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Productivity programs for real estate.

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When a real estate wants to increase its levels of productivity (both the collective and individual one) the first step is to start using the tools that analyze precisely the internal functioning of the organization.

No matter the implemented organizational model, we must always remember that the self-management of the real estate agent is the most important factor.

Programs for increasing the real estate productivity.

On the today´s market, there is a huge quantity of free programs that increase the real estate agent´s efficiency. Some of them offer the payable versions and some do not.

In any of the cases, any time the real estate agent that uses a tool for increasing his/her individual efficiency it will affect the global level of productivity of the real estate in a positive way.

On the other hand, due to the fact that these programs are free, the real estate agents only need to invest just a little time and no other effort or sacrifice.

Free CRM for real estate.

  • Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM can be used freely and it offers a maximum of 10 active users. As you can imagine, this version shows some functional limitations in comparison to other payable versions.

However, Zoho CRM is still a good option for a small or medium real estate in Spain.

This is a free alternative for a real estate that starts to get used to the use of a real estate CRM. We should not forget that a CRM is an essential element for any organizational model inside a real estate.

The free version of Zoho CRM for a real estate counts with the following functions and characteristics:

  • Private accounts for each real estate agent.
  • Tasks and events calendar.
  • Adjust notes and automatic reminders.
  • Status updates.
  • Send direct messages between the users.
  • Adjust documents and RSS feeds.
  • Link to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Ten designs of email.
  • Share folders.
  • Update versions of archives.
  • Generate standard reports.
  • Make comments.
  • Link the contact form with a real estate web.
  • 1 GB storage.
  • Import data from other platforms.
  • Link with Apps and Google (Calendar, Tasks and Gmail).
  • Molecule CRM.

Molecule is one of the classics among the free CRM existent on the market and it is also an effective management tool for the real estate.

Molecule allows us to centralize the organizational activities of the real estate and it manages the real estate agents tasks.

This is quite an intuitive CRM and learning how to use it seems to be very easy and fast. The user interface is professional and it makes easier the access to each segment.

Molecule CRM generates reports with graphics, which make easier their interpretation.

Among its main characteristics for using it in a real estate we can find:

  • Centralizing of contacts.
  • Commercial management of the real estate.
  • Real estate projects creation.
  • Managing of incidents and tasks.
  • Creation of reports.
  • Management area and RR.HH of the real estate.
  • CRM EuroGes.

EuroGes is more than a CRM, as it includes functions that place it on the first place among such tools. A good function is that it introduces an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) module.

When used as a real estate CRM the level of personalization is high and its use is intuitive as well.

Depending on the activated module of the CRM, the system will show and allow the access to some functions.

According to its functions and characteristics, the free version of EuroGes does not adjust to the necessities of a real estate, although it is a magnificent option when used by a real estate agent.

The main characteristics of EuroGes (when used as a free real estate CRM) are the following:

  • It can be installed on only one computer.
  • Manual web synchronization.
  • Complete function management.
  • CRM, ERP and accounting.
  • Updates and payment management.

Project management of the real estate.

  • ProjectLibre.

ProjectLibre is an alternative to Microsoft Project for the management of projects. It is a free and effective tool used for the development of the commercial and organizational projects of a real estate.

ProjectLibre is also very useful when used for the collective projects, because it offers a great variety of functions.

The program´s interface is Ribbon style and it is very intuitive, as it is a program adjusted to the professional sector.

It is perfect for the necessities of the real estate agent inside a small or medium real estate in Spain.

Among its main characteristics we can find:

  • Creation of graphics and histograms.
  • Gantt´s diagrams.
  • Personalized reports.
  • Support for RBS and WBS.
  • Export to PDF.
  • Save to archives in POD or XML.

Real estate agent and the time management.

  • True Time Tracker.

True Time Tracker is a complete tool for managing projects and apart from the supervising of the development of the different projects, the real estate agent could control the time used for each project.

Basically, this is a tool oriented towards the management of the time inverted in a project.

This allows the real estate agent to analyze exactly the location of the “time thieves” or the points on which she/he should concentrate more.

A practical example of the use of this time management tool is: the real estate agent or a member of the real estate should send hundreds emails and by using this tool will finish the task and analyze how much time is needed for a specific task.

In other words, he/she can analyze the time used for every email sent.

We should imagine that the emails are created manually with the intention to get potential buyers.

In the same time, True Time Tracker analyzes automatically the programs used by the real estate agent and generates reports of activities which can be exported in a PDF.

  • Time Doctor.

Time Doctor allows us to administrate and control the time inverted in the projects of the real estate in a very efficient way.

There are two essential factors that will bring good results in each project of the real estate: the coordination of the resources and the time used. In this way, Time Doctor facilitates the supervision and control of both factors.

This program sets priorities and assigns roles, but also sets new tasks and the items needed for them.

For any real estate, defining its priorities is essential, along with setting the time necessary for ending the specific task.

  • Chrometa.

Chrometa is an app oriented to the optimization of the internal processes of the real estate.

This is a tool focused on the individual performance of each real estate member. It generates complete reports of activities and it reflects the time inverted in every task and project.

The program can be used on the net by the real estate and it functions on the second plan, a useful thing when analyzing the individual percentages of performances without any disturbance of any member of the real estate team.

Task managers for a real estate.
  • Wieldy.

Wieldy is a task and contacts manager based on the popular system GTD (Getting Things Done). This is a system focused on the organization as the main factor for getting good levels of efficiency.

A time manager system is based on a simple principle: “do more in less time”.

Wieldy allows the real estate agent to organize tasks and project lists and set them different priority levels.

Tasks can be seen in three different types: completed, on process or pending tasks. This is a simple but effective system to get the best levels of efficiency and productivity.

The tasks managed with the help of this tool can be tagged, exported or printed out.

The tool counts also with a complete agenda of contacts and it offers the possibility to export them locally or via FTP to a server.

  • Task List Guru.

Task List Guru is a simple tool used for the managing of the real estate agents tasks. This is an app with basic but efficient functions, such as those that manage and supervise the tasks in an efficient way.

This tool organizes the tasks into folders and we could also set them a special icon and link automatically the notifications to the tasks. We can also add some notes to the created tasks or attach links to them.

These are two functional elements very important, especially inside the real estate sector.

This app allows us to assign priorities to the tasks, mark them as pending, set deadlines and store the completed ones for an easier control of them.

It introduces also an internal searcher, a quite efficient one, which helps the searching of pending or completes tasks and the lists generated can be moved from folder to folder or even be printed out.

These are some of its main functions for the management of the tasks of a real estate agent:

  • Introductory guide of using the tool.
  • Task searcher according to their status.
  • Personalized levels of priorities.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • The tasks can be organized on lists, folders or subfolders.
  • Automatic notifications of expiry date of the tasks´ deadline.
  • Link notes to links of the tasks.
  • It counts with an installer for the portable version.
  • Baralga.

Baralga is a basic and quite limited project and task manager, although it is true that it is better than no tool. Its functioning is simple and intuitive.

Apart from the direct accesses to its functionalities, Baralga offers the possibility to use keyboard shortcuts.

This is a very practical function for creating projects, adding new tasks linked to a specific project, set deadlines and time status for every task.

When we activate the project, it will automatically appear a timer which allows us to control the time inverted in every task.

This app supports XLS, PTD and XML formats which allow us to export the reports to Excel.

The tool for managing tasks and projects summaries all the info in 3 sections:

  • General: visualizing of activities plus a control of the time inverted.
  • Time: summaries of the total time used for each project or task showed by days.
  • Project: general summary of the project with its tasks linked and based on graphics and areas.
  • Day Organizer.

Day Organizer, is a tool for the daily organizing of the tasks which must be completed by a real estate agent. It has also an extra function, it supervises the tasks inside the real estate sector, but it manages also the personal tasks.

This seems to be a quite complete app, because every member of the real estate should combine his/her professional activities to their private and personal ones.

Day Organizer offers a user interface focused on visual representations and clear structures. It generates task and notes charts and tables with different colors which will speed up the user interaction to the app.

These are the main characteristics of this tool:

  • Planning calendar in two formats: standard and Office.
  • Option to minimize the app on the Tray Bar.
  • It includes support for the international Unicode characters.
  • Fast operations of recovering data.
  • Automatic or manual updates of the calendars.
  • Define a number of events attributes with positions and colors.
  • Event searcher with a number of definitions.
  • It introduces a spare time and personal tasks manager.

All the programs analyzed above are available and can be downloaded on softonic.com

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