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The role of the property recruiter in Spain.


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As we already mentioned before on the previous article, property recruitment in Spain is understood differently by the members of the real estate. This does not mean it is productive either.

We have analyzed some basic factors linked to the property recruitment and now we will analyze the qualities a professional recruiter must show.

All this because we know training and specialties of the organizational roles are essential factors needed in order to achieve good levels of productivity.

Qualities of the property recruiter of the real estate.

  • A property recruiter must know the necessities of a real estate.

It is true that a real estate needs any type of product, as a higher variety of properties and prices increase the possibility to satisfy the clients´ necessities. However, it is not always true, as a property recruiter needs to know the profile of the real estate´s potential buyers.

He needs to know by heart the types of properties that a real estate needs for its portfolio and he must have a high level of communication with the real estate agents.

If the real estate uses a real estate CRM (a thing that every real estate in Spain must do), the property recruiter should use that tool in order to understand the type of property he needs to recruit.

If the real estate sells a 45% apartments than bungalows it is clear that the recruiter needs to set a target in order to recruit more apartments than bungalows.

On the other hand, the real estate CRM registers the types of properties that the real estate sells in a structured way, but it can also be adjusted in order to show the trends of the buyer clients in terms of types of properties.

Focusing on the percentages based on the previous sales and the clients´ trends of buying, the property recruiter has a better idea before going out recruiting and he will be more effective and productive.

  • Organized and well-behaved property recruiter.

Is essential that a real estate property recruiter must be organized and count with a high level of professional discipline.

Organizing his daily tasks is essential in order to get better results. Being well-behaved is linked to the constancy he needs to show, so he will become a productive member of the real estate.

The property recruiter of the real estate counts with a huge quantity of tools that can bring better results:

  • Digital cartography systems (to create a map of recruitment).

  • Real estate CRM of the company as a reference.

  • Technologic devices to work in real time (smart phones, tablets, GPS, etc.).

Organizing a work agenda is a key factor for the property recruiter. He can easily use different management systems in order to set an agenda. He must maximize all the resources of the real estate, but also his own resources.

  • Proactive property recruiter.

A property recruiter of the real estate must be proactive and not wait for any indications of what he should do. Initiative is important and do not forget the property recruiters spend most of their time out of the real estate office.

To this we need to count the flexibility also, so the property recruiter will get the best results and will not limit himself to a setting which might harm or limit his actions.

An effective property recruiter must set objectives directly linked to the necessities of the real estate. That is why discipline and organization are needed for the everyday tasks.

  • Social abilities of the real estate recruiter.

A real estate property recruiter must be assertive and must show some key social abilities, especially if he wants to get good results. Education, kindness and sympathy must become his featured characteristics when communicating to his clients; owners in this case.

In areas loaded with different nationalities, such as Orihuela Costa, the property recruiter must be prepared to interact with owners of different nationalities.

In these areas, it is important that the property recruiter of a real estate knows languages, having both speaking and writing skills.

On the other hand, the different nationalities of the owners of properties for sale with whom the recruiter must interact show some characteristics which are really different from the ones found in Spain.

For some societies, the lack of punctuality means a direct lack of respect. A property recruiter must be punctual if he sets an hour for recruiting a property for the real estate and he must respect that hour.

  • Personal branding strategy of a property recruiter.

A property recruiter that is not known in his area of work will not achieve good results. That is why it is so important to adopt attitude of ¨selling yourself in the first place¨ and implement his personal branding strategy.

For a real estate agent is important to get referrals and potential buyers referred by previous clients.

The same happens to the property recruiter. Although it might seem a basic thing, this must be mentioned, as a property recruiter must always stay focused in case a potential client might want to sell a property.

Business cards and social media networks have always been an efficient tool.

Social media profiles of the property recruiter can also become an effective way of recruiting properties, especially when there is no economic expense needed.

Many of the resources of a property recruiter are also available for any real estate agent. These are the main resources available for a professional property recruiter in order to advertise his brand inside the professional sector:

  • Business cards (an almost obligatory element when recruiting properties).

  • Personal blog or website ( independent of the real estate website).

  • Active social media profiles (Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).

  • Advertise on different free portals.

  • Canvas the mailboxes of the area, complexes, buildings, private properties where there are for sale and rent signs.

A property recruiter must use all the possible resources in order to achieve an objective. This means increasing the portfolio of properties for sale and rent of the real estate.

  • The real estate property recruiter and resilience.

A property recruiter of the real estate must count with a high level of resilience. He will not manage to recruit only the needed properties, neither he will always solve the specific necessities of the real estate product needed by the real estate.

As a good negotiator, he must be prepared to hear no as an answer and he must always analyze the obtained results, especially the negative ones in order to try to become a better professional.

He must never lose his composure before the negative answer of the owners and he must always bear in mind that he represents the symbolic figure of the company, which in this case is the real estate.

In the same time, the property recruiter might find himself in stressful situations, being pressed by the members of the company, who will probably ask him for real estate products and for a certain price.

This is usually noticed especially when a real estate agent has a specific buyer client, but does not have the property the client wants in order to close the deal.

Under these circumstances, it is logical and understandable a real estate will ask and press the property recruiter, as if there is accessible product for the client, there will not be any sale.

The relation between the property recruiter and the real estate agent must be based on collaboration and both roles inside the organizational level must manage to avoid negative interactions of any type.

Real estate as an organization should define the roles as internal competences and assign a responsible person in order to intermediate the possible differences between the members of the organization.

A real estate agent must never put uncontrolled pressure on the property recruiter, even if the former´s intentions are achieving the targets of the real estate. It is wrong also for a property recruiter not to attend to the specific necessities of his company.

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