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The new Real Estate Model 2.0

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The real estate agency, as any other company, must adapt to the new models introduced in order to strengthen its resources and maximize its favourable results.

The real estate agency 2.0 is nothing more than an adaptive necessity and in the same time, it also belongs to the concept of the actual evolution of the company.

The real estate agency as any other type of company or organization, must be in constant process of adjustment. This means being an active and effective presence on the Internet and also know how to manage and use the new technologies.

It is very hard to know till how far a proper real estate model 2.0 may be developed as it generally depends on the agency and their best ability to use that model.

The real estate model 2.0 goes beyond the traditional meaning of a real estate agency as also deposes many of the well known myths on this sector.

This ends being the major factor that limits most of the agencies. The idea is not how to obtain it, but it is much about how to have the knowledge to use and know how to get profitable consequences from it.

At the beginning, many would say the traditional model of a real estate agency works absolutely fine, although it would be a shame not to take advantage of all the potential that the new and well-planned model offers.

There are a lot of agencies that have serious problems in processing the signals of the environment and you only need to go on internet for a few minutes to observe this. Doing this, you will rapidly discover through the webpages, the agencies that actually have a problem in understanding the environmental signals.

On the other hand, it is unquestionable that the rules of the game have significantly changed. Nowadays, any model of business changes from one way to another with the help of the internet. Furthermore, we should not forget about people´s habits that have changed not just in their relation with the internet but also with the new technologies.

This must be emphasised as the potential clients of a real estate agency are now part of a new area, to which is easier to adhere.

Nowadays, the first contact that comes from a client is made through internet, then is when the real estate agency´s webpage and the blog win importance.

Strictly related to what has been already said, the agency must consider some important factors before implementing the new model 2.0:

  • The cost-benefit ratio
  • The strategy.
  • The different ways to implement it.
The cost-benefit ratio.

The cost-benefit ratio of the implementation of the model 2.0 is something that usually worries the owner, and those who worry too much nowadaysare those who ignore the new technology and mostly the new ways of bonding with other people.

Those ways of relating to others has also changed in this business area acting most of all in the client-company bonding, thus there is no option than to value “the consume” as a great “investment”.

In a defined real estate model of strategy, that ´investment´must be presented coming from the agency as if were about a rental or any buying of a commercial place.

For example, when we are talking about hiring a hosting service for the agency´s webpage or for the blog, we are actually talking about renting a space in a server for that specific webpage, as we would rent a space for opening a new office although of course, the costs are inferiors.

This strategical model.

This strategical model is actually about how the 2.0 project would face this. Precisely, a new strategy to implement must be further planned.

The area of RR.HH is punctually planned and managed starting from specific necessities and the virtual area of the real state agency must also be managed likewise, that is having as a base a well structured planning.

Structuring and planning the 2.0 model is an important and decisive factor, as this would directly influence in the further results after its implementation.

2.0 business model.

The ways of introducing the 2.0 business model may vary but very few are the options in which they are wrongly presented as  it´s all invented.

The area of development of this model is obviously the Internet and from there the strategy must be created and extended.

It is never enough just having a webpage, there should also be a blog and then easily manage both of them through several social networks.

The leaders of the 2.0 model of an real state agency.

The real estate agency will nominate the leaders of this strategy, that is, the developer of the model and the person responsible for its management.

In this way, the leaders responsible for the management of the 2.0 model are the same as the others who do the similar things but in other type of companies:

  1. Real estate´s Webmaster
  2. The Blogger.
  3. Community Manager.
The Webmaster.

The Webmaster is not only responsible for the design and the publishing of the webpage, but he must also technically manage it and he will be the one responsible for the well maintenance of the web. He will not just design the website,  but he must manage and supervise data and mostly important, he must understand them in order to take the advantage that a webpage gives.

Here comes as the most important leader, the SEO,  from where a great strategy should start in order to get the best possible results for the real state agency.

The functions of a Blogger.

The functions of a Blogger do not end with the publishing of the contents of a blog , he  must also do the functions of a Webmaster. This not means that a blogger must be the Webmaster of the webpage in the same time.

Those functions can be independent as it is the case for Costa Invest Real Estate, where a specific person is responsible for managing the webpage and other professional does the functions of a blog.

We must add that there are some real estate models where we can notice that the functions of a Webmaster and the ones of a Blogger are done by the same person.

The Community Manager.

The Community Manager will be the responsible for sharing the web´s contents such as the blog´s ones through social networks and others Internet platforms.

There is no connection between the Community Manager and the person responsible for uploading the photos on the webpage or the one who manages the properties´ publications on different real estate portals.

The statute of the Community Manager has its own defined functions, as during the last years has become one of the most wanted job of this area.

The above functions must be handled by qualified and well-formed professionals in this specific area of working.

The real state agency must value them as promoters of the 2.0 model and they must be considered likewise.

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