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Real estate blog posts are part of a corporate site which attends to the organizational and business interests of the real estate.

Contents of a real estate blog have a target which is directly linked to the global objectives previously set by the company.

Convincing posts are written with the intention of persuading readers, but this happens totally different on a real estate blog. The target is to manage to get the readers to respond to the call to action without being persuaded or convinced of anything.

Although this might seem a contradiction, it should not be understood like this, as a real estate blog is not a real estate web. The real estate website must be convincing, so the potential buyers´ attention is caught in an effective way.

However, a real estate blog has a different target which is directly linked to the real estate web but without pretending to have the same objectives.

For a real estate blog, the traditional techniques of editing the persuading posts are not useful at all. However, some aspects could be taken into consideration. The traditional editing resources for persuasive writing, such as counting with histories, have no outcome for a real estate blog.

Neither have other similar techniques which pretend to convince the readers of anything. A real estate sells its properties through its website, not through its real estate blog.

A real estate web can use traditional convincing techniques, but a real estate blog must not. That is why we should be really careful with their use.

A real estate is the virtual shopping window for the portfolio of properties for sale of the company, while the real estate blog is the promoter of the real estate brand development.

Well-defended real estate blog posts.

The first thing to do is to manage to get well-defended contents, not based only on the personal beliefs of the real estate blog author. Although it might seem obvious, we can notice a great quantity of people who cannot defend their beliefs.

On the other hand, the author of the articles on a real estate blog must not attend his personal necessities, but he responds straight to the real estate necessities. That is why he should never forget that his readers are persons and not algorithms.

The most effective way to defend the beliefs on a real estate blog is right from the knowledge, but also through sources in order to give more consistency to the posts.

Citing each source does not mean showing lack of knowledge. On the contrary, by citing a source we clearly show a well-defended knowledge.

On the other hand, consistency implies a certain level of coherence, particularly when we speak of related posts. A real estate blog that lacks a global consistency level is seen as a flippant and unstable product.

Moreover, we should not forget that inconsistency reflects a lack on the rational level. There is no way to justify these types of shortages to the reader that sees them.

In the same time, an argument counts for justifying the concepts and ideas used inside the post. The reader of the real estate blog is prone to answer the call to action when the reasons are well-defended.

Furthermore, even if the reasons are not really counting with an understandable argument for the reader, a simple answering of the question “why” might solve it all. This is a basic psychological factor. The readers become more receptive to the thinking line set by the post when the readers of the real estate blog are offered the answer to the question “why”.

Repetition as a persuading method inside the real estate blog.

Any author of real estate blog posts has a premise: “using the correct density of keywords is essential in order to get a good visibility of the contents”.

Although it might link to repetition as a persuasive formula, this is actually colliding with the use of keywords.

The keywords density on a real estate blog post have a SEO target, while the repetition of ideas and concepts will condition the reader to think on the content.

On the psychology and pedagogic fields, repetition becomes always a recurrent tool, especially for its effectiveness. However, we must understand there are two types of repetition: the positive and the negative one.

We must never use the negative repetition in order to persuade the readers of the real estate blog, because the results obtained will also be negative.

Here we can find a common point to the use of keywords. If the density of keywords used in a post exceeds a certain percentage, this will become a negative action for the SEO content visibility.

Positive repetition as a way of persuading must be based on offering different points of view on the subject, or by changing the perspective on the subject.

Categories of the real estate blog can become a valiant resource, because it brings different perspectives to the readers.

We are not saying that we should use contradictions, but we say that making changes of perspective on a subject means approaching it from different angles.

Comparisons on the real estate blog posts.

Using analogies and metaphors is considered an effective resource for when writing persuading posts. However, when we speak of a real estate blog, we must never abuse on these literary resources.

The use of different scenarios in order to explain an idea in a better way is one thing, but developing on crazy ideas is a totally different thing.

On the other hand, a real estate post is not always aligned to the organizational reality of a real estate and they must never be compared.

The author of the real estate blog posts must manage to interpret the different realities inside the real estate sector and must understand that each real estate agency counts with its own limits and resources.

When the organizational models of a real estate blog are analyzed, their targets must also be understood as ¨models¨. Absolute realities does not exist, as neither exist the organizational models that function in an absolute effective way in all real estate agencies in Spain.

Something similar happens when we explain the characteristics and functions of the real estate CRM. It is not convenient to speak of the costs and prices of different plans offered by the company.

Mainly because in a small real estate in Spain we can only access an open code real estate CRM or a free one because of the organizational and economic limits.

If we refer especially to a productivity tool on the real estate blog, we will only need to explain its characteristics and functions. We should not show prices at all.

Comparing certain productivity tools of specific programs for the real estate management seems to be a great utility subject inside a real estate blog. Although it is not considered a strictly persuading technique, it brings useful info to the readers, which is an added value to the company.

On the other hand, the real estate web is the website where comparisons might result persuading, as they reflect prices and data that help the visitor to make comparisons.

Potential buyers of a real estate should compare prices of properties for sale, but also other info linked to the properties.

Visitors of the real estate web are always comparing things in one way or the other. That is why this technique is so effective.

On the following article we will analyze other techniques and resources in order to generate persuading contents for the real estate blog.

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