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The property recruiter of the real estate.

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Generally in Spain, the role of the property recruiter of a real estate has not been understood in its essence.

Both the real estate agent as any other member of the real estate is being set to have recruiter roles that are not defined in a correct way.

Normally in Spain, any member of the real estate sells and recruits properties, no matter his organizational role.

Property recruitment for a real estate is a key inside the agency, as if there are no properties for sale, there is no business at all.

The recruited properties are actually the fuel of a real estate. If there is no property for sale, there is no business at all, even if the real estate counts with its best team.

Normally, a real estate in Spain that does not count with the real estate product which the client needs, the latter ends by going with another agency in order to find what he wants.

This brings negative results to the real estate, as the other party will claim for its half of the commission, for going out with the clients. This is a normal and usual thing, but it does not mean it is an effective resource either.

The fact that commissions end to be shared between agencies is also something usual inside the real estate sector in Spain. Most of the times, this ends with conflicts.

I am not speaking of the properties recruited as exclusive. I am only speaking of the real estate that has not got the product that the client needs.

This has been the trend inside most of the real estate in Spain: “better earn less money than lose the client”. This is a valid assumption, although not that effective as having a good property portfolio.

Here we speak of the organizational image of the property recruiter of a real estate, who becomes the “supplier” of the properties.

Normally, the real estate in Spain sticks to the wrong concept of using the property recruiter as any other real estate member.

The image of the real estate property recruiter cannot be delegated to anyone, as property recruitment requires a specific knowledge. It´s not about ¨going out picking telephone numbers¨ or “going for a stroll on the streets”.

Recruiting properties for the real estate is more than having a database of phone numbers. We need to understand that this figure requires a certain specialization and a huge dedication and commitment.

Although the specific figure of the property recruiter has been lost with the years especially inside the real estate sector in Spain, counting with a professional recruiter might also become a strategic error in some cases.

Of course, this does not annul the possibility of an agent to recruit properties. What we have been focusing and reflected on is actually the importance of the specificity of each internal role inside the real estate.

On the other hand, we notice a search on a polyvalent agent inside the real estate sector in Spain. That person is required to deal with different functions, although he is not an expert in any of them.

A trained and committed professional dedicated exclusively to the property recruitment has nothing to do with a real estate agent who sometimes recruits some properties.

The division of the internal competences of a real estate makes a smoother functioning of the company. Better results and levels of productivity are achieved only through the specific training of the professionals.

This is very simple: a professional committed to the development of a task will get better results than one who dedicates half of his time to those tasks.

On the previous articles, we spoke of the importance of defining roles and competences of the organizational figures of the real estate. Here we refer to the property recruiter, too.

A professional property recruiter must show certain characteristics both personal as professional and he must become the supplier of the real estate product that will eventually be sold.

A property recruiter in Spain.

Property recruitment requires different types of knowledge, specific abilities and the ability to manage different variables.

  • Legal aspects of the property recruitment.

A contract related to the selling of the property must be signed. For this, certain documents need to be correctly filled in by the owners of the property for sale.

Owners of properties ask the real estate for some rights and the real estate makes some predicaments also.

That is why a property recruiter needs to count with a minimum knowledge on legal aspects related to the selling of a property.

The real estate can organize a specific training session on which the solicitor or the real estate could explain some basic aspects that must be taken into consideration before recruiting properties.

  • Evaluate the property in order to get its price.

A property recruiter must know the price per square meter of the properties he recruits (apartments, villas, terraced houses, bungalows, commercial units etc.), but also other variables that might be of help for lowering or increasing the price of a property.

When the property for sale counts with a previous evaluation, the recruiter must know how to interpret it and be able to make his own evaluation.

Setting a price adjusted to the market is essential, because a property higher than the market level will become a real estate product very difficult to sell.

The property recruiter of the real estate must also be a good negotiator, as the price set by the owners is not always relevant for the market.

Evaluation is an important element and so it is the ability to make the owners of properties for sale understand the reality of the marketplace.

Not all owners sell their houses based on the same reasons. This is one of the main variables when setting the price of a property for sale.

On the other hand, we notice that many owners bought their properties on a higher price than the actual market in Spain. That is the moment when the property recruiter has to confront with another huge dilemma.

  • Counseling the owners of properties for sale.

A real estate property recruiter must be a good counselor and explain all variables plus the selling process to the owners.

Everything must be written, which becomes a compromise and a model of sale management for the real estate. Owners should easily find the steps followed by the real estate directly from those papers.

The strategy of a real estate digital marketing applied by the company and all the actions made to achieve the selling of properties must be written down on a file.

In the same time, that file is the argument that justifies the commission charged by the real estate on the grounds of managing the selling of the property.

  • Track the properties for sale.

The professional property recruiter must have the ability to track and chase the properties for sale and he must always attend to the specific necessities of the real estate. That is why it is important that real estate agents know the necessities of their buyer clients.

If the real estate needs to recruit bungalows for sale or apartments for rent, the property recruiter must know it in advance and take action.

Recruiting properties for the real estate is not about grabbing contact numbers strolling around the streets. It is a more complex task which requires a previous planning.

The location of the properties for sale is a very important factor. A recruiter can use different specific programs in order to manage its search in a more effective way.

Those programs are also good for the real estate in order to have a control on the data base.

No matter if the product is for sale or rent, for a real estate is important to localize its entire property portfolio.

A database of properties which is based on location eases the daily task of the real estate agent and it allows him to get better levels of effectiveness.

On the following article we will keep analyzing the organizational role of the property recruiter of the real estate.

We will speak on this role´s importance for the personal branding strategy in order to strengthen the level of efficiency and about some characteristics that this organizational role must show inside the real estate sector.

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