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What is the Long Tail of a real estate blog.

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Long Tail is a very important factor to take into consideration by any real estate in order to get organic traffic towards its sites. This is also a concept that adds to the real estate SEO basic definitions.

Inside the real estate sector in Spain, this concept is not taken too much into consideration. Real estate websites are one of the sites where we can notice this concept is not applied at all.

Implemented and used in a correct way, Long Tail is an essential factor for the visibility of a real estate site on Internet in an effective way.

Before starting to explain the concept of Long Tail and its effective use, we need to make a clear observation: for all search engines, a real estate blog article or a property published on the real estate web means the same thing!

Search engines like Google or Bing do not distinguish between the different types of published contents of a real estate. For the search engines, a post is a content no matter if it is a real estate blog article or the pictures of the property for sale.

This is important to take into consideration, because a real estate in Spain dedicates only to the posting of properties for sale or rent on its website, without considering that the focus of the search engines are on a content.

For search engines, a content us a URL address linked to it which has certain info. The info linked to the contents can be of different types: texts, images, multimedia archives, etc.

However, a content must have a minimum number of words, be optimized and use Long Tail in a correct way in order to achieve a SEO visibility.

In other words, Long Tail is a concept that must be taken into consideration by any real estate, both for the posts on their websites as for the contents of their real estate blog.

What is a real estate Long Tail.

In order to understand the concept that determines the visibility of the contents on Internet, we need to start by understanding how it appears.

The term Long Tail was firstly used by Chris Anderson in an article published in 2004. With the passing of the years, this concept has been understood as an important SEO factor for visibility.

In that article, the author describes the tendency of the mass market linked directly to the behavior of the consumers and how they link to new technologies.

From there, another concept used in the real estate digital marketing sector has appeared and it is defined as a ¨market niche¨.

This is a specific segmentation of the contents shared on Internet and analyzing from the view of a real estate, its market niche will become the well-defined real estate environment.

Although the concept´s roots was never applied to products and services of low consumption as for example the property selling or properties rentals, nowadays it is applied in a frequent way.

This concept was normally used for more than a decade on products and services directly targeting the massive consumption through Internet (low cost products targeting the mass consumption). However, it is important to bear in mind that today´s market niche concept is a keyword inside the visibility of a real estate on Internet.

Consequences on the change of perspective applied by Anderson and the new concepts derived from his theory (market niche and Long Tail) have had a radical change in the concept of digital marketing on Internet.

The drastic change that brought a change of perspective affected the business strategy of spreading the contents on Internet in a direct way and it had become a great progress for the users that are looking for online products and services. Nowadays, a real estate is in a big challenge with other companies from the same sector on Internet and also with other millions of companies that position their posts and updates on Internet.

Speaking technically and professionally, the market niche that represents the real estate sector is considered as ¨low volume¨, although it shows high economic numbers. It is also copared to the products of massive consumption on Internet.

Long Tail applied to the real estate blog SEO.

As we mentioned before, Long Tail should be applied to the real estate blog and real estate website, as the contents published are not technically distinguished by the search engines on Internet.

However, there is one key question that appears from the first part of this article: how to use Long Tail in an effective way for the best of the real estate.

Internet users have preferences and defined interests and the real estate can get to know the search trends of its potential buyers through specific tools.

By knowing the way in which the users search on Internet, the real estate can optimize its real estate blog and properties for sale in an effective way.

This means focusing the audience and segmenting it by different variables that actually link to it.

Search engines are good for getting more info, but they represent also a real time report of the behaviors and preferences of the users. This becomes the possibility of the real estate to focus on the resources of its potential buyers.

A real estate blog article does not mean the sale of a property or rent of a property, but indirectly, it represents an essential resource for the brand development and the positioning of the real estate on Internet.

Apart from bringing added value to the real estate, a real estate blog brings organic traffic to its website and benefits for its SEO positioning.

We should never leave aside that even if Anderson´s concept was applied to specific roots of the sales by Internet, nowadays Long Tail is applies exactly the same for any type of content shared on Internet.

Keywords of real estate blog and website.

Segmenting and focusing the potential buyers of a real estate is essential, not only inside the Internet sector.

In order to manage to focus the resources of the real estate on Internet, especially through its blog and website, a real estate must pay attention to the use of keywords.

From a technical point of view, the keywords used and the Long Tail concept are two strictly linked factors.

In order to know the search trends of the users on Internet and manage to use the proper keywords to get effective results, the real estate can go to different tools.

However, simply by using the system of auto-complete of the search engines on internet, a real estate can observe a trend on the searched linked to a specific market niche.

Google Trends is another very effective and free tool which is very specific with the given info. This tool allows us to observe the users´ trends, but it shows also precise data on the regional segmentation.

A very practical and illustrative example is to put different synonyms of the keywords, in order to position the real estate on Internet. In this way, a real estate in Spain will detect the users are not looking for “properties” on Internet, they are looking for “houses”.

Potential buyers of the real estate in Spain do not look for ¨properties for sale¨ on Google. Actually, they look for different ways of language as for example ¨houses for sale¨.

This is a basic, but significant factor. Moreover, this is the start of understanding how Long Tail shall be applied in an effective way.

A real estate blog in Spain cannot use certain words. Neither the real estate web can include terms that would affect the positioning in a negative way.

Real estate Long Tail and the market niche.

A real estate market niche is the real estate environment. Starting from this, we need to be more specific by segmenting the keywords and applying the SEO Long Tail targeting the catching of more potential buyers.

The definition of the market niche can vary according the searched source. For Professor Philip Kotler, the market niche is “a group with a narrower definition than the market segment and normally, it is a market of specific and defined necessities”.

By extending this definition, we can add the fact that a market niche is smaller comparing to the market segments which are normally bigger. Moreover, Kotler says that ¨an ideal market niche is the one that has the necessary size in order to be rentable also. ¨

Taking his definition on his basic concept on what a market niche represents on Internet, we can realize that the real estate background is perfectly adjusted to it.

In this way, the real estate must focus on its page and real estate blog in a specific and segmented way according to the nationalities of its potential buyers.

The importance of defining the real estate market niche in a precise way must be taken as a reference and the starting point of planning a specific strategy, always attending to the necessities of the potential buyers.

All real estate marketing action or strategy of real estate advertisement must focus on a well-defined and segmented market niche, no matter if the advertisement is made through digital means or any other type such as newspapers, static or dynamic signs on the street.

Real estate sector as a market niche.

The general characteristics used to define a market niche can be moved to any other environment. Obviously, the real estate sector is not an exception at all. In this way, we will analyze some characteristics specifically focused on the market niche of a real estate in Spain.

– The real estate sector is a fraction of the global segment of what the market means and it shows some specific particularities. A real estate in Spain represents a global market niche and a particular segmentation in the first place.

In the particular case of Costa Invest Real Estate, its global niche is represented by the potential buyers interested in buying properties all over the country and the potential buyers that want to rent or buy a property in Orihuela Costa.

Not all potential buyers of a real estate in Spain have the objective of buying in a certain region. That is why the global market niche is so important, along with the specific linked to a certain geographic location.

Starting from this and applying the Long Tail concept, both the real estate blog and real estate web must reflect the following variables and differences:

  • Property rental.

  • Property rentals in Spain.

  • Property rentals in Orihuela Costa (Spain).

Each of these phrases show different results, strictly related to the behaviors showed by the users of the search engines and the implemented algorithm, which will show different search results to the potential buyers.

The market niche of a real estate in Spain is made by a small group which represents important economic expenses.

The real estate product is not a huge consumption product. This is why we need to use the Long Tail on the real estate blog and web in a very specific way.

On the other hand, a real estate situated on the Mediterranean coast (as the specific case of Costa Invest) must segment its potential buyers by nationalities.

Segmenting the market niche of a real estate can be made according to the clients´ necessities. These clients can be interested in buying or renting a property during summer.

If it becomes as specific as it could be, the level of segmentation will bring high levels of effectiveness. For a real estate, this means sales and rentals.

This implies other things: a real estate should count with a real estate blog and multilingual web, real estate agents who speak various languages and a company that counts with a functional organizational structure.

Inside a real estate sector, a market niche requires a high level of specificity, both on the offered services as on the level of competence of the company´s members.

Real estate sector as a market niche and conversions.

In order to manage to increase the conversion level of the real estate, we need to link and generate positive synergies between the keywords used, Long Tail and the well segmented market niche.

Everything must be functionally linked to every aspect related to the real estate blog, real estate web and any other place on the different social media platforms.

Let´s analyze a more specific example of Long Tail related to what we are studying here:

Rentals is an extremely general search which is not geographically located and it can show millions of searches. This is a keyword which cannot be adjusted to a market niche mainly because is too general and it represents a searched market segment.

However, we must understand that search engines on Internet use algorithms and we need to count with the users´ tendencies as a variable also.

As a result, we can notice that the volume of searches made on a certain word is not always proportional to its general search.

Property rentals begins to adjust to the Long Tail concept which can be applied both to the real estate blog as to the real estate web. This is a more specific search which focuses on a more concrete market niche. However, the searched segment results too wide yet.

Rentals can appear in millions of searches, while ¨property rentals¨ might appear in some thousands of searches. Yet, the Long Tail concept applied is not really effective for the necessities of a real estate.

Property rentals in Orihuela Costa focuses on a very specific real estate market niche and the number of searches is reduced twice or more.

However, we still need to define the Long tail in a more precise way, by using words as specific variables:

  • Geographic location: Spain, Alicante (province), Orihuela Costa (specific zone).
  • Types of properties: apartments, bungalows, villas, townhouses, etc.

Taking into consideration what we have just said, we can observe some Long Tail examples for a real estate blog and web:

  • Apartment rentals in Orihuela Costa.
  • Bungalows for sale in Orihuela Costa (Spain).
  • Season apartment rentals in Orihuela Costa.

There are many combinations in order to achieve an effective Long Tail. There are also many variables that can be used in order to locate and define a specific content.

Analyzing the search words made by the users will help us notice certain tools. The results are more and more specific.

Apart from combining the keywords used on a real estate web and blog, it is important to plan a Long Tail in order to get better results.

Complements in order to strengthen the real estate Log Tail.

To all this, we need to add other technical considerations which will result decisive for a real estate if we combine them. Combining keywords in a correct word, focusing on a certain market niche or using a Long Tail in a precise way is not enough at all.

A real estate blog and web must show certain functional characteristics in order to get positive results and the implemented strategy results more effective.

These are the main points that can be applied to a real estate web or blog to be taken into consideration by a real estate:

  • Use an effective content manager such as WordPress.
  • The real estate blog and web templates must be professional.

  • Use clean and effective URL addresses for the contents.

  • Page titles must contain the HTML tag in a correct way.

  • Combine the title and subtitle headers in a correct way.

  • Regularly update the CMS and the templates of the real estate websites.
  • Apply the Long Tail on all the real estate blog pages and web pages.

  • Optimize the used images by adding the correct attributes.

  • Install SEO plugins in order to optimize and improve the positioning of the published contents.

  • Link in quality and high authority backlinks in order to position the used domain.

  • Optimize the On-Page SEO and the Off-Page SEO.

  • Publish quality contents on the real estate blog.

  • Use Long Tail on the properties published on the real estate web.

Understanding and applying the Long Tail in a correct way both for the real estate blog and web is an essential factor for a real estate. Defining the market niche in order to focus on all the resources and get better results are also essential for a real estate in Spain.


  • ANDERSON, CHRIS. The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less for More. New York Times, 2008 edition.
  • KOTLER, PHILIP. Marketing Concepts. Prentice Hall (2012).
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