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Dolphin is an excellent option that should be taken into consideration by any real estate at the moment of implementing its own real estate CMS.

This is a management system of contents or a CMS (Content Manager System) which can be easily installed and it is full of good resources for the real estate in order to get a good quality social network platform.

Dolphin is a CSM Open Source which is based on an open code and used only with GPL license. However, the real estate should get a free license including advertisement or a payable one for a very good price.

If the real estate wants to get the best of this application, the best option is to get the payable license that BoonEx offers. Boon Ex is the company that developed the CMS.

BoonEx counts with years of high experience in the development of Dolphin and it gets the feedback of thousands of webmasters that use this platform and interchange their knowledge in the CMS community.

These are very important factors to be taken into consideration by the real estate: the many years of experience plus the thousands of webmasters are those that make Dolphin become a stable and excellent CMS.

The data base used by Dolphin is the most known MySQL, an effective system of data base management for relational, linkable and multi-using purpose.

The installation of CMS is very simple, as we only need to download the control panel and the content manager (the interface that should be used by the real estate users) and upload both of them to the hosting through FTP.

The size of both archives is quite small, especially related to the potential offered by the content manager. This will not cause an excessive use of the capacity of storage that the real estate has.

Related to what has been said, if the real estate counts with a huge number of users for its real estate CMS and they use lots of resources by sending them, a bigger storing will be probably be needed, so the content manager could work properly.

Characteristics of Dolphin as a real estate CMS.

  • Modules for real estate CMS.

Dolphin offers the possibility to increase the functionalities of the real estate CMS through the installation of modules.

The installation of these modules becomes a functional resource for any real estate because it allows the increase of the functions of the content manager in a simple and effective way according to the real estate´s necessities.

  • Multilingual real estate CMS.

Counting with a content manager in different languages becomes a very important factor for the real estate. Dolphin offers this possibility.

The real estate could download the archives of languages that it uses inside the real estate. The language selection is very simple to activate, both on the CMS´s control panel or from the user´s interface.

  • Templates and themes to personalize the real estate CMS.

Dolphin offers a great variety of templates so that the real estate could personalize its CMS, as it also allows the creation of themes with colors and logos for the real estate.

Apart from using vector codes, Dolphin allows the use of effects with the help of CSS3, giving the opportunity to create professional designs.

The flexibility in the creation of designs is a huge factor, especially for strengthen the development of the brand and it is important for the real estate branding strategy.

  • Real estate CMS on mobile devices.

Dolphin is made to be used on mobile devices with Android and it offers a variety of extensions through its application.

Nowadays, a real estate CMS must be optimized to be used on mobile devices and Dolphin is a good example for this.

As it is a CMS which incorporates the Retina Ready system, it warranties a correct visibility of the contents of the real estate on any device.

  • Index the real estate contents.

It is already clear that when a real estate implements a real estate CMS it wants the contents well indexed in the search engines in order to get a good SEO visibility.

Dolphin allows the creation of Sitemaps in XML format and this means an effective indexing of the contents on search engines as Google, Bing or Yandex.

In the same time, Dolphin offers a great content searcher with the possibility to establish filtering rules in order to optimize the results of the search process.

  • Streaming for real estate CMS.

Dolphin includes the streaming for an audio and video processing. This facilitates the interchange of the archives between the users of the real estate CMS and makes faster its reproduction.

The use of streaming is of huge utility especially when the users manage and interchange audio and video archives of high quality.

  • RSS automatic feeds to syndicate the contents.

The use of an automatic system RSS (Really Simple Syndication) make Dolphin become an effective platform to syndicate the contents of the real estate CMS.

The same as the implementing of the Sitemaps system, RSS facilitates the indexation of the contents in the search engines and it allows the sharing and spreading of them.

Through the RSS feed system, the real estate can share automatically the contents of its CMS on its website, real estate blog or on its social media networks.

  • The real estate CMS stability and security.

The automatic system of the hosting that Dolphin provides the good functioning of the CMS and brings improvements in order to optimize the performance of the contents manager of the real estate.

A real estate CMS not only requires a correct installation, but it also needs a good maintenance. This is why this tool for hosting is so important.

Dolphin counts with the function of preventing the CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) attacks- a system to protect the real estate CMS of eventual attacks (fragments of data that exploit the vulnerability of the system).

  • Control of the real estate CMS.

The administrator of the real estate CMS can access the variety of functions related to the control of the CMS and can implement access policies by assigning access rules with different levels of restrictions.

The system of security copies brings a high level of security to the CMS administrator, because Dolphin allows also the restauration of any backup of the lost archives.

The moderation of contents is also something very important to be taken into consideration by the CMS administrator.

The tool can be used by the members of the real estate but also by persons from outside the real estate and they could bring bad comments and share inappropriate contents.

The system called Akisment (most-known and used) helps keeping any spam out of the real estate CMS. This system offers also the possibility to create the list of blockings by DNS or location.

  • Notifications and messages with Mass-Mailer.

A real estate CMS can become a potential means of communication, both internally and externally. This is why the Mass-Mailer system results so important.

Through this system, the real estate CMS administrator can send messages to all the users of the platform in a simple and segmented way.

To maintain a fluid communication is something very important inside the real estate and to create advertising campaigns of the real estate properties for sale or notify about the updates on the properties portfolio.

  • Functionalities for the users of the real estate CMS.

Dolphin offers a great number of functionalities for the users of the real estate CMS: personalize the profile, create open or closed groups, get notifications and status alerts, send and receive personal messages, make comments, followings of topics, moderation of groups, sharing all types of contents (images, audio, video ad any type of docs), republish and share contents on other social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc.).

Dolphin introduces social buttons in order to promote and spread the contents of the real estate on other social networks in a simple way.

Modules for the real estate CMS with Dolphin.

As it was stated before, Dolphin offers a huge number of modules in order to improve the functionalities of the real estate CMS. Among the quantity of functional modules, the featured are:

  • Ads.

The creation of adverts for the properties for sale of a real estate, divided on categories (ex: type of property).

This module allows the attaching of images with the prices of the real estate. This is a very interesting module because it can be combined with News, another module that creates news sites.

By combining these modules, the real estate can implement an effective real estate marketing campaign through its CMS.

  • Blogs.

These are individual and defined by categories according to the theme.

It incorporates the functionality of the text, the possibility to attach images and it has all the social media characteristics required by any real estate.

  • Articles.

The creation of articles with an enriched text format which can be published by the real estate CMS administrator.

These functions make easier the spreading of warnings, adverts and notifications of the real estate for its users.

  • Chat.

System of videoconference between more users by streaming, with the possibility to create areas of well-defined organizational communication.

In order to increase the effectiveness in the communication between the members of the real estate, we can also use the system called Shotbox (messages in real time) or the Simple Messenger.

  • Events.

The creation and management of events of the real estate by calendar with an automatic system of notifications and reminders for the users of real estate CMS.

This includes dates, names of assistants, updates, calendar modifications, etc.

  • Feedback.

Collecting, selection and saving the feedback of the platform´s users, allowing to publish them in the real estate CMS already filtered by them.

Combining it with Forums (the creation of debate forums) and Groups, the real estate can exploit the potential of the feedback generated by the members that use the real estate CMS.

  • Google Search.

A module that facilitates the indexation of the contents and the results of the searches of the real estate CMS (internally and externally).

This module can be combined with World Map (search of users ad contents located by the Google Maps) and Zip Code Search the support of automatic searches by the postal code using the GeoNames of Google in order to increase the functional potential.

The option of functional extras that Dolphin offers for a real estate CMS through its modules are representing a huge number and the real estate should take into consideration its necessities.

Among the various options that exist on the market, Dolphin is the professional real estate CMS that a real estate could implement in the first place.

Source: boonex.com

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