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Pinterest and its photo search engine.

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Pinterest is an excellent platform for implementing a real estate marketing strategy. Among the many functions that this platform offers for a real estate in Spain, we can find its search engine.

The search engine of Pinterest has been improved along the years and it is now updated with other functions that have been introduced to the platform in order to increase its effectiveness.

A search engine must satisfy the users´ necessities. Pinterest´s search engine is a very effective one.

Although Pinterest is a social media platform based on the most important images on the world, in terms of the active users and the trend towards this type of contents, Google is the dominator among the search engines on Internet.

There are other search browsers such as Microsoft Bing, Yandex which uses the data base and the source code of Google, DuckDuckGo (which tries to increase the relevance of the searched and protect the privacy of the users) and several others that are not that important in terms of users.

However, Google still maintains the domain on searches made by the users on Internet and the image searched are also one of the strongest feature of this search engine.

Nevertheless, as Pinterest is a social media platform targeting images as main content, it offers a very specific search engine to its users.

If we search on Google by keywords or specific phrases, the results of the images are general. This does not happen with Pinterest.

The search results showed to the users of interest are better structured and in a more precise way than on Google.

In the same time, it is important to highlight that the majority of the users of the Google search engine do not use sentences, so their searches must be precise.

Functions of the image search engine of Pinterest.

At the moment of searching contents by images, users´ behaviors on Internet tend to be lineal. However, not everyone will search in the same way, neither all users will employ the same level of specificity of the search results.

In this way, when offering a series of extra functions to its users (such as geographic location, tags, categories, etc.), Pinterest eases the collection of precise results, although the searches are made in a general way.

WordPress allows us to attach attributes to the image, titles and descriptions, both for the images of a real estate webpage as for a real estate blog. However, it does not allow us to locate the images or assign them categories so Google could index them with those attributes.

On the other hand, the real estate can generate a specific sitemap of the images from the real estate blog or website, in order to be indexed by Google.

The intention of this article is not to compare search engines on Internet, nor their algorithms or business models. We cannot compare a search engine as Google, which is open, with Pinterest which is limited to the search inside it.

Anyway, when Google makes some searches or uses specific commands (search operators), it offers the results of the contents shared on Pinterest.

We must take into consideration that Google segments the contents through its algorithm and it associates them to the searched made by the users, depending if they are general results or segmented by images or videos.

There are also other categories to share the results such as News, Books, etc.

As we clarified the previous info, we must focus on Pinterest as an image search engine and not as a search engine based on general subjects. Pinterest searches only inside its data base and the type of the archives searched by its users is images.

Characteristics of the images search engine of Pinterest.

The image search engine of Pinterest does not provide a broad search as Google does. However, it is way more precise.

The specificity of the search results made by the users on Internet is a very important factor, taking into consideration the high volume of data that exist daily on Internet.

At the moment of making searches based on images, Pinterest eases the search of its users, leaving aside the irrelevant results.

Pinterest searcher is much more intuitive than the image searcher of Google and it does not require special sentences or specific terms in order to find the images.

On the other hand, the image searcher of Pinterest offers some features that Google does not use yet.

For example, Pinterest searcher offers more defined search options to its users, more intuitive options and a more descriptive visual interface, related images, an advanced content update feed, the possibility to share the results with other users, etc.

However, no matter the functions of Pinterest search engine, we cannot say it might replace Google in any way. In any case, we can state Pinterest is an excellent complement when searching images and a good complementary tool for Google.

Functions of Pinterest image search engine.

These are some of the basic functions of the image searchers of Pinterest, which might be useful if we want to get an idea of the utility of this system:

  • When writing a term on the searcher, Pinterest shows the keywords linked and the categories associated to that term.
  • The descriptive guides allow us to filter the results and get more precise searches.
  • The navigation on the general categories reduces a lot the number of the irrelevant results.
  • The results of the images searched on Pinterest do not repeat. There are no duplicated results. Example: ¨short term rental of apartments in Orihuela Costa Spain¨. Pinterest will only show a great quantity of images related to the term searched, without repeating any of them. For the same search, Google shows duplicated and mixed results, not segmented literally, nor associated or linked between them.
  • Pinterest offers the possibility to access the most seen images on the platform in a direct way, without the necessity to search through the feed. Also, the user can see the search trends, too.
  • The news feed is useful as a filter to find updated images, if we configure it according to the necessities and the interests of the user.
  • Shared images on Pinterest must be attractive and of high quality, as this is a social media platform based on this type of archives. Google does not ask for quality images, as the search engine of Google is based on other type of contents such as texts, videos, etc.
  • The results of the searches made on Pinterest can be easily shared through other platforms (Facebook and Twitter) or by email.
  • Google makes a follow up of the search preferences of the users. However, Pinterst allows us to configure those preferences manually by approving or disapproving certain contents.

In conclusion, Pinterest is a very important social media platform for a real estate in Spain, due to its number of active users and the type of contents (images) shared.

Properties for sale or for rent, adjusted to quality images and proper attributes will be an excellent call to action for all the users of Pinterest.

In the same time, those images could be indexed by the different search engines on Internet (Google, Bing, etc.) in an effective way.

Images of the real estate blog associated to the shared articles can also be optimized in order to get a better impact and spread on Pinterest.

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