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Real estate agent and his abilities.

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The real estate sector is in a constant process of changing and its ecosystem requires that the members of the real estate achieve to adapt to the new rules that are established.

On the other hand, “the rules of the game” inside a real estate sector are always conditioned by internal or external factors.

In other words, the real estate conditions itself by its own organizational model and the former will also be conditioned by external factors. In the middle of everything, we find the figure of the real estate agent needs to adapt inside this ecosystem.

Here we refer to the well-known phrase “Adapt or Die”. In this we will find the reason why the real estate close their doors too soon or even the reason why a real estate agent abandons the job so early. However, this is not always the main reason.

The trend marks some variables that condition a lot and not always the lack of adapting to the job is the actual reason, but it is a factor that appears in most of the cases.

A real estate sector in a constant process of changing requires professionals that are also in a constant process of evolution.

Inside the real estate and the agent´s necessity to adapt, we might find a great quantity of elements that mark the difference in a way or another.

In the article related to the characteristics of the real estate agent we analyzed the main characteristics that a real estate agent is supposed to show. Now, we will concentrate on the real estate agent´s abilities required inside the real estate sector.

The abilities of a real estate agent.

Real estate agent and his open-mindedness to learning.

A strong training is the starting point for an eventual professional development of the real estate agent. All human beings that pretend to develop a skill must always count with a specific basic training.

On the other hand, nowadays, the real estate sector requires a constant process of updating the knowledge.

A real estate which pretends to have a good and strategic position must always count with trained professionals and open-minded people ready for new knowledge and training.

In the same time, the real estate agent who stays to his basic training and knowledge will definitely find some difficulties to develop professionally and he will turn into a non-productive element for the real estate.

Nowadays, the real estate must count with professionals specifically qualified in the real estate sector and they must also have certain abilities such as:

  • Advanced competences on different languages (comprehension, speaking and writing).
  • Knowledge on using management systems (real estate CRM, CMS, etc).
  • Knowledge on office IT (text processors, data bases, presentations).

Personal abilities of the real estate agent.

By using the phrase “personal abilities” we are referring to the innate abilities or the abilities achieved by the realtor (abilities not linked to technical knowledge). In other words, to those abilities that are not linked to a certain area of knowledge, but they are essential in the real estate sector.

An example of these abilities is the real estate agent who dominates good levels of:

  • Productivity: to exceed the necessities of the real estate.
  • Social abilities: both the internal and external links and relations inside the real estate sector.
  • Leadership: in order to become the leader of the internal project.
  • Self-management: starting from the principle of autonomy which implies also the self- supervision.
  • Resilience: in order to process the not achieved targets in an efficient way.

The knowledge and achieved abilities put into practice.

The knowledge of putting into practice the abilities and the achieved knowledge is a key factor, particularly because the real estate agent must develop his profession in a very particular way.

The real estate sector is characterized by its dynamism and requires a high level of skills when taking decisions.

On the other hand, the present real estate sector has a dizzy rhythm and the past might not be similar to the present.

In other words, the real estate needs professionals that are able to adapt to changes, but also persons who are able to give answers to the demands and requirements of the organizational necessities.

We will definitely find the answer in training but also in the ability to put in practice those abilities and knowledge. Inside the actual real estate sector, the unapplied theory has no meaning because it does not increase the individual or collective productivity of the realtors.

Theory is a key element for knowledge along with the practice as well.

Flexibility as an essential factor for the real estate.

Flexibility is one of the best valued characteristics inside the real estate sector, mainly because it allows a fast process of adaptation to change.

As the real estate sector is in a constant change, the real estate needs professionals able to adapt to the specific necessities of the company.

In conclusion, the realtor agent must be able to:

  • Face new professional challenges.
  • Join the work in a team.
  • Take unexpected risks.
  • Generate positive synergies (internal and external).
  • Use feedback as an improvement tool.
  • Complete new tasks.
  • Not limit his mobility area to a local level.

Communication and interpersonal relations.

To be an active professional inside the real estate sector is a very important fact. The professional real estate agent can communicate in a fluent and nice way with his colleagues, superiors or clients.

The ability to interact in an effective way with the persons inside this environment is not necessarily related to training. This is the time when the realtor must show his social abilities not only outside this environment.

For a real estate, an agent able to interact in an effective way with his clients is not enough. If a real estate agent does not achieve to interrelate inside the environment of the real estate, he will definitely become a big problem for the real estate for short and medium term.

Let´s take as an example a small real estate made up of ten members. Among them, there is one that “sells much”. However, that particular real estate agent who sells many properties is unable to interact with his colleagues.

Of course, the negative synergy created by him will definitely affect his environment and so, the other nine members will be conditioned in a negative way.

The negative restriction is targeting the global productivity and a hostile working environment will never get to be productive for the real estate.

Creativity and compromise of the real estate agent.

Innovation and the creative thinking are two important elements for the growth of the real estate. In order to have them as protagonists inside the real estate, some certain circumstances are needed.

Right from the beginning, everything starts from the trained, qualified and confident real estate agent. The real estate environment must also stimulate the realtor.

A real estate agent who does not feel okay inside the real estate environment will probably not feel very motivated or stimulated either. Here, the figure of the real estate leader is essential in order to create healthy atmospheres inside the real estate and so motivate the professional team.

Implication, motivation, compromise, efficiency and productivity are achieved under certain circumstances that are generated. A real estate must never pretend to develop itself or evolve in a way or another if it does not count with a team work and a healthy atmosphere at work.

On the other hand, innovation is actually the result of creativity and the real estate must generate positive synergies inside the company in order to stimulate the creativity and so start innovating.

It is highly important for a real estate agent to be efficient, assertive, decisive, productive, to take risks and make decisions. For all this to be achieved, a proper working environment must be provided.

In conclusion, although the realtor has the obligation to be in a constant learning and training process and apply his personal abilities, the real estate has also the responsibility to generate the proper environment in order to increase the productivity.

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