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A real estate´s customer service.

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It is highly important for a real estate to implement a well-defined customer service. In a real estate, when the customer service is efficiently managed, there will only be positive results.

Unlike this, there is the case of a real estate which is not able to create an effective customer service and this will affect it negatively.

When a real estate does not manage to create a good customer service, there is always the risk to lose a lot of sales. It is demonstrated that the percentage of the clients lost in a real estate is actually due to the bad customer service. Moreover, a real estate should never lose so many sales because of the bad service towards the clients or because of the low rate of assertiveness.

A real estate is a company and an organization in the same time and that is why a real estate agent or the responsible person on the first contact will be the external link.

That person, represented by a real estate agent or any other person who works in the real estate, will become the figure, the voice and the image of the real estate agency. If his/her achievements are correct then the result is positive for the real estate. On the contrary, if the behavior is inappropriate or ineffective, this will negatively affect the real estate´s image.

Because we are aware of the importance of the customer service inside the real estate, we need to add that element in the business´s strategy before the opening of the real estate. After that, once we have opened the real estate, we need to focus on the necessary settings for the proper customer service policy in order to make the real estate more effective.

It is highly important that any real estate defines the type of customer service policy to apply and to manage to implement it effectively, taking into consideration the competences and the strategic plans.

This will help the real estate achieve the solving of any conflictive situation which could happen with a client. In the same time, that customer service policy of a real estate should be characterized by certain terms of organizational behavior.

Each member of the real estate should adapt to the customer service policy adopted by the real estate and they should also understand the individual behavior which will directly affect the agency.

The clients of the real estate will always create a link with the real estate by 3 means: personal contact, by phone or by email. It is highly important the customer service policy of a real estate to follow these aspects, because from that point, the real estate could distinguish the three ways of contact with the clients.

These three important elements require a special and specific use in order to get satisfactory results.

Anyway, all these means which help us to manage the customer service should be effectively implemented right from the beginning and if the members of the organization are not qualified, they should get a minimum knowledge.

Not all persons count with a high rate of assertiveness or do not know how to efficiently use their own social abilities and that is why it is very important for a real estate to detect who of the members are best qualified and less qualified.

A very important aspect regarding the customer service of a real estate is the management and solving of the different problems and conflicts that may occur inside the real estate. These problems should never affect the link between the clients and the real estate.

If there were to be a problem with one of the real estate´s clients, this should be right ahead solved recreating the link between them and the image of the real estate should never be seen as damaged.

When the people who work in a real estate achieve high levels of assertiveness, will always be able to manage any type of situation that may occur between them and a client. Of course, the experience of every member is very important in this subject.

The real problem of a real estate is not the client that might create a conflictive situation but the real problem is when the real estate is not counting with members that could manage well those situations.

This aspect is much more recurring and it gets a higher priority, because there are also some interpersonal links created and in any real estate, these links are converted into economic losses or winnings.

The key elements in customer service in order to become an effective real estate.

In order to get an effective customer service, the real estate agency needs to take this into consideration:

  • Plan and establish a customer service policy which will eventually become an organizational model to follow.
  • Supervise that policy of the real estate in order to make more changes which will convert it into an effective methodology.
  • Analyze (in the weekly meeting) the possible conflictive situations which might occur with the clients.
  • Identify the weaknesses and the strong points of every person inside a real estate related to the customer service, so to get a higher rate of collective efficiency.
  • Both the first contact with the client as the managing of the sale and post-sale should be taken into consideration as parts of customer service of a real estate.
  • Implement specific programs of knowledge related to customer service in order to achieve a real estate much more productive.

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