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The proactive real estate agent.

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The real estate agent is the protagonist of the agency and his/her most important feature must be the proactive attitude which should act in favor of the company. Without a team of proactive agents, a real estate will face huge difficulties in taking all the challenges of the different markets.

During the last decades, the term proactive has intensely been used in business and organizational affairs.

Especially when offering jobs, companies ask for proactive persons to add to their staff. A proactive person is actually the result of an attitude rather than a behavior.

Moreover, a proactive agent is the professional that shows a proactive attitude most of the times and in all the circumstances.

An active agent is totally different than a proactive agent.

Most of the times, proactivity is being confused with activity, but the proactivity is on a different side. Moreover, the latter confronts the indifference in all its features.

A proactive person is the one that has a complete control of his/her behavior at any time, clarifying right from the beginning the responsibility for his/her acts.

The consciousness of the acts, shows us the importance of the person´s own analyze of his/her behavior, taking into consideration the active and passive aspects. Any human being behaves, either by action or omission. A proactive person is responsible for this.

The initiative, as a person´s characteristic, is coined by some dictionaries as a synonym of proactivity. In this way, this is just a suggestion which lacks the implicit concept of responsibility which must also be shown by the individual in order to be classified as proactive.

The fact that an individual seems to be initiative, does not mean that he /she is also proactive. If a proactive agent will have the initiative, she/he must also bear in mind the aim and purpose of doing it and the way it is going to be done.

It is important the agent should always understand that nothing is just a coincidence and in order to achieve his/her targets should be conscience that attitude will be a determinant factor. A

proactive agent will never justify by apologizing or by other similar circumstance , or even blame the problems on other agents.

Proactive real estate agent profile.

In a proactive agent we can easily observe some specific characteristics that help us to establish the agent´s profile.

  • Knows how to manage his/her emotions.
  • Is conscience of his/her weaknesses and power.
  • Sets constantly new challenges.
  • Confronts changes and promotes them.
  • Is confident in himself/herself and his/her capacity.
  • Manages the uncertainty that positively generates changes.
  • Takes decisions and acts with determination in order to achieve the targets.
  • Sees all problems as opportunities.
  • Is responsible of his/her deeds and mistakes.
  • All the gained experience is valued as a learning opportunity.
  • Is persistent, determined and constant in front of the difficulties.
  • Foresees the future actions and never gives up before them.
  • Tries to improve his/her methods and increase the effectiveness.
  • Is flexible when changing the direction to go in order to achieve the targets.

What actually means being proactive in a real estate?

A real estate agency is the environment where the agents´ activity develops. Taking into consideration the characteristics that define a proactive person, there are certain aspects that must be taken into consideration:

  • Knowing in advance the actions through his/her deeds and the way they take decisions, maintaining a degree of assertiveness .
  • A great management of negative situations, both in personal affairs and also in other situation that might occur.
  • Positively understand the circumstances considering them as opportunities.
  • Create different project based on targets that lead to achievement, assuming certain risks and some possible consequences.
  • When facing unexpected events, react with creativity, trying to find alternatives that bring direct solutions.
  • Practice the intense listening of the others and try to be open to other´s opinions. This is actually a tolerant attitude towards the others and a good acceptance of the possible critics.
  • Be capable to create synergies at work and manage to adapt them to the team.

The proactive leader of the real estate. 

Once the real estate agency manages to introduce proactive agents to its team, a proactive attitude is also needed to be introduced between all the members of the team in general.

This task must be done by the supervisor of the office who transmits the exact attitude as a value inside the company. The figure of leadership often goes to the owner of the company.

If it is the case of a real estate base on different partners, the figure will go to one of them. Anyway, the leader´s proactive attitude must be based on these characteristics:

  • Generate and promote the company´s values.
  • Stimulate the collective work between the agents.
  • Create a space for the interchangeability of ideas and opinions.
  • Promote a fluid and constant communication.
  • Stimulate the creativity and assertiveness of the agent.
  • Confront opposing situations without forgetting to maintain his/her position in the real estate.
  • Promote the interpersonal relations that go hand in hand with tolerance.
  • Solve any kind of conflict which might emerge inside the real estate agency.
  • Stimulate the agent with new challenges using his/her own proactive attitude as a model of reference.
  • Promote the improvement of the agents through new challenges.
  • Stimulate the agents´ self-management as a way of working.
  • Define the company´s competencies and clearly transit them.

The real estate agency leader must become the inspiration model for the other members of the team, showing empathy but not forgetting to stay stable in his/her decisions, making his thoughts heard and listen to others´ opinions.

In other words, the leader´s proactive attitude must be an example for the entire organization.

The proactive attitude is a must-have principle in any real estate agency and must start from the leader himself/herself.

In the same time, each agent must be his/her own developer of this attitude in order to achieve the best results and benefits for the whole team and real estate.

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