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At the moment of planning a marketing strategy on Internet in the area of real estate, there is a strange tendency to forget about Tumblr as a valid option for the advertising of the real estate blog.

Normally, the real estate does not consider the option of implementing this platform to its social media planning (and this is wrong), because it considers it not a very high potential option for the sharing of the contents of the real estate blog.

The reason for underestimating Tumblr in such a systematic way is because there is no knowledge of it. On the contrary, Tumblr is more than a social network such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube.

Huge worldwide companies from different areas have noticed how they achieved better visibility with the help of Tumblr and so, they managed to develop their brands.

Tumblr is a platform which allows us to link it to a blog and it combines characteristics of a microblogging network such as Twitter (but with more potential).

That is why, Tumblr is a totally different platform from the traditional ones and in most of the cases, the real estate does not have the knowledge to use the maximum potential of it.

Spread the contents of the real estate on Tumblr.


Tumblr allows us the simple and efficient spreading of the contents of a real estate blog and website.

Apart from allowing the personalization of the URL generated, it includes also the well-known and effective function of the tags.

On one hand, the personalized URL allows a better visibility of the real estate and on the other hand, the tags direct the contents of the real estate to a specific segment getting derived benefits from it.

Zero cost for the real estate.

Having a real estate blog or different microsites on Tumblr is free and of course, for any real estate Tumblr, as a platform, does not have anything to do with WordPress when managing the real estate blog, because Tumblr was designed for a totally different thing.

Tumblr represents a way of spreading with a high potential and effectivity the contents that the real estate publishes on the real estate blog and webpage.

Private domain on Tumblr for a real estate.

Tumblr allows the real estate to use its own domain if the latter counts with a domain (and it probably does) and it can also use a subdomain for the real estate blog.

In the same time, if the real estate wants to buy a private domain only for Tumblr, it can link any of the microsites that it creates on the platform with a specific subdomain linked to the main domain.

Example 1: we split the costainvest.com domain, property of Costa Invest Real Estate. From that domain we can easily create different subdomains linked to different microsites on Tumblr, in order to advertise and spread the real estate products depending on each type of property.

  • apartments.costainvest.com
  • bungalows.costainvest.com
  • fincas.costainvest.com
  • studios.costainvest.com
  • rentals.costainvest.com
  • villas.costainvest.com
  • commercials.costainvest.com

Example 2: now we analyze the options that Tumblr offers regarding the subdomain for the real estate blog starting from each category:

  • coaching.costainvest.org
  • branding.costainvest.org
  • miscellaneous.costainvest.org

Personalized URL addresses for the real estate.

It is essential for a real estate to use “clean” URL addresses in order to get a good visibility and this is allowed with Tumblr  you can easy personalize the generated URLs.

It is most of the time compared with other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter that don´t allow to personalize URL addresses. Tumblr offers this and it is also very easy to achieve it. A real estate must take into consideration the importance of the clean URL addresses, both on its webpage as on the real estate blog.

If the real estate manages to maintain its strategy of using the personalized URL addresses, this will highlight its visibility even more.

You can modify the URL addresses and it´s similar to how you do it on WordPress and it provides contents´ addresses without any type of extra characters that might harm the visibility of the real estate.

On the other hand, the personalized URL addresses are friendly to the users and facilitate the use of keywords in order to get a better indexation of the contents by the search engines.

Special design and style for the real estate sites.

One of Tumblr´s great advantages is that it allows the use and programming of the templates of the real estate websites and by this, the real estate can get awesome professional results.

Through the personalized templates of Tumblr, the real estate might maintain its strategy of marketing already implemented, by using its own logo and company´s colors.

The use of personalized templates is another plus that Tumblr offers in comparison to other traditional social networks.

For example, on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook the real estate cannot use a personalized template, it can only modify its TimeLine- something limited in comparison to what Tumblr offers.

Nowadays, on Tumblr, any real estate can have its own real estate blog with a template that might adjust to mobiles that counts also with real good technical functions.

Right from the beginning, we know that Tumblr does not offer so much potential as Word Press when managing the real estate blog, but lately, the platform introduced professional templates both on the technical level as regarding its design.

A real estate on Tumblr can share whatever it wants.

Nowadays, social networks have become better and better regarding their functionalities. In other words, Instagram and Facebook allow the creation of personal profiles and corporative pages.

Twitter limits itself to 280 characters and it is known strictly as a microblogging network. LinkedIn is based on the interaction between professionals and Pinterest centers on the use of images as its main functionality.

Tumblr counts with all these social networks´ functionalities and more than this. It is a platform which allows the sharing of any type of contents and its main feature is the one that the real estate sets.

In other words, any real estate can create a blog on Tumblr for all the necessities: a blog to share every type of property which has on its portfolio of properties for sale, another one for the advertisement of each category of the real estate blog and other for each real estate agent.

Republish the contents of the real estate blog on other platforms.

One of Tumblr´s best advantages offered for a real estate is that any content can be shared automatically or manually on other pages of different social networks. We should not forget that Tumblr has the idea of a blog as its essence.

It is also clear that nowadays, almost all the social networks allow us to link the real estate´s accounts in order to share the contents, although not this practically and efficiently as Tumblr does it.

When we talk about the tasks of a Community Manager, we are actually referring to the sharing of contents with a major quantity on the social networks.

If for example, the real estate has ten accounts on social networks, the sharing of its contents in an efficient and simple way is essential.

Once we activate the automatic sharing of the contents from Tumblr towards all the social networks, we might take into consideration it might become counter-productive because every social networks has its own segment of audience.

The real estate should shape well its strategy, but setting the automatic sharing might help a lot to manage the best resources of the real estate.

The effect of the real estate blog on Tumblr can be measured.

A great advantage of Tumblr for any real estate is that the websites created in Tumblr can be measured by its effect and spread. In other words, Tumblr can be linked to the tools for webmaster on Google, Bing, Yandex and so on.

This is a very important characteristic for a real estate and Tumblr allows it to have the control of its evolution and the effect of each microsite created.

The real estate can control the traffic of the sites created on Tumblr through different tools for webmasters, the same it does with its webpage and real estate blog. For the real estate, Tumblr is more than just a social network.

It is also a site to manage different blogs, each of them with different intentions and targets.

Although we know any real estate might probably be counting with a real estate blog, the option of creating another real estate blog or different ones on Tumblr will also increase its visibility and brand development.

Tumblr is not used only as a platform to share the contents of a real estate blog or webpage, it is also a good tool for creating a ¨satellite¨ real estate blog linked to the main real estate blog on which we can also share other types of contents.

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