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The plugins to publish on social networks are a fundamental tool for real estate, because they allow you to create a regular calendar of publications.

For blogs and websites managed with WordPress there are several plugins to publish on social networks, which have different characteristics.

Many social plugins are free and others paid, and the Premiums often offer basic features for users, which can be extended by accessing some of their plans.

The best plugins to publish on social networks.

These are the best WordPress plugins for the automatic publication of content on social networks.

Relive Old Post.

This is a complement that shares the new and old articles of the real estate blog on social networks.

Once downloaded, installed and configured the plugin works automatically, publishing the new content and also the old ones randomly.

Its functionality of publishing old content is a great feature for real estate, because in addition to republishing the articles of the real estate blog, it can also be used for the re-publication of properties for sale.

Revive Old Post has many advanced features, such as the ability to schedule content publishing by defining time intervals and other variables.

  • Intervals between actions.
  • Post old content.
  • Number of publications shared daily.
  • Publication format.
  • Number of times the same publication can be shared.
  • Social networks: Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing and Tumblr.

You can also create a personalized content schedule, and track the traffic generated by the plugin with Google Analytics.

Revive Old Post is a true solution for the real estate company to maintain an active and well planned presence in social networks.

Revive Network.

In addition to sharing your own content, Revive Network makes automatic publications from other sources, external to the real estate sites.

After adding the social accounts of the real estate, you must copy the RSS feeds of the sites from which you want to share content, establishing schedules and time intervals for automatic publication.

Although Revive Network was created only for Facebook and Twitter, and the developers seem to contemplate the possibility of adding LinkedIn soon, it allows you to add as many blog posts or the real estate website as they need to spread.

  • Tracking through UTM links.
  • External publications via RSS Feeds.
  • Text and custom format.
  • Custom labels and links.
  • Control of daily publications.
  • Automatic publication of mentions.
  • Linking with Google Analytics.
  • Social networks: Twitter and Facebook.

In short, the characteristic that distinguishes Revive Network is the possibility of publishing content automatically on social networks from external sources, a very interesting functionality to structure real estate advertising campaigns on social networks effectively.

The negative of the plugin are the few platforms in which the real estate can publish content.


This add-on helps synchronize real estate blog posts with social media messages.

The plugin provides a calendar to select the best days and hours of social publications, and also allows you to schedule other actions (status updates, direct messages, etc.).

  • Custom calendar by colors.
  • System to organize drag and drop.
  • Engagement analysis
  • Integration with Buffer.
  • Detailed analytics of all social accounts.
  • Social networks: Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr.

The plug-in publication calendar can be easily customized, using color coding and drag-and-drop.


Es un plugin gratuito para publicar en las redes sociales, que además ofrece a la inmobiliaria planes Premium y otros complementos de gran utilidad para diversas funciones.

NextScripts es mucho más que un plugin para publicar automáticamente contenidos en las redes sociales, porque además se integra con distintas plataformas de blogs, foros y aplicaciones (mensajería instantánea, App de dispositivos móviles, etc).

El grado de integración del plugin para publicar en distintas plataformas es muy elevado, su configuración no presenta mayores dificultades, y su calendario de programaciones ofrece características avanzadas.

  • Configuración muy sencilla.
  • Publica contenidos antiguos.
  • Importación de comentarios y menciones.
  • Sistema de retardo de publicaciones.
  • Redes sociales: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Ok, Plurk, Pinterest, Vkontakte, Weibo, Xing y YouTube.
  • Blogs: Blogger, Flipboard, Instanpaper, LiveJournal, Tumblr, WordPress.
  • Marcadores: Diigo y Reddit.
  • Email marketing: MailChimp.
  • Messengers: Line, Yo y Telegram.

NextScripts es un plugin para publicar en las redes sociales que sobresale del resto de complementos, por sus características y por la cantidad de plataformas con las que se integra.

AccessPress Social Auto Post.

It is a Premium add-on that automatically shares the content of real estate sites on social networks.

The plugin configuration is very simple: link social media profiles and choose the content to publish automatically.

  • Publication format
  • Taxonomy filter.
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Premium complement.
  • Performance Analysis.
  • Social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr.

Although the complement offers good features and functionalities, along with the possibility of publishing in unlimited accounts, the number of social networks with which it can be integrated is somewhat limited.


Blog2Social is a Premium plugin that can connect to various social networks and other platforms (blogging, social bookmarking, etc.).

However, the plugin to publish automatically on social networks is oriented to profiles, and only allows linking pages and groups of Facebook and Google Plus.

Although there is a free version of Blog2Social, to access the advanced features of the add-on the real estate must hire one of the plans offered.

  • Custom posts.
  • Performance analysis and reports.
  • Segmented linking of images.
  • Programming of republications.
  • Social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, Medium, Torial, Flickr, Diigo and Bloglovin.
  • Pages and groups: Facebook.

Compared to other add-ons to publish on social networks, Blog2Social presents the functionality of integrating with other platforms, although in a limited way.

However, if the real estate company wants to focus its strategy exclusively on social networks, the WordPress plugin can be an effective solution.

Nelio Content.

The complement also presents a complete editorial calendar, as well as programming functions and automatic publication in social networks.

The editorial calendar of the plugin allows the real estate agency to access all its content scheduled to publish on social networks.

Nelio Content also has a virtual content assistant, which automatically suggests content marketing strategies (how to correctly label publications, link articles and content, etc.).

  • Custom posts.
  • Content filtering.
  • Linking with the editorial calendar of WordPress.
  • Social templates.
  • Suggested references.
  • Comments and editorial tasks.
  • Replanning system.
  • Featured external image.
  • Analysis of publication performance.
  • Social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr.

The free version of the complement allows the real estate agent to publish its contents automatically on all the mentioned social networks, however, by associating only one account.

The Premium version allows publishing up to ten profiles per linked platform.

Social Auto Poster.

This is another Premium WordPress plugin to automatically share on social networks, and that allows real estate to manage the programming and dissemination of its contents on different platforms.

The plugin integrates with Buffer, and offers the possibility of linking it with Google Analytics to analyze the performance obtained with each new or past publication. You can also publish old contents of the real estate.

  • Publication of old content.
  • URL shortener.
  • Linking with Google Analytics.
  • Performance Analytics
  • Custom posts.
  • Taxonomy filters and hashtags.
  • Social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr.
  • Integration with Buffer.
  • Facebook: accounts, groups and pages.
  • LinkedIn: accounts and pages.

It is a quite flexible complement and with good customization options, both in published messages and in the type of format and applicable filters.

Poster Microblog Poster.

This add-on allows you to automatically publish new and old contents of the real estate on social networks.

It integrates with the main social networks and also with other platforms.

  • Content filter by taxonomies.
  • Performance record.
  • Publication of old content.
  • Translated in eight languages.
  • Social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Vk, Xing and Pinterest.
  • Other platforms: Diigo, Plurk, Blogger and Flickr.

The download of Microblog Poster can be done from the WordPress plugin repository.

The plugins to publish automatically on social networks are a very useful tool, because they facilitate the dissemination of content and maximize the organizational and business resources of the real estate.

At the same time, the plugins to publish on social networks benefit the SEO strategy, because they significantly affect the increase in social signals of real estate and organic traffic through the SERPs.

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