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Real estate agent as part of a team.

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There are a lot of factors and elements inside the real estate sector that make the difference in comparison with other professional activities. Particularities and specific characteristics define the real estate sector as it is.

Among those particularities, there is one that has been known as the real cause for comments between professionals in this sector, which is actually the high grade of individualism of a real estate agent.

A real estate agent is an individual professional in comparison to other type of professionals. This is not just a coincidence, because we all know coincidences do not exist.

Among the coincidences that provoke such an intense individualism we can find the agent´s productivity which is directly proportional to his achievements. In other words, the number of properties he manages to sell is his best result.

When a real estate agent develops his professional activity related to a real estate, he will find out that he needs to modify his individual attitude in order to integrate himself to the company.

His individualism can end up as a limit factor related to his professional activity and so it will affect his interests. We must not forget that this will also affect negatively the real estate.

Here we make a distinction based on two realities which can be easily observed in the professional sector:

  1. The real estate agent who has always developed his professional activity as a freelance and is related to a real estate.
  2. The real estate agent who has always been related to a real estate where he developed his work.

1 – The real estate agent who has always been developing his professional activity independently will find very different and strange the link to a real estate, especially when there are well implemented organizational rules.

Right from the beginning, those rules are particular to every real estate and any real estate has its own way of ruling. Most of the times, this type of real estate agents will consider the other colleagues as competitors more than professional colleagues.

These independent agents who are related to a real estate have to understand the new organizational methodology and rapidly fit to the change of scenario.

2 – The real estate agent who has always been related to a real estate developing his activity inside it, shows a different profile than the first one discussed.

This type of agent has always been professionally related to an organization and to a collaborative work inside the real estate, a collaboration deeply rooted as a potential element for his productivity.

How to take advantage of the real estate agent´s individualism.

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It is very important for us not to mix up the above idea with the professional motivation techniques implemented by the real estate. Any director of a real estate knows the individualism of a real estate agent and he will always try to make the most out of him in order to increase the global productivity of the agency. 

The question is how to get this attitude out of every agent related to the company, so to get the best possible positive results.

To stimulate the competitiveness of the real estate agents is totally different than converting the real estate into a battlefield. There are cases in which a fresh new agent or even the director of a real estate might consider this, but this is an exaggeration.

On the contrary, if we are talking about a real estate in which the main characteristic of professional individualism is easily detectable and in the same time is the cause for preoccupation, we must directly think of the real estate itself as the starting point.

The cause of preoccupation earlier mentioned is derived from the individual attitude of the agent when it is converted into a factor that limits the productivity of the real estate.

It is really difficult for the director to manage to control the scenario and the former must apply some specific techniques designed for those aims.

Some important stimulators are the efficiency, the effectiveness and the assertiveness. Those stimulators, taken in part and not as a whole are elements of the qualities and attitudes of each real estate agent.

The total of these individualities is converted into in a real untouchable heritage for the real estate, which should also be appreciated by the company in order to get positive results. By individualities, we mean every real estate agent in person.

The efficient management of the resources (both the visible ones as the untouchable ones) changes into a key factor for the productivity of the real estate.

How to get a productive real estate team.

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  • Create and implement a strategy.

The first step to make is to plan and implement a strategy made by the real estate in order to achieve a team only of efficient real estate agents. This will also emphasize the internal organizational philosophy of the real estate.

The real estate must take into consideration that the most efficient way of increasing the global productivity is through the efficiency of the real estate agent and any individuality must be counted to that in order to overpass the existent limits.

  • Real estate agent´s way of communicating.

The effective communication inside the real estate is a key factor needed in order to achieve a high rate of bonding. A unified real estate team is a productive team and it is fundamental to mark the codes of communication in order to get the agents understand each other and get well.

The unity of a real estate facilitates its components in collaborating. The more unified a team is, the more productive it will become and the real estate will only get direct benefits.

  • Set the real estate agent´s responsibilities.

The real estate agent must know very well his responsibilities and competences as the real estate itself must be able to establish them. The real estate should be able to detect each real estate agent´s abilities.

Each person brings an element and by counting all of them we will get the most efficient and more productive real estate team. This is an easy task of detecting the abilities of each individual and it also involves the analysis of each real estate agent and the statistics resulting from their abilities.

  • Establish an effective leader of the real estate team.

A real estate team should be controlled and managed by a leader, who will need to efficiently transmit the clear organizational vision of the real estate. A most efficient leader is the one that knows how to get the best of each agent and of the entire team.

He must emphasize each agent´s abilities and encourage them and should also do the same with the whole team. The leader of the real estate team must be able to manage and to channel the abilities of each agent towards the whole team´s target. This is also known as the increasing of the global productivity of the real estate.

In order to achieve the individualism in each real estate agent for better results and objectives, it is obligatory to follow the appropriate conditions and the latter must be managed by the real estate as an organization, not a company.

The real estate´s concept of what an organization should be is determinant for it, but also the training of the entire team related to the management and the development of the real estate agent´s abilities.

Costa Invest Real Estate has been keeping its organizational structure well defined, having as a target the strengthening of each agent´s abilities by specialized trainings. This is an investment that brings only positive outcomes and in this way, we get a high qualified team of real estate agents.

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