to control a language one must know how to write it correctly and how to totally understand it.

If a certain client approaches and one does not know to speak his/her language, it is better to redirect him/her to another colleague how controls it.

  • A real estate´s signature.

Right after the final concluding the email, you could attach a signature. Here, it is better to use the same model of signature for all the emails of the agency, such as an universal template.

The agency´s signature is divided in two parts: a personal and a company one.

As a personal signature, apart from the name and other info such as the phone number, you should also attach the photo of the agent who sends the email.

The other part of the signature consists of the company´s details, in which apart from the legal information, it is advisable to add the logo of the company and present the legal terms regarding the protection of personal data. 

  • Revise the email before sending it.

It is advisable to revise the email before sending it.

This is a part that not only permits you to find the possible orthographic or grammar errors but also be conscious whether you email coincides with what you want to transmit and what you want to get from that email.

All this manages to create a reaction as the email itself is an action which provokes a determined reaction and some consequences.

The email of a real estate agency is a very useful tool which must be used likewise.

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