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Post-sale service of the properties of a real estate.

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The post-sale service of properties for sale has a very important value for the real estate, which influence positively the firm´s interests.

In the same time, the post-sale service of a real estate means organizational values, which generate positive synergies through the satisfied client who recommends the real estate´s services.

On the contrary, a bad managing of the post-sale service of the properties of a real estate will have a negative impact and might also convert into a significant loss of potential clients.

An effective post-sale service of a real estate should manage to guide the client in case of any incident while buying a property.

For example, the post-sale service should show the client what are the procedures and how to solve any type of management linked to the buying of properties.

However, it is also very important to establish a clear policy of the post-sale service for the properties of a real estate in order to avoid any client that might abuse of the real estate services.

In other words, the post-sale service of the real estate should be included in the policy of the customer service established by the firm and that service should be well-written and underlined, both for the members of the real estate as for the clients.

Moreover, the creation of a policy of post-sale service allows the development of the brand of a real estate. This is the reason for an effective advertisement.

If we consider the post-sale service an added value for the real estate, this should also be advertised on the same grounds in order to get more clients.

Post-sale incidents in a real estate.

Obviously, the incidents with the clients of a real estate might happen in any phase of the process of buying properties. The process of buying is quite known for having bad events and they could be divided according to their gravity.

The real estate agent and the real estate itself must be prepared to solve possible incidents that might happen during the buying process and they should be ready for the incidents that might eventually appear when the whole process is almost done.

Anyway, clients always leave the possible incidents to the charge of the real estate, but a client will accept the incidents only when the real estate knows to solve them accordingly without causing too much fuss.

Any client of the real estate desires to be understood by the members of the real estate and when something happens, the real estate should always be emotionally involved. Apart from showing confidence to the clients, a real estate must also show its constant concern about solving incidents that might occur during and after the selling process.

We should never forget that the process of managing the selling of properties is highly complex and can be structured in different phases: from the first contact with the client of the real estate to the post-sale service.

As all the members of the firm, the real estate and its agents should not only center on only one of the two phases, because they will make a huge mistake in terms of strategy and this will negatively affect the firm both for short and long term as well.

It is highly important to understand that the managing of the properties for sale does not end with the signing of the final deeds. This is just the closing of one of the phases in a selling process.

Most of the times, the selling of properties is possible by recommendation from the other clients. It is also known that some clients get to the real estate by the recommendation of their friends.

That is why, both the real estate and its real estate agents must be aware of the importance of aneffective customer service. It is highly probable that a satisfied client recommends the real estate to another person.

The news spreads and the other person will also trust in the real estate. This is a factor that might be considered as part of the positive synergy that the real estate must achieve in order to increase its productivity and highlight its branding development.

There is an important thing to clarify, regarding the term “incident” which might confuse us a little. An incident should not mean a problem and it might be also just an enquiry from a client on a topic which is not that important. We can clarify the details and the importance of the concept with the help of some examples of post-sale service of a real estate, based on that incidents and frequent enquiries realized to the real estate agent or suggested directly to the real estate:

– Managing of documents related only to legal aspects as for example, the change of owner for the water and electricity invoices. If the buyers of a property are foreigners and do not know the area, it is mostly probable they do not know where to go to do the changes.

– Most of the clients that bought properties with a real estate ask for the real estate help in order to find professionals to modify things in their houses. For example, they might need an architect, an electrician, a plumber or a designer for interiors.

– Buyers of properties might also need help with the amenities in the area and those services might be: where to buy furniture, which are the best colleges in town.

When the buyers of properties from a real estate make enquires such as: “who do you recommend us…?”, it is better to have a list of previously structured with all the professionals and services in the area.

That list available for every client will help them solve enquires in a simpler way and it will also allow the real estate to manage better its resources and not to affect its productivity.

Manage the post-sale incidents of a real estate.

The traditional model of managing the post-sale service of properties, especially for any small and medium real estate, seems to reflect always the figure of the real estate agent or the figure of the real estate secretary.

Being used most of the times does not mean that this is the most effective. On the contrary, this might mess up with the real estate agent´s productivity and catch the secretary´s attention from what she is doing.

A good solution to manage the post-sale incidents of the real estate properties is to create a specific department and to assign a qualified person for those specific topics. The only thing that might condition the real estate in the model to choose is the size and the organization structure of the real estate.

The assignment of a certain incident directly to a certain department will facilitate the solving of them and in the same time the real estate will manage better its members.

For a real estate with a small organizational model (which counts with a small number of persons) the assignment of a specific person to channel and manage the incidents that occur from the post-sale of the properties is very effective.

This will allow that all the other members do their jobs and the level of productivity will not decrease. In the same time, if the real estate centers on a specific person for the solving of the incidents, it will also manage to personalize more the model of customer service.

There is also the trend in which the buyer maintains the real estate agent as reference for enquiries and if the real estate works with clients from different countries, the person assigned for the post-sale properties should have knowledge of several languages.

In any of the cases, if the real estate establishes a department for the post-sale service of properties or assigns a person for that function, it is important that the organizational policy to be really well linked to it.

There are some factors that the real estate should take into consideration:

  • Present in detail the post-sale service of the properties on its webpage.
  • Facilitate different forms of contact details to its clients (email, mobile phone and also chat)
  • Create and establish a well-defined model of post-sale service for the properties.
  • Convert that post-sale service of properties in a factor that increases the productivity.
  • Link the post-sale service with the real estate Branding strategy.
  • Assign qualified and trained persons for the post-sale service.
  • Supervise the post-sale service for properties in order to get an increase of the real estate´s productivity.

Managing effectively the post-sale incidents allows a high level of satisfaction from the client and will facilitate the easier solving of them.

This will directly reflect the level of productivity of the real estate agency in a positive way.

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