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Real estate as an organization.

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Knowing how to start to value the real estate and the change of perspectives are very important in order to make progresses towards a new real estate model.

In order to achieve its challenges, a modern real estate must count with a solid organizational structure and an effective management.

The traditional model of a real estate is by now out-dated and those who use it will only find disadvantages and difficulties when developing the real estate´s potential as a company.

The change of perspective must be taken as a necessity inside the real estate and must not be seen as an innovative strategy because it does not help at all. The majority of real estate agencies and especially the smallest ones have no organization or structure.

Thinking that being a small real estate won´t need a structure is a totally wrong idea. This is just a lie, because the small number of agents is actually what sums the tasks to be achieved in a company.

Organizational characteristics of a real estate.

From an organizational perspective, the real estate presents some characteristics that define its main objectives and targets which are actually selling properties.

From the organizational point of view, a real estate must achieve some factors:

  • Create a well-defined organizational structure.
  • Manage well its resources (materials and humans).
  • A high rate of the level of communication inside the company.
  • Settle real business targets and objectives.
  • Create a solid and productive real estate team.
  • Generate professional synergies inside and outside the company.
  • Settle the rules, norms and internal patterns to follow inside the company.

The real estate as an organization and its resources.

As any other organization, a real estate must have some certain resources in order to develop efficiently its activity.

Although the next resources will seem a little obvious as for example, the necessity of money to start a business or to open a commercial, it is always convenient to emphasize them in order to understand them better:

– The economic resources of the real estate.

Money as a resource for the real estate is an important factor and from that point on, the company could start developing itself.

The thing is that, there are still a lot of people that think they could start a new business without money to invest in or any economic resources. In this case, there is a negative factor that appears in the organization right from the beginning.

– The physical resources of a real estate.

There are a lot of other factors to take into consideration apart from money as a main physical resource of the real estate.

A real estate needs a place to install its business and that real estate will also need to be equipped with the minimum functional conditions and everything that means: furniture, decorations, desks, computers and so on.

– A real estate human resources.

If we think of money as an important factor to start a business, the organization of the team is way more important. The real estate´s human resources must be converted into a positive factor which will make the difference in a way or another inside the company.

In a real estate, every member should be proactive in order to achieve a high level of productivity inside the agency.

– The real estate´s technological resources.

The whole organization needs to count on technological means in order to get a higher level of efficiency and productivity. The relation of humans with technology is highly important.

It is also very important that the real estate has efficient technological resources, but the real estate agent should also know how to get the best of the resources.

Technologically speaking, if every member of the real estate agency had those skills, the real estate´s resources will be even more productive.

– The real estate´s cognitive resources.

For a real estate, the ideas and knowledge of each real estate agent are very good resources which must be taken into consideration in order to get the best results.

For them, it is very important to stimulate the internal positive synergies, as to attend to the real estate´s weekly reunion.

– The real estate´s intangible resources.

Between the intangible resources of the real estate we find those related to its development or those that permit enter to a certain national or international market. In this way, for a real estate, implementing Branding strategies is essential.

So important is the development of its prestige in relation to the organizational values that the real estate adopts.

Real estate coaching plus a real estate´s organization.

For an expert in real estate coaching, working on the structure of a small or medium company must become a real challenge caused by different aspects. There are some important elements that make difficult the implementing of a structural organization:

1 – The boss or the real estate´s responsible person.

The real estate´s boss scarcity in training is something that will bring negative consequences for the company and this will damage the organizational model already established. Although the majority of the real estate owners do not admit it, once they employ personal, they have to face with an organization.

When the real estate´s boss or the responsible person do not have any training and skills, the professional in real estate Coaching has a difficult work to do. In this case, the expert in real estate Coaching must start develop his work with the boss or responsible person of the real estate and then, start working with the other members of the team.

He cannot start his work for real estate Coaching from the base of the pyramid, but from the peak of it, so he could later on extend to the real estate team and to each agent in person. However, an expert in real estate Coaching must value the team and previously analyze the organization of the team and which is the best way to work in order to get the best results.

2 – No pre-established business plan before opening the real estate.

Although it might seem incredible, it is common to find small or medium real estate created as companies but with no pre-established business plan. There are lots of real estate that open without having a well-prepared business plan and this damages the real estate.

Once you start a real estate with no previous planning, the tasks are harder to achieve. It is like building a block without the adequate materials. This might also get to damage the structure and brake down.

Realizing a Coaching work in a real estate that started with no business plan is turns out to be very complex mainly because the professional in real estate Coaching should assume some skills that are not for him although he will have to deal with them.

In this point, it is very important to previously define the organizational objectives with the real estate´s boss, so he could get a higher level of effectiveness. It is also very important to distinguish the responsible persons of the real estate and define the company´s actual situation, so at the end of the work, everyone could get better results.

3 – Economic scarcity in a real estate.

The derived costs of implementing an organizational structure inside the real estate should be seem as an investment. The problem appears when the real estate has no economic resources to overcome the expenses.

A real estate created on a familiar model or derived from the society could live the first years without falling apart, but this will limit the real estate and its development. The creation of the real estate is the point from where we should start to establish a structure in order to get the best business results.

The scarcity of economic resources is a factor which appears in different levels and in all cases, it results as negative.

In all cases, a professional of real estate Coaching should be a facilitator and when the real estate has no economic resources to invest in its organization, it is advisable to be able to find solutions right away.

This is possible either through governmental subsidies or any other model to find good solutions and generate positive synergies. Anyway, the real estate´s boss or responsible persons should be aware of the fact that a real estate Coaching is an investment that will have positive effects on the organization and on the business of the real estate.

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