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Prefabricated houses in Orihuela Costa.

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There is an increased trend for building prefabricated concrete houses in Spain, because it is an economic, flexible and reliable system.

There are more and more properties of this type in Orihuela Costa. One of the causes is the availability of plots.

Prefabricated concrete properties offer many advantages and they bring a high level of flexibility speaking from any point of view.

There are many designs such as rustic or highly modern or avant-garde with several sizes and distributions on different levels.

On the other hand, the speed of building prefabricated properties is another important factor which allows the owners to reduce the costs and it guarantees a positive feedback from the client.

Prefabricated concrete houses in Spain start from 45.000€ with a size between 75 m2 and 90 m2 with all the expenses included, without the price of the plot, of course.

However, the price of a prefabricated concrete property might vary according to different variables. This is a thing which must be taken into consideration by the client.

The key is to count with an urban plot on which you can build in a fast way, considering different variables such as the levels of the plot, access to electricity and water, legal paperwork, etc.

Advantages of the prefabricated concrete properties in Orihuela Costa.

  • A very economic building system in comparison to others.

  • Companies offer a great selection of designs and prices for these properties.

  • The building time is less than a traditional one.

  • They are a great option when a plot is not used for other targets.

  • There is a history of more than 70 years of construction of the prefabricated properties in Europe.

  • They are properties with excellent levels of energetic efficiency and acoustic soundproofing.
  • The owner can choose the type of property he wants and he can personalize it in his way.

Requirements to build a prefabricated houses in Orihuela Costa.

The owner of a plot in Orihuela Costa must take into consideration some requirements when building a prefabricated property:

  • Check the urban legislation of the province.

  • Check the plans of the plot where the property is going to be built.

  • The plot must be on an urban area.

  • Make some topographic study of the place where the property will be built.

  • Apply for a geo-technical study of the plot.

  • Obtain the urban certification (a certificate for the urban development).

  • Present a specific urban project of the construction site.

  • Count with some detailed plans of the property.

These factors can be managed by different companies which deal with the construction of prefabricated properties.

Some companies (not all of them) include the taxes generated by different types of legal works in the price of the property, or they just attach them to the contract.

Companies that deal with the construction of prefabricated concrete properties in Spain follow these steps:

  • Create the construction project of the property.

  • Get the visa for the project from the college of architects of the province where the plot is located.

  • Ask for a working license from the town-hall which must correspond to the previous visa.

  • They start with the first phase of the construction which is the foundation.

  • They prepare the fiscal plan of the construction according to what has been agreed on the architect project.

  • They ask for the habitability document of the property.

In Spain, many companies that deal with the construction of prefabricated properties state that its properties are actually not prefabricated. That they are built based on the project of an architect.

Although it might seem as a paradox, they claim to build prefabricated concrete houses but in the same time they state their houses are not prefabricated. Anyways, some factors must be taken into consideration:

  • Generally, they are considered prefabricated concrete houses, no matter what building system they use (different types of concrete panels or different types of set ups).

  • The law in Spain is very clear for these types of constructions. There are some differences depending on the provinces or communities where we decide to build in.

  • We must always use a specialized architect to create the project, even if we are planning to build a prefabricated concrete or a wooden house.

  • The urban certificate can be requested to the town-hall by any person. The documents needed are the land registry ID and the number of the plot. This can be managed by the real estate agent or the real estate agency that sold the plot.
  • The urban certificate is not the same thing as the urban law of the area.

  • The paperwork of the required documents in order to build a prefabricated house in Orihuela Costa implies a deadline of one month. The administrative paperwork can last longer, but they are obligatory. In order to fasten things up, we need to start with the topographic and geo-technical studies first.
  • The project of the urban planning of the area is very important if we want to build a prefabricated concrete house on a plot in Orihuela Costa. This is used in order to set important factors on the construction plan, such as: the drainpipes of the property, electric and water points of connection, etc.

AAC prefabricated concrete houses.

The AAC (Autoclaved Aeraed Concrete) is commonly known in Spain as ¨cellular concrete¨ and its fabrication started in 1924 in Sweden.

Nowadays, this type of concrete used to build prefabricated properties is very used in Europe and more and more in Spain, due to its advantages.

This type of concrete improves the energetic efficiency of the property, it increases the quality of the construction and it brings the possibility to reduce the prices. These concrete panels are fabricated on a quartz sand base, sprayed ash, reinforced concrete, lime, water and aluminium. Right after, all these ingredients are passed to the drying process with a special steam in order to get the best level of hardening.

Its main advantages are:
  • A very economic system of building prefabricated properties.

  • The isolated properties reach excellent levels of energetic efficiency.

  • Panels of any size are available.

  • They weigh 50% less than other similar systems.

  • They offer a high resistance to pressure and they are extremely solid.

  • According to the studies, they are resistant to fire up to 4 hours.

  • Their soundproofing level is really high.

The standard model with exterior walls for the prefabricated properties built with cellular concrete is this:

  • Exterior cellular concrete (15 cm).

  • OSB Board (1 cm).

  • Wooden structure (14.5 com x 4.5 com).

  • Stone wool isolation (15 cm+ 5cm).

  • Installing battens (5 cm x 5cm9.

  • OSB Board (1cm9.

  • Cardboard-gypsum panels inside (1.2 cm).

  • The total width of the walls of all prefabricated concrete properties is normally between 42 cm and 45 cm.

Building a prefabricated concrete property in Orihuela Costa can become an interesting option to be taken into consideration due to the cost and the quality of the property, but also due to its unique design.

The owner of the plot can choose between a great variety of designs and prices, adjusting the construction of the property to their necessities and economic possibilities.

Costa Invest Real Estate counts with a varied portfolio of plots for sale in Orihuela Costa. Contact one of our real estate agents through our website in order to get more information.

Source: *AAC – Narayanan, N.Cement and Concrete Composite, Elsevier (2000).

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