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Advertising your real estate.

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Publicizing your real estate is essential for the development of the agency. Spreading the products and real estate´s services in an effective way is the key in catching potential clients.

The marketing of a real estate is a particular investment for the agency and it is also a means of vital communication for its existence.

There is no need of a good product or the best service if nobody knows them.

Real estate advertising and its pros.

Firstly, a real estate must organize an advertising strategy and then introduce it regarding its necessities and possibilities. An advertising strategy should be established taking into consideration certain aspects. These aspects should be:

  1. Specific.
  2. Measurable.
  3. Quantifiable.
  4. Geologically located.
  5. Realistic.
1 – Specific.

A real estate must create some specific, concrete and well-defined advertising objectives.

In the same time, those targets should be compatible with the company´s general marketing strategies and development. In other words, the advertising of a real estate is actually the strategy of marketing for real estate companies.

2- Measurable.

When speaking of advertising, the targets of the real estate must be measurable in time and must also be part of a well-defined time.

The results obtained can be measured and evaluated through the numbers.

Example: the real estate has had a number of  X sold properties in a semester.

3 – Quantifiable.

It is necessary to set some selling targets measuring them in percentage and these percentages will be the results of the data obtained with the help of numbers.

4 – Geologically located.

The adverts of a real estate must be located in a market and should address to a specific group of potential clients. 

Example: Costa Invest Real Estate focuses its local business activities in Spain (Torrevieja, La Mata, Guardamar del Segura and Orihuela Costa) and its international ones in England, Polland, Russia, France, Germany and Northern countries.

5 – Realistic.

Advertising should have achievable targets, a very important aspect in order to gain positive results. The entire advertising strategy must focus its attention on achievable and realistic pillars.

Traditional advertising for real estate companies.

  • Newspapers and magazines.
  • Agents´ business cards.
  • Printed cars for the company.
  • Merchandising: T-shirts, pens, key-chains, stickers, agendas, lighters, hats/caps, calendars.
  • Flyers shared in certain locations with a high concentration of people.
  • List of clients to contact them by phone.
  • National and international exhibitions.
  • Mail boxing: long and lasting strategy to catch new properties.
  • Free directional maps.
  • Flat and wide screen TVs inside the agency
  • Application to promote the loyalty of the clients and obtain references.
  • Static adverts : office´s appearance, buses and trams, airports, boardings, metro stations, bus stations.

Internet advertising for real estate.

  • Real estate website and blog.
  • The noticeboards.
  • Internet´s directories.
  • The newsletters.
  • National and international portals for real estate.
  • Agency´s webpages on social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Google+).
  • Microblogging networks such as: Twitter, Tumblr, Plurk, Friend Feed.
  • Exchange banners with other webs and blogs.
  • Digital newspaper (example: paper.li).
  • Google AdWords campaigns and adverts on Facebook.

Premium advertising for real estate.

  1. Advertising through aerial campaigns.
  2. Radio and television: local, national and international.
  3. Aerial advertising for the real estate.
1 – Advertising for your real estate using the aerial campaigns.

Advertising with the help of the aerial campaigns is very effective, especially when the real estate agency focuses on the foreign market. The effectiveness is given mainly by this subject, in which a so called process of ´captivate the audience´ is the main target.

In this environment, you could only stay calm and pay attention to the message. This strategy is so effective that the best designers and beauty shops have already used it.

Basically, aerial campaigns offer the following possibilities to promote your real estate during flying:

  • On the check in tickets of the passengers.
  • Handouts of different materials with adverts.
  • Inside the aerial companies´ magazines.
  • On the folding tables in front of each passenger.
  • Designing the napkins with the name of the company.
  • Customized adverts on the small carts.
  • On the screens of the seats.

There is also another alternative for advertising on airplanes, but this is more expensive. This is advertising the outside part of an airplane, a very often used resource although very extended trend.

A little while ago, one of the most important low cost aerial companies proposed this strategy of advertising for a low price in comparison to its competition.

Here we should underline the huge number of airplanes the company has and the millions of passengers they transport per year. This type of strategy is similar to the one of the buses and taxis but obviously, much more expensive.

2 – Advertise the real estate on radio and television: either local, national or international.

The adverts on radio for a real estate are very important and effective, taking into consideration the high number of listeners and the fact that we could easily observe the location.

The chosen radio where to advert your real estate must be the adequate one and must be the one that fits better to the target of clients. A real estate should take also into consideration advertsing outside the country, international strategy which could cause more costs , but the results are visible.

The message of an advert is usually between 30´and 60´. This is why some important aspects must be taken into consideration in order to be as effective as possible:

  • A well written script
  • It must be created by a specialized announcer
  • A good musical background which must go with the message.

Normally, advertising on television has a higher cost, but there is also the option of announcing through the local channels which turns to be cheaper. The prices vary according to the duration of the advert and the peak hours.

A very cheap way of advertising on television is using the online and wired channels, because they offer more affordable options. Anyway, the positive impact when using the television is higher.

3 – Air advertising for real estate agencies.
– Ballooning.

The aerial balloons are an effective way of advertising your real estate, especially because of their size and the impact on audience. The spectacular impact of a balloon guarantees the clients will remember the real estate and this is seen as a great way to advert your agency.

Contrary to the expectations, using a balloon for advertising will not bring high costs to the real estate, if we take into consideration the profit-cost rate.

There are 2 options a real estate has before choosing how to advertise using a balloon:

a) A decorated balloon: some banners hanged by the main balloon with a surface of 40m2. This is the most economic option and it is good to use this strategy in a very specific way. In this same option, there is also the possibility to decorate the four corners of the balloon´s support.

b) A corporate balloon: this is the most spectacular and effective option to advert using a balloon. For this type of balloon a special design with colors and the logo of the company are used. This strategy brings a high and positive impact on people and for the development of the real estate.

In the strategy of advertising using a balloon, we could also notice the controlled and free fly. When using the strategy of a controlled fly of a balloon, the latter is tightly tied to the ground, at 20meters off the ground. This is seen as an alive banner or sign like advert of large dimension.

The free fall as its name suggests, consists on the flying of the balloon above a determined area.

– Airplane carrying banners.

This is an effective way of promoting your real estate, especially if we take into consideration the large number of tourists that overcrowd the beaches on summer. The aerial banner usually measure between 120 and 200 square meters.

There are also some companies that use banners of 1000m2 and they are made with special digital printers. Here, it is very important to take into consideration the good distribution of the contents to share including the logo of the company.

Aerial advertising companies offer also the possibility to follow the plane in real time through a GPS. For this strategy, the price-effectivity rate is very good.

Paragliding (with engine) is a more economic modality to advertise your real estate. Though it is not seen as a ´trend setter´ for adverts, this is an effective option. This type of advert is usually realized during summers.

Sky typing is an aerial type of advertising less frequent, mainly because its high cost. This is made with the help of different airplanes which create a certain name or logo of a company in the shapes of stars.

To support cultural, sports or social events is also a great and effective way to advert your real estate. This type gives the agency the possibility to locate itself in the local environment and specific areas.

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