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Patterns to decorate the house.

decorar casas

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Decorating with layers of prints and patterns is a design approach that creates a sophisticated and deep-looking look in the rooms of the house.

However, when done incorrectly, the result can be a confusing and scattered space.

We share the opinions of some of the best designers with layered patterns and prints, to try to discover how they get their decoration designs.

Decorate with balanced patterns.

decorar casas

«The key to successfully mixing patterns is based on finding balance. You must have solid options, to break the pattern and so that the eyes do not feel overwhelmed.

»Choosing similar color tones also allows you to be a bit bolder with your pattern choices.»

Combine patterns with different textures.

«Adding texture patterns and bold colors to classic furniture is a practical way to stay within the traditional style of a house.

»In this room, each print has a style that complements the other patterns in the room space.

»The large chairs are attractive, while the bright red fabric adds an intense touch. While the patterns and furniture design are classic, the color scheme creates a more updated feel.

»The layers of texture of the tiles that decorate the fireplace and the lining of the walls with vinyl create a bold but comfortable room.»

Choose the decoration patterns correctly.

«Choosing a large decoration pattern for a small room can sometimes be intimidating.

»In this project, the large-scale pattern based on a tone creates a strong impact, and is a decoration design that can remain in the bedroom of the house for a long time, simply by changing the crib for a bed.

»The small and medium scale prints on the wall, the canopy lining and the chair are juxtaposed with the bold damask color to reflect a sophisticated appearance.»

Combine different pattern styles. 

«This guest bedroom has many layers, which can be complicated, but it has a great reward when it’s done well.

»We love to combine different styles of prints, such as floral, geometric and different to obtain an interesting composition. To succeed, impressions must be related in some way, such as between color and attitude.»

Combine colors and textures.

«It would be difficult to find a Marks & Frantz project that does not have a complex combination of patterns. We don’t believe in the rules when it comes to decorating with creative patterns, we rely only on a few principles to get the perfect combination of color, shadow, texture and scale.

»When copying patterns, be sure to combine the color palette correctly, but always placing a contrast color to maintain balance.

»The color scale of the patterns should also vary, but adhere to a pattern that is based on the selected base scale.»

Patterns with neutral colors.

«For this three-meter-wide living room located in a 160-year-old Victorian house, we use decorative patterns and color scales to emphasize the height of the space.

»We chose curtains and a carpet with large-scale patterns and textured details, but we kept the remaining upholstery simple to avoid falling into a confusing definition of space.

»Decorative pillows with drawings and illustrations with text add depth to the room, and are complemented by patterns and color scale.

»In general, the room is colorful, but the decoration mostly focuses on a neutral color base with strategic parts of other colors to maximize the illusion of space.»

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