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Prepare your property for viewing.

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There are a lot of factors that appear when selling a property, but one of the most important is the role the owner plays. The owner must always prepare his property for viewings.

That is why Costa Invest Real Estate focuses on the link with the owner that wants to sell his property.

There are many phases inside the whole process of selling a property and Costa Invest Real Estate always answers important questions such as: Why is that important?

It is very important because it brings a higher rate of efficiency and better results in the selling of a property.

When we analyze the phases of a selling process, we find out that the owner´s openness to risking is the actual key in all this. The owner of a property must act in this process and must always prepare his property to be viewed by potential clients.

It is highly important for a real estate agent to find the property in well conditions, well-maintained and clean. Here we have to face the owner´s commitment in the selling process and his willing to make his property as arranged and cleaned as possible to be seen by the client.

Moreover, the owner´s attitude when the real estate agent comes with a possible client.it is also very important. The owner must be not only kind, but also receptive.

All agents related to Costa Invest Real Estate are professionally taught on different situations with the owners. A real estate agent is a mediator in the selling of a property and he/she will always take as a target selling a property.

The same happens with the owner who will always want to sell the property as sooner as possible. In this way, the agent must counsel the owner regarding the latter´s important role, especially when the agent visits the property.

In the same time, the owner must accept this pact with the real estate agent and understand his most important role.

How to prepare the property for viewings.

The first feeling on the property on sale is the one that matters. 

As a pattern, the client will always be linked to the first impression of the property. The important element is that the first impression to be positive and the property will attract the client to the point when he will decide to buy it.

In order to create a good feeling on a potential client when the house is visited, its tidiness is highly important. The weird smells are not a positive factor. Normally, the kitchens and the bathrooms are the parts that create a negative impact.

Another important factor is the mess inside the house, so the house must be well cleaned and create a harmonious atmosphere.

Recommendation: when Costa Invest agent contact you for viewing your property, try to clean as much as possible the kitchen. Try also to ventilate the house in order to give the feeling of a more positive house.

Invest on your property so you could gain when selling it.

Most of the times, it is highly important to spend more time and money for the house you are selling in order to leave it in the best conditions.

The biggest investment in time is mainly the cleaning of the property and finding the small problems that affect its selling.

For example, the idea that a bulb is blown gives a negative feeling to the buyer. This happens when the agent visits the property in the afternoons, when it is already dark outside.

The agent cannot bring the clients only during the morning, there are cases in which the clients are not available.

If there is the case in which the clients want to see the property by night, it is very important to turn on all the lights in the house, both those from inside as those from outside.

You must manage to make the property shine in the eyes of a potential client.

The curtains might improve or not a property, it depends! Some new curtains, no matter if expensive or not, will transmit a good feeling to the buyer. The paint of the walls is also very important and must be taken into consideration.

The buyer will notice anything from outside inside. Painting a property in order to achieve its selling must not be taken as an expense, but as an investment.

Elements that bother when visiting a property. 

All persons have their habits and customs, so the seller of a property. When your house is visited by a real estate agent and a potential buyer, all devices that interfere in the fluid communication must be turned off.

In fact, it is convenient to get rid of the TV, radio, music or any other device that might interfere in the conversation.

Animals are part of the family and it must be taken into consideration that the house will not be sold with them and not everybody enjoy them. It is better to avoid the negative situations, because animals might ruin the viewing and the selling of your property.

It is highly important to try to avoid any type of distraction for the potential buyer because he must be calm and concentrated on the property. Also, it is highly recommended for you to leave the real estate agent do his job.

There are cases in which the owners cannot manage to leave the agent be the leader of their houses. The real estate agent must be the leader of the house in those moments and control the conversation.

Right from the beginning, the owner of the property can participate in the conversation but not distort the conversation.

There must be positive synergies between the real estate agent and the owner of the property on sale, so they can achieve a good experience for the client and for all parties.

If you are interested on selling your property, do not hesitate on contacting Costa Invest Real Estate, a company where the real estate agent is not just a seller, but a counselor as well.

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