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The importance of ping to index a site.

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Is decisive to perform a ping to notify these search engines about the new publications made.

The task of indexing the contents of the real estate blog and website in the internet search engines is a key factor in SEO.

Pinging each new publication of the real estate blog and the real estate website, facilitates the rapid indexing of the content, and exponentially increases its visibility on the internet.


It is not enough to publish new articles on the real estate blog or update the list of properties for sale on the real estate website, you have to ping to speed up the indexing process, and thus achieve better positioning results.

If the real estate agency does not ping its new publications, both its articles and its new homes incorporated into its sales portfolio on its website, the search engine indexing process will be slower.

Pinging the new publications of the real estate, regardless of the type of content and if it is published on your blog or website, increases the degree of visibility and allows a higher level of exposure on the Internet.

Real estate agencies in Spain , by trend but not always, limit themselves to uploading new properties and properties for sale to their website, leaving aside notifying search engines through a ping about their new status update.

A ping of any property for sale published increases its degree of exposure, and facilitates achieving better results through organic traffic.

The real estate company should not resort to the ping system only when it publishes a new property for sale or for rent, but also when it makes modifications to its website in its real estate blog.

Within the real estate blogging, resorting to the pings system is common, however, we still find websites of real estate agencies in Spain that do not use this system, even some do not even have an RSS Feeds system to promote their content.

The RSS Feeds and Sitemaps system for indexing content is crucial for real estate SEO, and at the same time they can be used to perform pings on different platforms not directly linked to internet search engines.

To ping the new articles published on the real estate blog, or the new properties for sale published on the real estate website, you must resort to the remote procedure call protocol, known in a simplified way as XML-RPC.

The XML-RPC protocol used to ping the real estate blog or the real estate website, in turn uses another internet protocol, the HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol or Hypertext Transfer Protocol) that is responsible for making the transmission the message to the corresponding server linked to the update service.

The technology and ping system to notify about status updates and new publications of a website, began to be used in 2001 by Dave Winer.

It is a system that is still used today, and allows rapid indexing of published content, both in search engines and in the different directories of content on the Internet.

The ping of the real estate blog.

Pinging a website is based on notifying about new status publications and / or updates to search engines, and even if the real estate webmaster uses the tools offered by Google, Bing and Yandex to index content, the task of Doing pings manually is relevant.

If the real estate blog and the real estate website are managed witWordPress, automatically when publishing a new content the CMS notifies the search engines and directories about said update.

To get an automatic ping with WordPress, the URLs of the services to be notified must be attached, although this functionality presents a limitation and is that it only makes a notification.

The WordPress content update system located in the Settings section (Write / Update Services), automatically notifies search engines and directories of new publications made; and for this, each URL must be written with line breaks.

The addresses of the update services do not conform to the usual URLs, and must respect the structure of the XML-RPC protocol.

It is a very practical functionality offered by the content manager, although as mentioned above the notification is only done once, at the time of publishing the new content.

Given the above, it follows that the webmaster of the real estate agency performs pings from other services or platforms.

Regardless of whether notifications are sent automatically, using for example WordPress as a content manager, the manual action of pinging is still a very important factor.

Both the new articles of the real estate blog and the new homes published on the real estate website should be sent to search engines and internet directories.

At the same time, the real estate agency can use the ping system to notify other types of updates, in addition to its real estate blog articles  and its properties for sale on its website, such as comments on forums or social media sites that contain links to your posts.

If a real estate agent makes a comment on a blog, and attached to it a backlink of an article of the real estate or a property for sale published (both dofollow and nofollow links depending on the configuration established by the webmaster of the site) , you can ping that comment.

By pinging your comment, notify the internet search engines, and the attached link that links to the real estate site will be indexed.

Index the links of the real estate blog and the real estate website (articles, properties for sale, comments on forums, status updates on social media platforms, rental housing, shared images, etc.). 

At the same time it enhances the positioning strategy, because the real estate domains also get backlinks (external links or backlinks).

The backlinks are a key element in a real estate SEO strategy, and if they are of quality (achieved in domains of high authority) reinforce the positioning of the real estate on the internet.

Even using the RSS Feeds system, the real estate agency or the real estate webmaster can ping by notifying the search engines of an update on social networks. Currently, not all social media platforms allow RSS feeds to be generated from real estate pages; although the vast majority do allow it.

For example, the real estate agency through an RSS Feed generated from its pages in FacebookGoogle PlusPinterest or other similar platforms, can ping; thus improving its real estate SEO strategy through a greater degree of indexing of its links.

Index the contents of the real estate blog.

The process of indexing the contents of the real estate blog and the real estate web is carried out directly on the specific platforms for webmasters; In both Google, Bing and Yandex, you can upload different Sitemaps to index the contents.

Sitemaps can be specific according to the type of content to upload: posts (articles), files attached to the publication (images, videos, documents, etc.), tags, categories, content segmented by author (for example if the real estate blog has with more than one content editor or the real estate website has several copywriters), etc.

Each platform offers different functionalities, and although they seem similar, they have particular characteristics.

Although the system for uploading Sitemaps is identical in all services, for example Bing offers the possibility of uploading URL addresses manually (up to a maximum of 10 per day and adding a total of 50 per month).

Like Bing, Google allows you to upload URLs manually from the Search Console (Tracking / Explore as Google / Get and Process).

To index content on webmaster platforms, the real estate agency must create specific accounts, and link them to their sites so that the systems validate this link by checking the ownership of each site.

Using the Sitemaps, indexing the contents of the real estate is a very simple task, and also allows you to control in a very detailed way the results obtained with your real estate SEO strategy.

As we mentioned earlier, to achieve an optimal level of indexing in internet search engines, the real estate company must have different Sitemaps according to the structure of their online sites. 

Segmenting said Sitemap s by languages , types of content, and under the different technical specifications is a determining factor.

On the other hand, the real estate agency can also index its contents through the use of different RSS Feeds (segmented by languages ​​and type of content), as a complement to its different Sitemaps.

Although the real estate social media RSS Feeds cannot be indexed on webmaster platforms, they can be used to perform status notifications by pinging through other services.

If a real estate agency combines the use of its Sitemaps with its RSS Feeds correctly, and at the same time it uses ping as a notification and indexing tool, it will strengthen its real estate SEO strategy and obtain better positioning results.

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