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Paintings of properties for sale.

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When potential buyers visit a property for sale, the first impression is influenced by the façade of the property.

The outside of the property says a lot of the interior of the house. Do not forget the first impression is always the one that counts.

That is why it is so important that a real estate agent give advice to owners interested to sell their properties.

Painting a property is one of the most economic resources and it turs the property in a more attractive real estate product.

Painting can literally change a property outside and inside. Apart from being an economic resource, it does not show any difficulty to achieve it.

Even if the owners count with limited resources, they can paint their properties by themselves.

Nowadays, painting a property does not represent any difficulty. Although it might be a task that implies time and money, this might ease the process of selling.

Both the investment in materials as hiring a specialized person to paint the property will always be repaid by the selling of the property.

The relation between the cost and the benefit of painting the exterior and interior of a property for sale is set when we look at the profitability index of the investment and the revaluation of the selling price.

There is a simple thing that tips the balance in favor of painting a property for sale: the potential buyers will feel attracted by that property.

This is a simple and obvious argument which can be used by any agent when advising the owners of the properties for sale.

Related to painting, properties in bad conditions (outside and inside) are not seen as attractive products for potential buyers in the first place.

Nor interesting is a real estate that counts with such properties for sale. A real estate agent will never invest time in the management of selling a property in bad conditions.

The importance of painting of properties for sale.

  • Exterior painting of the property and the main door.

As we previously stated before, the exterior of a property says a lot about the interior of the property and this can be the factor that determines the speed of selling that property.

Clients will see the state of the façade and the main door before having a look inside the property.

Owners of properties for sale must choose three colors for the façade: one for the walls, one for the facing of the walls and one for the main door. These three colors must go one with the other in a harmonious way.

The façade painting of properties in Orihuela Costa is normally targeting Mediterranean tones. Although the selection of the color is subjective, we must think outside the box in this case.

In order to get more ideas, you will only need to go for a walk and inspire from the colors that are mostly used in the area.

Painting the main door is more economic than buying a new one. However, there are owners that might find bargain offers and they might want to change the main door instead of painting it. All depends on circumstances.

There are different types of exterior main doors (from the most simple doors to armored doors). The most important thing is its design combined with its function.

A door with a simple design with a peephole, some led lights and a simple finish turns out to be an economic article.

Changing an exterior door with an attached frame is not such a complicated task. The extraction task of the technicians takes only 15 minutes.

Placing the door takes more or less the same period of time, plus adding the isolating foam on the frames of the door and the correct leveling.

Anyways, a new door will immediately catch the eye of the client. If the owners have painted the façade and changed the main door, another extra positive point is to add a number with an attractive design to the property.

  • Neutral colors for the painting of the interior walls.

By no means we should go for dark colors when painting the interior walls of a property. Dark colors ¨make the rooms look smaller¨. Although this is just a visual aspect, clients will stick to that negative impression.

Buyer clients hate small rooms and painting them in dark colors will only strengthen this negative aspect. Big spaces with natural lights are more attractive. If walls are painted in bright colors, the room would change a lot.

Among different options, white is the most used color to paint the interior walls of a property.

On the other hand, we know white color of the walls convert the rooms in bigger and colder spaces.

Anyways, there are interesting patterns of white and they become neutral to the clients. There are also warm colors that bring a higher level of brightness to the rooms.

It is important to take into consideration any type of lightening (natural or artificial) inside the rooms. The quantity of light in a room will affect the color of the walls.

The natural light of the day gets the exact color of the painting, the fluorescent light projects blue tones, while the incandescent light is ideal for the neutral or ochre toned walls.

The real estate agent must advise the owners of the properties for sale on the colors for the interior walls, but he must also remind them the importance of the natural and artificial light reflected on colors.

  • Lightening and bright tones.

Previously, we have talked about the importance of the lightening (natural or artificial) for the colors of the walls inside a property.

For example, properties with bright colors are sold really fast in the area of Orihuela Costa, due to the Mediterranean outlook, the sun, the beaches and the bright colors.

On the other hand, buyer clients do not want to live in dark houses with old and stained walls. They will look for a good lightening, bright colors and a beautiful environment.

It does not matter if the property counts with jacuzzi, air con or home automation when the property has damaged walls. In this case, there is no other valid argument for selling the house and there is no way to try to justify its price.

Apart from confirming the visit with buyer clients, the real estate agent must previously advise the owners regarding some details that the latter must take into account such as opening the windows, wash the curtains and clean the walls, of course.

Sun can also damage the painting and it can make it look faded in comparison to other rooms. The owners of the properties must also make sure there are no cracks on the walls, split paintings or damaged plaster.

Buyers do not fancy renovate before moving into the property they buy and many potential buyers might deny the buying of a property that needs work.

Interior doors are also a very important factor to be taken into consideration. If the owners of properties for sale do not have a high budget in order to change them with new ones, these can also be refurbished.

In many cases, there is no need to change the interior doors or treat them with special care products. Take the old painting off, polish the door, apply a sealing oil and apply a new paint.

  • Avoid experiments with colors for your property.

Many owners make use of their subjective tastes or consider the advice of third parties that are not professionals of this sector.

The first and main adviser on this subject is the real estate agent, but there are other ways of getting advice from experts and professionals also without any cost.

It is recommended to follow the popular trends when painting the property before selling it. Innovative tones are not recommended, as you never know the tastes of your clients.

Owners of properties for sale must choose neutral colors that might influence most of the general tastes.

Walls painted in neutral colors (interior or exterior walls) cover a wider range of tastes.

A property for sale must welcome all potential buyers; must shine and transmit qualities.

The bad condition of the exterior or interior walls of a property for sale might influence the clients in a negative way.

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