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This is about how a real estate can benefit from a blog´s author in order to become known on Google.

After the time when the ex-president of Google, Eric Schmidt, wrote on his book about the authorship of Google and how this was essential for the well managing of the real estate blog´s contents, every possible author has linked his contents to Eric´s Google profile.

Even Eric Schmidt made lapidary affirmations in his book in 2013 regarding the importance of the person who writes a blog and the latter´s Google profile:

For the search results given by Google to a user, the info related to those contents is determinant in order to achieve a good position, and that info liked and verified by Google will hit a better positioning of the contents published”.

Schmidt debated on another terrifying factor for the authors of blogs, which is actually the fear of getting the contents denied by Google. He said: 

The real problem for an author who does not link his data to Google is that he will end with no popularity at all”.

It is known that no author of a real estate blog wishes his contents be considered irrelevant by Google and especially the fact that no real estate will ever want an author for its contents, one who is not accepted by Google.

There are also people who deny all theories and concepts having no arguments.

Trying to do this against the person who has been the CEO of Google for 10 years, is actually a tough task, because he is a high reference in the SEO world and he knows better than anyone the rules of his play regarding the well visibility of contents.

However, Eric Schmidt is not the only expert in SEO who alerts on the importance of the relation between the author and his contents published on a blog and Google.

Jayson DeMers, founder and CEO of AudienceBloom, published the results of an investigation based on the contents published and their authors and his conclusions were:

The relation between the contents and their author is a factor more and more important in order to achieve a good visibility on Google”. He also added:The link between the author of the contents and Google should be created immediately in order to get good visibility results”.

There are more arguments created by experts on SEO who stress on the importance of an existing real estate with a blog in order to get the best results regarding the visibility on the Internet.

A logic thing is that the author of real estate blog be linked to Google and mostly important, to manage to get the okay from it.

Real Estate Blog: Google Authorship and Google Author Rank.

Shari Thurow, author of When Search Meets Web Usablity, founder and SEO director of Omni Marketing Interactive, made a joke about Schmidt´s affirmations during the SES conference which took place last year in San Francisco.

Derived from that joke appeared the importance of knowing to distinguish between what an author of linked contents on Google means and what the Author Rank really is.

Thurow established a quite reasonable line of thinking on what the link between the author of contents of a blog and what an Author Rank is for Google really means:

The link between the author´s contents and Google does not necessarily mean an achievement and a good visibility”. She also added: The Author Rank is what really determines the author´s authority in the eyes of Google”.

Here we can add another important element a real estate should value and consider when it takes the decision of implementing a blog. That element is the Author Rank of the author´s contents to publish on its real estate blog.

We now enter in the field of who has the courage to break the theories of certain experts, particularly when those count with a high qualification and a good experience on SEO. It is important to say that this is not for anyone.

SEO Shari Thurow´s affirmations on the importance Google has for the Author Rank related to the well visibility of the contents were actually rejected by Eric Enge.

The CEO of the prestigious company Stone Temple Consulting, dedicated to the digital marketing, stated that the Author Rank of Google does not exist in practice, because Google has never confirmed it.

Curious and extremely rare is Eric´s affirmation, mainly because all his company´s members show off pretending they are authors of Google. His company offers services strictly related to how to improve the Authorship and the Author Rank of Google.

If we interpret those affirmations as a strategy to achieve a certain level of conclusions and outcomes, we should also state that since 2005, Google has implemented his own algorithm of Author Rank although they never left it very clear.

In 2005, Google implemented officially an algorithm among all that have appeared along time, in order to position better the contents of a website or blog with the help of the author´s prestige and popularity.

Google not only created an algorithm to establish the Author Rank of an author but he also made it with the same name.

What is really not questionable is that Google had to modify its algorithm related to the Author Rank in order to achieve its link to its own social network (Google+) and so, manage to combine this with the algorithm used by the Authorship.

Anyway, both algorithms are implemented and they affect in one way or another, the visibility both of the webpage of the real estate as the blog and particularly the latter will be the one affected in a positive or negative way.

There is also another very clear and important factor of the affirmations made by experts who worked in these environments for many years and that factor says that the use of the Authorship to link the contents of an author does not mean he is an expert of Google.

How could a real estate benefit from its blog´s author.

The best strategy a real estate could use in order to get the benefits from the Authorship and the Author Rank from Google to achieve a well visibility is to choose an author with a minimum of prestige and popularity in the eyes of Google.

It is already clear we need to link Google to all and each account that the real estate agent and the real estate itself could have on different platforms on Internet.

It is very important every real estate agent links his Google Plus profile, not only for the fact that he will be recognized as Authorship but he will also get positive synergies in favor of the real estate with the help of Google+ and so achieve a better visibility for the real estate website.

Let´s imagine a scenario in which the real estate counts with 10 agents and each real estate agent has an active profile on Google Plus.

If every real estate agent links his profile to Google Plus directly to the webpage of the real estate, this will generate a highly positive synergy and this will influence in the visibility of the webpage on Internet.

It is obvious that in order to achieve a good visibility of the webpage on Internet, just a simple and active profile on Google Plus is not enough.

If we manage to understand that the social network is actualy who is determining the visibility of a webpage on Internet, any element that is counted to the SEO strategy of any real estate might seem that is not so important.

The factors for the visibility of a real estate webpage on Internet are many and they should be taken into consideration by the real estate if the latter is looking for good results.

Each element that interferes should be taken into consideration by the real estate and all should be centered towards achievements.

In other words, is important to obtain a good positioning of the real estate website both on Google and on Internet, because the Internet is not only about Google although most of the times the former is the one that marks the rules.

Having a solid real estate blog, with good contents and an author who has some knowledge of Google will always be very important for any real estate in Spain.

Resources: SCHMIDT and COHEN (2013): The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business.

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