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Real estate CRM with WordPress.

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A real estate CRM is essential for any real estate that wants to get better levels of productivity. WordPress, known mostly as a CMS for blogs and websites, might be a great option for a real estate that wants to implement an effective real estate CRM through it.

On the previous posts published on Costa Invest Blog we have been analyzing different options for a real estate that wants to implement a CRM: Hipergate, Bitrix24, SharePoint, etc.

All these options can be valid and effective for a real estate, but all depends on the variables, such as the real estate economic limitations or the training levels of the real estate team.

However, converting a WordPress into a real estate CRM might result a very good option, especially when the real estate already uses it for its webpage and real estate blog.

Before starting to evaluate the different options needed to convert a WordPress into a real estate CRM, we will first analyze the advantages that this option could bring to the real estate:

  • Low economic cost for implementing it. A real estate CRM is only a plug-in that needs to be installed on the WordPress of the real estate.
  • It does not need an excessive level of training or technical knowledge to configure it and use it efficiently. Its level of knowledge is very low for any option you might choose.

  • The functions that WordPress offers as a real estate CRM are really effective and they attend to the necessities of the real estate both for the organizational and business levels.

  • It wastes some few resources of the real estate hosting and it is linked both to the real estate web and blog without generating technical conflicts at all.
  • Managing a webpage, a blog and the real estate CRM with the same CMS will bring better levels of productivity because it centralizes its resources.

WordPress as a real estate CRM.

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These next options that we will analyze are plugins which should be installed on WordPress, converting the CMS content manager into a real estate CRM.

WordPress Leads.

This is the simplest solution to convert a WordPress into a real estate CRM, mainly for the persons who know to use this content manager.

This is a plugin that integrates and functions linked to other well-known plug-ins, such as WordPress Landing Pages and WordPress Call to Action.

Those plugins, when integrated to the functions that WordPress offers, it converts into a very effective system for increasing the real estate productivity.

These are the main characteristics of WordPress Leads in order to convert the WordPress into a real estate CRM:

  • Free plugin with more than 10.000 active installations.

  • Optimized to be able to use Google Analytics.

  • Geographic tracking of the users.

  • Review of the demographic data.

  • History on actual tasks.

  • Visualizing the social media profiles linked.
  • Automatic conversion of the sent forms to visual mode.

  • Simplified management and editing system of the contacts.

  • Synchronization of the clients from other CRM (Zoho, Sugar, etc.).

  • Connection to Zpier in order to activate more than 300 tools for the real estate marketing.
  • Option for developers through its specific API.

  • Behavioral control of the users on the real estate blog and web.

  • It comes with 39 email services.

  • Automatic generation of email for campaigns.

  • It allows the integration with 36 providers of CRM in a very simple way.

  • Regular updates published in order to be downloaded.


This very basic plug-in is used to convert WordPress into a real estate CRM, but it is flexible and really simple to use. It is ideal for a user with low knowledge on the use of CMS.

Main characteristics of WP-CRM:

  • Free real estate CRM.

  • Direct administration of the contacts through WordPress.

  • Personalized and editable forms.

  • Excellent system of contact management and filtering system.

  • Quantifiable data forms.

  • Exportation of contact lists on format CSV.

  • User follow-ups and linked notes.

  • Notification tracking (individual and group).

  • Supervision of the interactions made.

  • Contacts messaging.

  • Dynamic graphics.

  • Compatible with WP-Invoice integrations.

  • Data assignment as user attributes.

  • Register and classification of tasks.

  • Real estate newsletter with paid Add-ons.


This is a CRM developed for non-profit companies, although a real estate or real estate agent can use it as well.

These are the main characteristics of CiviCRM when we want to use WordPress as a real estate CRM:

  • Free real estate CRM.
  • Compatible with WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

  • It allows us to plan and implement different types of campaigns.

  • Its knowledge requirement is really low.

  • It is flexible and it has many configuration options.

  • It allows us to create almost unlimited personalized fields.

  • Detailed follow-up of all generated data.

  • Identification of clients and creation of forms linked to each other.

  • Define activities and set them according to the necessities of the real estate.

  • It allows us to specify internal and external interaction forms and systems.

  • Simple importing and exporting system for the contacts.

  • It brings a system for the real estate marketing email.
  • Events planning on personalized templates and automatic reminders.

  • Reports with personalized templates on different formats (PDF, HTML, CSV, etc.).

  • A real estate can become a partner of CiviCRM and access free to training for its team.

WooCommerce CRM.

This is an extension that converts the plug-in WooCommerce into a CRM. Although this plug-in is not found in the real estate sector too often, it can become a really important CRM for a real estate.

Moreover, without any exaggeration, the functions achieved through this extension are way better than the majority of real estate CRM which are outside WordPress.

Its flexibility, level of personalization system of data management and simplicity of use make it a CRM that should be taken into consideration by any real estate.

This CRM has not been implemented yet inside the real estate sector in Spain, mainly because WooCommerce is a plug-in designed for other sectors and basically because it is not a real CRM.

A plug-in becomes the host of the extension that becomes an excellent CRM.

These are the main characteristics of WooCommerce CRM when we want to convert WordPress into a real estate CRM:

  • Premium plugin of WordPress.

  • Very effective client management system for the real estate.

  • Knowledge level required is very low.

  • Geographic location of the clients by Google Maps.

  • Personalized page of each client through a free plug-in called Advance Custom Fields.

  • It brings fields in order to manage the contact list in a more effective way.

  • Contact tags as references (blocked, sale not finished, pending, prospect, etc.).

  • Import and export contact lists in CSV format.

  • Email marketing system (individual or collective).

  • Edition and formatting the emails eith WordPress WYSIWG Editor.

  • It allows us to link the real estate Newsletter with MailChimp.

There are many characteristics and functions of this extension that can be implemented and used. However, there are some of them that really need to be carefully observed and analyzed. Especially for what they might represent for the real estate:

  • Create personalized pages for clients.

  • Very complete system for managing calls.

  • Possibility to use the CRM in different languages (multilingual).
– Page for each client and its characteristics.
  • Name and surname with the specific treatment.

  • Photo of the client on his own page.

  • Personal and professional data included but separate in the same time.

  • Geographic map with the address of the client or property.

  • Direct links to the client´s social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).
  • Direct links to client´s blogs or websites (private or professional).

  • Predefine the communication system chosen by client (telephone, email, chat, Skype, etc.).

  • Link different categories to each client in order to make easier the indexation on the data base of the real estate and the later search.

  • Assign a process status for each real estate task made with the client.

– Tracking clients calls.
  • Date and hour reminder if the client could not be reached.

  • Duration of the call with active display (hour, minutes and seconds).

  • Tag with specific reference of the property or the property linked to the call.

  • The result achieved (interested, postponed, closed sale, interested in viewing a property, etc.).

  • Set reminders with a date and an hour in order to do the follow-up of the client.

Multilingual real estate CRM.

wpml blog inmobiliario multilingue

As we have explained it before, this extension becomes the plugin of the real estate CRM. The great advantage is that it allows us to use a great number of additional plug-ins because it is managed through WordPress.

By installing WPML plugin, the real estate CRM becomes multilingual. This is a great functional advantage. On the other hand, this plug-in is the most used for managing multilingual sites.

When the real estate has its real estate blog and website on different languages through this plug-in, the latter will also have the multilingual real estate CRM for free.

Implementing a real estate CRM is almost vital for a real estate, both for its organizational and business levels.

In the same time, it is very important for a real estate in Spain to count with a website and a real estate blog. When WordPress is used to achieve those targets, these options to convert the CMS to a real estate CRM are really effective.

By doing it all with WordPress (the blog, the website and the CRM), the real estate will achieve a higher level of effectiveness and better levels of productivity of course.

On the other hand, this means an important economic saving, because the real estate hosting will also help on the implementing of a real estate CRM.

However, the best real estate CRM will be the one that will attend the necessities of the real estate related to the economic and organizational limits.

The most effective model of real estate manager will always be the one that adapts to the business´s situation, looking at different variables and attending to the different organizational factors.

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