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Real estate agents and the circumstances to overcome.

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Between the buyer of a property and the real estate agent exists a link which is more important than the commercial aspect. Both of them are part of several circumstances they need to deal with.

During my all years of experience as professional in real estate Coaching, I have realized that the real estate agent is exposed to different circumstances which predict his abilities and competences.

The strangest thing is that I have noticed it in different countries and I was told the same whole stories coming from the real estate agents, who were explaining me the same circumstances.

There are specific circumstances and situations which are not available only inside a country or society, but they are part of every human being.

A real estate agent should be prepared to confront a series of circumstances with their clients, because there is no model of how to deal with that.

There are two factors that could help the real estate agent to confront the unexpected situations with his clients: his experience and his level of efficiency when solving problems.

It is very important the real estate agent have a high level of assertiveness and he is able to get a high level of patience.

“It´s all about me and the circumstances and if I don´t save it I lose myself too.” Ortega y Gasset.

Real estate agents and the unexpected circumstances.

There are a lot of circumstances unexpected by the real estate agent who does not have any preparation for them, because they should start to learn psychology and this would help them in their professional experience.

Solving unexpected situations and achieving to manage adverse circumstances will make of the real estate a more prepared and effective person.

As José Ortega and Gasset admitted in their work Meditations on Quijote, a person who does not manage to overpass the different obstacles with unexpected circumstances, he will never achieve to solve his necessities.

A real estate agent who does not solve some certain circumstances could even lose a sell.

We should have a look at some atypical circumstances which are very usual and in which the real estate agent should present his personal and professional abilities.

  • A real estate agent as a marital counselor.

When a real estate agent has a couple as clients, a small disagreement could lead to a whole problem. Most of the times, when the real estate starts to show the clients his properties for sale, he notices differences in concept and problems start to appear.

One day, a real estate agent who was having a Coaching session, he mentioned to me how a couple who wanted to buy a property finished by insulting each other because of a stupid thing.

The real estate agent noticed the couple started to change their mood right with the first property presented to them, because she wanted another thing than him.

After having seen the eleventh house for sale, the clients finished the visit insulting their selves and even speaking of infidelities.

All this was happening in front of the real estate agent who was so confused that he did not know whether to run or call the police. An almost surrealist and quite extreme scenario and these circumstances should be well managed by the real estate agent.

  • Real estate agent as the mediator.

From a certain point of view, a real estate agent ends by becoming a mediator between the two parts: on one side is the buyer and on the other side is the seller and the real estate is the link between them.

In many cases, some slight differences between the seller and the buyer of a property happen, which will finally become an obstacle for finished well the sell.

In those circumstances, the real estate agent should know how to minimize those differences between the two parties, so they will not become worse.

  • A real estate agent and the trust he offers.

There are a lot of clients who experience a high level of mistrust and this is experienced by persons who have already experienced bad events. Although a real estate has nothing to do with it, he should confront those situations.

The best tool to avoid a possible mistrust from the client is to be as transparent as possible and during the whole visit, offer the client only the true information.

By true information we should understand the info already checked by the real estate agent and if he does not have that info, it is always better to tell this to the client, because in this way, we will manage to get more confidence from the client.

  • The real estate agent who knows less than the client.

Nowadays, Internet has facilitated a lot the access to info although it is not the best and true info.

By no means, someone who navigates on Internet will know everything about the real estate sector. Though, there are a lot of buyer clients who believe they are more informed than the real estate agent himself.

The real estate agent should make them understand there is a big difference between being well-informed and having a qualification on this sector.

There is also the case in which the client takes a tour with other real estate agent and so gets to know better the real estate agencies around and the real estate portals. This is also known as gathering information and by no means this represent a qualification.

  • A property for sale with different prices.

When the client finds a property for sale with different prices hi reactions are immediately related to the real estate agent.

It is something normal that the client to not understand the different prices of a same property and this could happen because of different circumstances, which the real estate should explain to the client.

When a property for sale has different prices, we could think of different reasons as for example: the owner has also advertised his property on his own, the prices of the property for sale are not updated on the real estate portals and so on.

Anyway, the real estate agent should clearly explain to the client all the possibilities existent.

  • The real estate agent as a putative father.

Buying a property is an important economic investment and when the client needs a mortgage, is there when the client gets scared. Even if the buying of the property is not made with a mortgage, the client still feels unsecure when dealing with such an investment.

To this, we could also count the client´s indecision whether what to buy because of different factors.

The term ¨putative¨ comes from Latin and it means ¨accredited or considered¨ and that is why, in those moments, the real estate converts into a counselor. The real estate agent is not the counselor at the final point of deciding the property to buy.

He is an expert in real estate management and he should know how to limit himself to his abilities. A different aspect is when the real estate has to analyze the background situation of the buyer and by no means has to do with the decision of buying or not a property.

  • The real estate agent defining the client´s necessities.

The image of the buyer client who does not know what he wants or what he can afford is also very frequent.

The real estate should always lead and counsel his client. The real estate agent should set the specific necessities of his client and lead him in order to clarify his possibilities and so define his list of properties to view.

If the client does not know what type of property to buy or what money he could spend, the real estate agent has not got the minimum info in order to start creating a list of possible properties to show.

  • The real estate as a touristic guide.

If we should talk about a very important resource of a real estate, we should think of his time and that is why he should never set an appointment only as a guided tour around the city.

Any real estate agent with some years of experience will detect that type of clients, but there are some real estate agents who do not and will have to serve as guides.

It is also true that there are clients who need to see lots of properties before taking a decision and this we can understand for sure.

Anyway, the real estate agent who becomes the guide will also learn to detect easier the type of client who is really interested in buying a property.

All the above represent only some of the multiple occasions the real estate agent has to face. A real estate agent will always have as target the well-management of those circumstances.

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