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The real estate agency and the social networks.

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The presence of the real estate on the social networks turns out to be very important and that presence must be kept in the specific strategy of Branding. The correct correlation between a blog and the web is an important factor as their presence on social networks too.

The broadcasting of the real estate agency through social networks has a lower cost, actually it is zero and this is a significantly important issue.Creating a development campaign for the agency with the help of social networks must not be seen as an expense, but as an investment.

The strategy of Branding through the social networks must be realized upon three premises:

  • Planning.
  • Implementation.
  • Supervision.

– The planning of the strategy of Branding within the social networks comes with the importance of underlining some real and clear objectives.

There is no need to show the objectives if they are wrongly defined and unreal.

–  The implementation of the strategy requires a strong activity and this must also be constant and periodical.

These factors are directly linked to planning. It is not a matter of deciding the social network where the agency would play its role, but it is also about defining the contents and the way to do them.

– Supervising the agency´s activity on social networks it´s not only about controlling but it´s more about managing the real estate´s contents and the entire community of users.

From what has already been said, we could get to determine how that tasks must be realized and we have three more options to manage our strategy:

  • Always divide the works between all the agents.
  • Assign the task to a person inside the agency.
  • Use the services of a Community Manager.

To divide the tasks of the contents that will appear on social networks between the agents it is an option that requires an extra control. In other words, it means that it is better to assign a cetain person to coordinate the entire team.

It is also very important the communication between the members of a team and it not always results very effective. There´s the option of previously planning the targets that each one has, option that it turns out to be valid.

There are cases in which the agencies do start with this point but end taking other means to manage contents on social networks. As I previously said, it is not seen as a very effective form.

If you decide to assign the management of the agency on social networks to a certain person from the agency, it is obligatory that person to have the sufficient knowledge to do the things right.

It is never recommendable to assign that task to someone who is not qualified or does not know anything about the social networks. Apart from that, it is important to have the knowledge of some specific terminology.

Asking for the help of a Community Manager is always one of the best options because he is the one specialized on the management of the contents in any social network. Here, the most important thing is that Manager be acquainted to the real estate area and more importantly to positively act for the sake of the agency.

There is also the need of a good and proper communication between the Community Manager and the person responsible for the agency.

The best social networks for a real estate agency.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of social networks on the Internet, but not all of them are proper for your agency. The best social networks to implement in your Branding strategy will obviously be those that satisfy the agency´s specific necessities. It is very important to clearly detect the public to which your strategy of Branding is designed for.

The social networks are divided into different forms and categories being based on specific characteristics. Facebook is a social network that is considered horizontal, without having a defined theme and it has been created for any type of user.

Although Youtube has also been created for any kind of user, the difference is quite noticeable, it has only been created to share videos. Twitter maintains the same characteristics for its users as the social networks above presented, although it is considered a microblogging.

The vertical social networks whose main concept is based on a certain theme are divided taking into account their specialization on their main concepts. As an example for this, here we have LinkedIn.

LinkedIn will not be that good for implementing a Branding strategy for a real estate agency, but it can be useful in creating synergies with other agencies and most importantly, in receiving new collaborators. Anyway, it is a specialized social network centred on professional areas and until a special social network designed for real estate agencies appears, LinkedIn will be the best option to create new connections between professionals and real estate agencies.

Between all these different forms of classifying the social networks, we actually find one which is very important for a real estate agency and it is defined by its geographic localization.

There are a lot of social networks which can be defined by the predominance of a nationality in particular, as it is the example of Orkut. If one pretends to reach Brazilian potential clients through a strategy of Branding, Orkut is the best social network to be taken into consideration by the real estate agency.

Orkut is used by millions of Brazilians overtaking the percentage of the users we can find on Facebook, considering that nationality.

The above mentioned social networks must only be taken as examples and whenever you have to choose the platforms to execute your real estate Branding strategy you must always start from what your agency needs. 

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