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Although we know the main pillar of any real estate blog is the quality of its contents, it is also true that the former should be optimized in order to achieve a good visibility in every browser on the Internet.

If a real estate blog with high quality contents is not optimized for the SEO, this will not probably be too efficient regarding its visibility.

In the article The headers of a real estate blog I have made reference to the correct use of the headers of a real estate blog, describing its importance and their most efficient use in order to achieve a great visibility of the published articles.

Now we will analyze the main ways to optimize a real estate blog using the correct headers in the templates. It is important to make this clear because it is not the same thing to use headers at the moment of editing an article and to implement those in the internal codes.

It is also important to say that nowadays, the majority of the blogs are optimized regarding the headers in the template.

Some of the blogs contain the codes lines linked. In the case of using a professional template for a real estate blog, if the contents of its line codes are correctly implemented, the headers with the linked information will function correctly in order to position the contents published on the Internet.

However, it is always better to analyze the template of the real estate blog and detect how the headers are configured inside it.

It is also highly important to highlight the idea that when we use the headers in order to edit the real estate blog´s articles, we do not know for sure if those are applicable to the blog´s template. In other words, it might happen that we use a header

H1 in the editing of a real estate blog but that one might not be detected by the search engines. For this not to happen, the headers should be linked internally, because those that determine the visibility are actually the internal headers of the template.

I do insist on the fact that the majority of the templates used in a real estate blog are optimized so they could get the best SEO efficiency, but if we buy these they could also come with some errors and it is better to try to improve the results of visibility.

When a real estate blog uses WordPress as a platform, it counts with the advantage of the plug-ins specifically designed in order to optimize the internal structure of a blog´s template, although we could do this manually and so get a more precise personalization.

Moreover, if we do it manually we could save a security copy of the blog´s template so not to lose those changes and then have to apply a child theme (the recommended option for any Webmaster of a real estate blog hosted by WordPress).

On the other way, if the real estate blog were hosted by a platform such as Blogger, there would be no other option than manually optimize the headers.

The importance of a real estate blog´s headers.

This paragraph is about the benefits of using a header, edited for those purposes and internally optimized from a blog´s template.

The header used, gets the attention of the readers and underlines the fact that the search engines should give a lot of attention to the header, considering it relevant at the moment of indexing it.

This would be the explanation of how the search engines index the contents of a real estate blog. This explanation is following the technical pattern.

The correct use of the headers of a real estate blog allows the achieving of a better structure of the articles, but it also facilitates the search engines to determine their order of importance and index those headers after their relevance assigned to each of them.

It is also important to highlight that the headers should be taken into consideration in relation to the published articles but also because of the fact that in real estate blog the way in which the headers are linked and used in the template might affect the general visibility of the blog on the Internet.

Examples of headers for the real estate blog:

A basic model to use the headers of a real estate blog to be used in order to optimize the search engines would be:

  • Real estate blog´s title H2.
  • Blog´s description H3.
  • Titles of the blog´s entries H1.
  • Main header of the article H2.
  • Secondary headers H3 and H4.
  • Widgets or gadgets (sidebar and footer) H4.

It is important to take into consideration that the search engines also index the headers used in the widgets or gadgets of a real estate blog, and that is why there is no other option than verify them to be well-optimized.

Basically, the intention is that when the search engines get to the real estate blog to optimize its contents, they should do it in the way that the Webmaster established and not in the way they want.

If a real estate blog is not well-optimized, the search engines will index anything they will find.

That is why it is so important to optimize the headers of the entire real estate blog´s structure, right from the blog´s title to its description, the tiles and subtitles and its widgets used inside it.

Specifically in the case of the widgets or gadgets used in a real estate blog (because they have an automatic title), they will be linked to an internal header of the template. This will determine the importance and the relevance of the headers that will be indexed by the search engines.

The optimization of the real estate blog´s widgets, namely of the titles related to a determinant header, will depend on the site´s structure.

If the real estate blog counts with 2 lateral columns (sidebar) or just one, those titles should be optimized in the same way and should be related to a header, which can be a H4 or even a H5 if the former turns out to be not too relevant.

The widgets´ titles used on the footer of the real estate blog should follow the same rule as the headers used in the columns of the blog. In other words, they should be assigned with the same header.

Technically, it is convenient to assign the same header to all widgets and gadgets of a real estate blog, which is normally a H4. No more headers are needed. Why show less importance to the widgets´ titles?

The answer for this is because we are actually interested in the visibility of the real estate blog´s articles, not in the visibility of the website´s gadgets, which are no more than descriptive titles that might rest the importance of the articles´ titles.

In order to optimize the headers of a real estate blog we need to go directly to the template of the blog and make some manual modifications. This method might differ because of the different used platforms.

What it really stays available is that the optimization of the headers of a real estate blog must be created from the HTML of the website.

It is important to be aware that the optimization of the blog´s headers should be also applied to the real estate web, because the search engines are exactly the same and will index the contents of a website with the same algorithms.

Normally, the websites are the places where the most errors related to the correct use of the headers are found. For a real estate it is important to optimize both the real estate web and its blog, but take into consideration that the webpage will be the HUB where all the online actions will be joined.

As it was said earlier, both the professional templates to be used in a real estate blog, as those used for the website of the real estate are optimized in order to achieve a good visibility, although we also need some real evidences.

In the principles sites that sell templates for real estate blogs, we detect frequently the following slogan: Optimized SEO! And when we click on them, we realize they are not actually optimized or not 100% optimized as they promote them.

Then, the manager of the real estate is waiting for some magnificent results, but this is very difficult to achieve when you have a template which is not technically optimized, unless he only wants an artificial visibility effective for short term.

The real estate blog and the real estate website must be optimized in order to get the best visibility on the Internet, because no matter how good are the contents, they will not be taken into consideration by the search engines.

This is a real and extended problem in the sector of real estate, because the majority of the real estate websites on the Internet are not optimized. In order to find some evidences for this, we only need to go to a real estate blog or any real estate webpage and click on several contents and so we could find the template´s structure and easily detect if it is correctly optimized or not.

Any person with an Internet browser and no advanced technical knowledge will only need to read what the template of a real estate blog or real estate website says to the search engines.

*SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

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