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Prefabricated houses with dome shape.

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The dome house can be located in virtually any type of terrain, and is prepared for different climates.

These bubble-shaped mobile homes are priced from 20,000 euros and can be installed in the most inhospitable and unsuspected places.

The modules have 24.9 square meters of surface, and there are four types: elevated above ground level, for snow, for water and for vegetation.

The Slovenian company Smartdome offers a construction designed for nature lovers, dome-shaped, between a tent and a house.

Under the premise “do it for yourself”, the domes are designed as simple modules to build and transport to the place that the owners want.

With this proposal, the company seeks to respond to those who are tired of the bustle of cities, and want to move somewhere quiet for a low price.

In the words of the company, which aims to create a new lifestyle, they intend to eradicate, or at least reduce, the tensions of today’s society.

«Every day more people live in an urban environment where they are exposed to stress, and the best way to overcome stress is life in nature.

»The rent is economically unsatisfactory, while the construction or purchase of a home ties to a particular place for a longer period. This is not adapted to today’s understanding of the mobile world».

A dome house for every situation.

It is an ideal type of housing for nature lovers; because the houses can be installed as if they were a cabin in a tree or on different types of surface (water, snow, etc).

With bubble houses, a person can settle where they want, without resorting to traditional types of housing.

For example, can you imagine not being at the foot of a ski slope if not on the same track? With the Snowdome it would be possible.

Materials of the dome houses.

To create these mobile homes, the materials used are wood, metal and polycarbonate.

Its characteristics may vary depending on where you choose to establish the bubble, preferences and the model chosen by the future resident.

Along the same lines, the world’s first dodecahedron structure, as Smartdome reports, has an area of ​​24.9 square meters per module and about six meters in diameter.

The modules are constructed of galvanized steel, and have a laminated wood structure, moisture resistant and sealed with rubber seals resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

Buyers can choose between transparent modules with two or three layer thermoformed polycarbonate, and opaque versions filled with mineral wool or space technology sheets.

The structure is supported by support columns made of galvanized steel that can be adjusted to heights between 1.2 and 2.2 meters above the ground, which allows the dome to be raised on steep terrain.

Efficient and safe houses.

From the company they emphasize, on the other hand, that the efficiency is marked by the materials used and the good insulation of the dome that generates a reduction in energy consumption.

In addition, the bubble base is divided into two floors, and the second level can be used to collect rainwater.

But all that glitters is not gold, like any habitat, the domes also have their points against.

«For healthy and comfortable living conditions, 70% of the air must be changed every hour, which means that windows or doors must be opened for the flow of fresh air for some time every hour,» explains the company.

«On the other hand, long ventilation is a waste of energy. That is why we recommend the installation of a recuperation», add the builders of the innovative houses.

As for security, the project website states that the dome can survive a fire.

It should be noted that, in order to install these houses, the impact they may have on nature should be taken into account, so if their proliferation increases in the future, their use may have to be regulated.

Source: SmartDome

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