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The real estate agent and his clients.

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The link between the real estate agent and his clients is a complex aspect which has also some important direct consequences on the real estate.

The real estate agent creates a link between him and his clients which determines the relation with the real estate. In other words, the real estate and that link should be tight and last in time.

If we know the first impression counts a lot, we should also know that the second is essential as well, because the clients develop better the obtained interpretations from the first contact.

That is why it is very important that the real estate agent should center on the first contact with the client but also every time he creates a personal contact with his clients, he should not forget about the techniques to apply in order to reinforce that link.

We know that some tasks could be delegated, but the customer service and first contact should not. It is not only on how the real estate agent attends the client, it is also about generating links, reinforce them and manage to foster the clients´ loyalty.

It is highly important that the real estate agent projects the real estate organizational keys but also transmit his values and social abilities to the client. He should highlight both his personal and professional values and so mark the difference.

A real estate agent should understand the importance of certain elements and factors that result essential when having a first contact with the client:

  • A real estate agents turns into the physical link between the real estate and the real estate.
  • His domains and his social abilities will present a clear image of himself.
  • His level of assertiveness and his ability to be assertive.
  • Be conscious of the experience he has means actually to be a real professional.
  • The proactive attitude as an element generator of positive synergies.
  • Knowing when to “pass” a client to one of his colleagues is a key point.
  • Knowing his own limits and having his competences well defined is a really vital aspect.

The link between a real estate agent and his clients.

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In the course of this article, we could see that in the link between the real estate agent and his clients there are some psychological aspects, too.

The next recommendations should not be interpreted as rapport techniques, because those techniques require a different experience and they are more complex, too.

On the other hand, in order to achieve the basic techniques on rapport, a real estate agent should be effective in the use of his abilities and show a high rate of assertiveness.

Only then he will be in condition to start the teaching of the basic techniques in rapport.

The first impression counts for the client.

The first contact with the client leaves our mark on him and that should be written in the mind of any real estate agent. From there the famous quotation: The first impression is the one that counts.

This is true, because when we meet someone for the first time, that person has already his first impression on us. This does not mean that certain impression is always, the right one, but a real estate should always leave a good impression.

By no means we should be hypocrite or show ourselves off, this is just a simple system of social use, because besides the so extended theories, the social relations are very important.

In the particular case of a real estate agent, it is essential to achieve a good first impression in order to generate a strong link with the client and that link will condition the commercial relation.

Smiling should always be present.

Smiling is a process that generates a positive impression on our recipient. Here, we do not speak about a real estate agent with perfect teeth and smile, but the real aspect is about smiling and that smile should be real.

The smile is essential to be real because if not, the client will observe it immediately and this will only bring negative outcomes for the real estate agent.

A real estate agent who works with people of different nationalities should also take into consideration that smiling, in some cultures, is something odd and you know I am not exaggerating.

But this should not be an obstacle when using smiling as a tool to generate a positive link with the client. If the client of the real estate agent comes from a society with different codes and principles, this does not mean the former should act differently. The main key is to be natural in front of any type of client, no matter his nationality.

You have to let your clients surprise you.

When the real estate agent creates a link with his clients, he needs to cause him a good impression as well and this is vice versa. The client should always remain with the feeling he left a good impression on the real estate agent.

This is very simple and every human being enjoys being a good company to the others. That is why the real estate agent should never eliminate the clients´ illusion. If the client feels the real estate agent very receptive and there is a certain connection, he will feel better and he will generate a more fluid communication.

I do insist on the fact that we are human beings and the majority of the people enjoy knowing they are liked by the others. To sum up, if a real estate agent wants to connect with his clients he will only need to appear as impressed by them.

Body language is understood by the client.

Our body talks and it constantly transmits a series of codified signs to the client and those signs are sent unconsciously and they are received likewise. When the body language of a real estate agent is illogical and not related to the spoken message, the client notices it.

He can notice it unconsciously or consciously. Moreover, the real estate agent should start from the fact that he does not know the level of assertiveness of his client or even whether his client knows the keys of body language or the techniques of rapport.

The real estate agent must never underestimate his client. One of the most important keys to access the neuro-linguistic level is the visual. That is why it is so important the real estate agent maintain a visual contact with his client.

The eyes movement is a means that offers a lot of information. The real estate agent should be eyes and ears of the information he transmits to his clients and he should be receptive to everything his clients send him.

Sometimes, looking into the client´s eyes might seem too tiresome, but the catch is in the fact that the agent should center his look to the nose or between the brows of the client. This is an easy trick but effective when trying to maintain the visual contact with a client.

Promoting the loyalty of your clients is the main key for a real estate.

The real estate and its link with the clients.

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The real estate agent´s power to transmit positivity.

It is highly essential for a real estate agent to manage to transmit everything that is positive to his client. That is why, it is important to mind the verbal and non-verbal way of communication.

A real estate agent should mind his words and his own body language and how he speaks to the others. If the real estate agent finds himself in the situation in which a client talks to him in a bad way about another person, the former must never play that role.

Before such a situation, a real estate agent should never foster negative values, no matter what verbal injuries the client says about a third person. The explication is quite simple: the client realizes that the real estate agent might also act in this way behind his back. Any form of critique should be avoided by the real estate agent.

We should never critique anything or anyone before a client and no matter the circumstances, this is an important aspect to consider.

The positive emotional impact on the clients.

Emotions spread faster than a flu. This is a basic psychology and part of any pocket manual. The real estate agent should be aware of this any time he attends the clients and he needs to be the responsible person for showing his clients only the positive results.

When the real estate agent feels okay with his clients, he feels more relaxed and he does not show any sign of uncomfortable situations, the clients notice it and they will react likewise. They will also notice if the contrary happens.

The real estate agent should not forget that his clients get the messages through different means and the verbal communication is not the only way to communicate with the client. It is also highly important for a real estate agent to send positive emotions to his clients when he presents them the properties.

This is essential. If the living room of a property for sale is too small, he shall change the perspective by saying it is very cozy. If the rooms of the property presented are too small, the real estate agent should tell his clients the rooms have a certain level of privacy.

And there are loads of other examples to consider. The important fact is that the real estate should share positive emotions when he presents properties for sale.

Here, I am not referring to manipulating the client, because he will realize it finally. I am saying the real estate agent should influence what his client´s eyes see.

Memorize the info related to the clients.

The real estate agent, as any other human being, counts with a particular tool, his memory. It is important to memorize any info related to the clients. Some info might result even silly, but if it is well used, the info will generate a strong link.

When the real estate agent has the first contact with his clients, he should memorize all data in order to use it in his advantage. The data and info could be names of kids or the name of their dog and he should take into consideration that in some cultures, a pet is considered as a member of the family.

When the real estate agent gets the info from his client, he should process the info and segment it, in order to get the best of it.

The real estate agent should take into consideration that the link with a client of the real estate is a professional connection and if the clients reveals some important aspects of his life that is a good thing.

The real estate agency should firstly be careful, discrete and do not invade the client´s privacy.

Observe the clients in order to understand them better.

There are persons who are not very attentive to details and some do not manage to process the visual info in its totality. For example, the persons who live in big cities, they do not look very high and there are cases in which most of them do not even observe a detail which they see every day.

A real estate agent should not look, but observe. The real estate agent should train in order to get to detect any type of info from his clients. The info gathered from his client should be divided into pieces in order to be analyzed, linked and efficiently interpreted later on.

On the other hand, the real estate agent should always find the link of that info with the evidence of the obtained conclusions. Before getting those evidences, the real estate agent could only suspect or suppose the data gathered.

For example, the fact that the clients do not wear any religious symbol on them, it does not mean they are devoted to a certain deity.

Before any selling process the link with the client has to be maintained.

In most of the times, real estate agents believe a sell has ended just at the time of signing the final title deeds. This is a certain behavior detected most of the times in the real estate sector.

Although the real estate counts with a specific customer service department which deals with everything related to post-selling processes, the real estate agent should also action directly in the process of real estate management.

The clients, like the real estate agents, show some behavioral patterns and they do not admit to be attended by other person of the real estate than the one with whom they signed the buying of their house.

This is very simple, clients like personalized attention and they will take as reference the real estate agent who helped them in the process of buying.

It is true this might become a tedious thing for any real estate agent, but if we think the process has ended with the signing of the final title deeds, the link with the client will probably brake and disappear finally.

The relation with the client should last in time.

We can easily notice as an aspect directly linked to the other point, that the real estate agent is easily forgetting his clients that bought with him.

Anyone with the little experience in the real estate sector will realize the importance of his clients and in order to manage to get more friends of clients to get to buy houses, he should always maintain that special link with his previous clients.

It is important that once the buying process with the real estate has finished, the real estate agent should retake the contact with the client again in order to maintain the created link. In order to do that, the real estate could send, for example, several emails to his clients as a greeting message or he could also make a call.

This is a simple thing to do and with the help of the new technologies, it is needed only a reminder in order to maintain alive the link with his clients.

This might be seen as a weird thing, but it is not true, because this is the only way to personalize the service and maintain the commercial link with them. In order to promote the loyalty of our client, is not enough to send postcards, the real estate agent should work intensively on that.

The real estate is the nexus between the clients and the real estate.

In order to clarify the discussed aspects, we should have a look at this short summary of the concepts learned as a short descriptive guide:

  • The clients´ first impression on the real estate agent.
  • Smiling as a first tool to generate rapport with the clients.
  • The bidirectional sense in the communication with the clients of the real estate.
  • The importance of the non-verbal communication with the clients.
  • The positivity sent to the real estate agent to his clients.
  • The importance of the emotional projection in the commercial relation.
  • Memorize the important info related to the clients of a real estate.
  • Observation of clients as a direct access.
  • The importance of maintaining the contact with clients who already bought a property with you.
  • How to manage to maintain a commercial relation in time.
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