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The selection of the contents manager by the real estate is essential because due to it, the latter can benefit or not from it and everything will mostly depend on the contents manager that is being used.

The contents manager of a real estate blog must be effective and efficient, must count with trustful technical functionalities and allow an efficient managing of the contents of a real estate.

For all these, in order to manage a real estate blog, one of the best options is to use WordPress.

WordPress offers a series of technical functionalities of good quality to the real estate and it also allows the achievement of a good and professional result regarding the real estate blog´s design.

The great quantity of plugins that WordPress offers facilitates the technical managing of the site, but it also allows us to use the functionalities that will improve the visitors´ experience on the real estate blog and website.

The real estate and its blog on WordPress.

Once installed on the real estate host, WordPress needs a series of technical settings so that the real estate blog achieves to get the maximum level of effectiveness as soon as possible.

By default, once the real estate installs WordPress, it will find a series of elements that are not useful, which obviously should be deleted. It will also find a series of elements that turn out to be really useful.

In any of the cases, before starting getting deeper and delete those functionalities, we should clarify some basic aspects linked to this topic.

– Use the last version of WordPress for the real estate blog.

When a real estate installs WordPress in order to manage the real estate blog or webpage, it should take into consideration that there are several versions.

For security reasons, it is always recommended to download the last version of WordPress.

With every new version there are small technical errors but we could get a more efficient real estate content manager.

– Personalized template of the real estate blog.

After installing WordPress, the real estate will find a series of predetermined templates which can be used for the real estate blog.

These are useful although they do not necessarily satisfy the technical and design necessities of a real estate blog.

It is recommended to use an optimized template and the default themes that WordPress offers which are not used may easily be deleted.

– The real estate should only use necessary plugins.

When installing WordPress on a real estate host, some plugins are also installed, but not all of them are of use for the real estate blog. It is recommended that the real estate install and delete the plugins according to its technical and functional necessities.

The excess of plugins on WordPress might result negative for real estate websites.

That is why it is better to analyze first the plugins that are useful for a real estate. Later on, we will make a review of the most interesting plugins to use on a real estate website managed by WordPress.

– Create a SiteMap of the real estate websites.

It is very important to count with a SiteMap of the real estate blog and website, because the first step is to obtain good results of visibility.

The search engines such as Google, Bing or Yandex use SiteMap in order to index the contents of the real estate.

– The real estate domain of the real estate with and without www.

It is important for a real estate to configure its domain with WordPress in order to be used with or without www. It is so basic but not unimportant and it is very simple to do it starting from the settings of the contents manager.

There is also the possibility to install a specific plugin in order to use the domains of the real estate with or without www. I am referring to the plugins that allow a personalization and optimization of the url.

The same settings can be managed from the control panel of the real estate domain, both for the real estate blog as for its webpage.

– The real estate user profile on WordPress.

WordPress allows the real estate to easily edit its business profile inside the platform and this facilitates a better level of visibility. A real estate should adjust that profile according to its necessities and make changes that are real.

A good option for the real estate is to manage a business profile directly from Gravatar and link it to the real estate email. If the real estate manages its blog and webpage through different persons and different content managers, a profile for the real estate blog could also be created directly liked to Gravatar.

This is also the case of Costa Invest Real Estate, which manages the real estate blog and its webpage separately.

– Permanent links of the real estate.

Modifying the permanent links of the url generated by the real estate sites is something that should be established in the first place. WordPress makes this easier through the selection of common settings.

This is an important factor because it improves the use of the websites and it provides a better visibility.

The design of the permanent links of the real estate is also important and should never be considered as an unimportant factor at all.

The most convenient option for the real estate is to use permanent links with a personalized structure.

– Some important details for a real estate.

Some basic adjustments that could also be made after installing WordPress in order to manage the real estate websites are: the title of the site, which can be the one of the real estate blog or its webpage and establish a default time zone which is linked to the contents of the real estate blog.

By setting a default time zone, we can set the publication of contents. As important as this is the fact that the real estate sites must always have a title.

These are both basic and simple settings in WordPress, but this does not mean they are not important.

– Measure the real estate results is a must.

It is highly important for a real estate to supervise the evolution and the outcome that receives from the real estate blog as from its website. For this to happen, it is necessary to link the websites with the Google or Microsoft tools for webmasters.

WordPress allows us to easily link and authorize the following codes generated by the tools for webmaster by copying and pasting those codes.

Moreover, the real estate might send its contents automatically, so that they could be indexed faster by the search engines. In this way, a better positioning is achieved.

– Basic plugins of WordPress for the real estate.

As already mentioned, WordPress offers a great quantity of plugins to the real estate for its websites in order to get a better experience for its visitors.

It is recommended to download the plugins from the official webpages.

The use of different plugins will depend on the specific necessities of the real estate, but there are some that are essential due to their effectiveness and functions. On WordPress, we will find different plugins for a single necessity and they condition the selection of them.

That is why I do not refer to only one plugin in particular, but to several. According to their target, the basic plugins to use on a real estate website are:

  • Contact form.
  • Anti- spam.
  • SEO optimization.
  • Cookies.
  • Permanent links.
  • SiteMaps.
  • Increase the level of security.
  • Multilingual manager.

When the real estate meets with hundreds of plugins which WordPress offers, in order to manage its websites, the former should analyze each of them according to its necessities.

A real estate will find in WordPress a proper content manager that will help the real estate to achieve a more efficient managing of the real estate blog and webpage.

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