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The pink and green house in London.

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The pink and green house designed by the Office S&M studio to offer an antidote to the “calamitous rental market” in London, according to statements by those responsible for the project.

For the exterior painting they combined the millennial rose, which is again a decoration trend, with green details, to give this house in East London a character that distinguishes it from the other rental properties in the city.

The architects built a house of 87 square meters with three bedrooms and three bathrooms on a mid-century plot, located in a corner.

The exterior of the house on Salmen House is distinguished from the rest of the houses, which have more conventional exterior decoration designs, lined with bricks and with white doors and windows.

The architects claim that the choice of colors is intended to make the house “stand out from the everyday” and “try to challenge the preconceived ideas of the typically bad rental market in London.”

The Office S&M studio uses the striking colors in its architectural projects, and previously designed a peculiar project with tile covering, for a London house, and with bright yellow window frames and a multicolored interior.

«We do not produce silent architecture, and this house delights in color and materiality», said project architect Hugh McEwen.

The facade is covered with a dotted pattern to give it a subtle texture, while the terrazzo adds a superficial detail and helps to reflect the light in the house.

Kennedy, who began his career as a real estate developer after a ski accident that left him in a coma for five weeks, wanted to produce a low-cost home that was quick to build and of a higher standard than many properties available for rent .

The architects used low-cost materials for the construction of the property but of high quality, and with special construction methods to ensure that the house could be completed in six months for only € 200,000.

The interior spaces are optimized by reducing the structure to its minimum expression.

The house has exposed beams on the ceiling, and the four-meter high bedrooms with a triple-height spiral staircase illuminated by a skylight, which conveys the feeling of space inside the house.

«It is a generous house for its inhabitants and its context, and with our background in social and private housing, we have brought the best of both worlds to the project», McEwen added.

«We were able to make the most of the space through careful planning of how the house could be used in the future, and we want it to be a reference point for rental properties in London».

The heights of the house follow the corner lines, and the interior layout creates a series of rooms with natural light and views from two directions.

The spiral stairs lead to a first floor that has two bedrooms, one with en suite bathroom and a family bathroom. The arrangement of the rooms and bathrooms guarantees optimum flexibility for the inhabitants of the house. 

The color popularly known as “millennial rose”, appears regularly in architecture, fashion and interior design during the last year.

Duggan Morris Architects used the “millennial rose” for the lining of an office building in London, and the Ercol furniture brand applied it to updated versions of two of its mid-century seating designs.

Source: frenchandtye.com

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