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This is about the investment in fashionable regions and how could Costa Blanca get all the attention of the foreign clients.

Although it is very clear that the real estate agencies have always been feeding on foreign clients, at the moment, getting their attention is an obligation.

A characteristic which honors the international market is its number of clients and with them comes the positioning of different area on this world as an advertising strategy.

This main characteristic, namely the mobility of international clients it is closely related to certain areas in the world, where the client and the investment market interrelate in a relevant way.

As a result of this, it appears the so called fashionable areas, places which turn out to be attractive for the possible clients and for the agencies as well.

Obviously, some of these highlighted areas have emerged as unexpectedly as explosive and in the same time they ended used up because of their own codes or because of the existence of another fashionable place to invest in.

However, there are important areas in the world which are remarkable for the real estate agencies, those regions of the world, which will never lose their effect on possible clients.

Examples of fashionable international areas.

Two very clear examples of fashionable international areas from the last decade are Punta Cana and Natal, the center of the Dominican Republic and the capital of Northern Rio Grande in Brazil.

The phenomenon of Punta Cana in the Carribean area has derived from a first and powerful burst of other market in the region of the Dominican Republic named Puerto Plata.

The potential clients of the real estate agencies were simply transferred from a place to another on the island by the tour agents of Europe and there was also the contribution of particular investors that presented a high interest in Punta Cana and so the government made possible the start of a new property market.

This is very similar to what was to happen during the following years in the Northern part of Brazil.

Studying the case of Brazil, the potential European client was “taken” from Natal to Fortaleza, this situation turning itself into a never declared war between the mayors of those towns.

There were made a lot of major investments in Fortaleza, mainly in the areas related to infrastructure and security.

Because of the need to transfer the potential clients to that region, a new important factor easily emerged: the charters of the airlines companies.

In the particular case of Punta Cana, the charters played a very important role in the function of emphasizing the region as a new holiday destination. This made possible moving the center of attention to the sector of property investment.

Moreover, there were introduced the airlines  with their mission of flying right to the specific destination, which with the passing of the time, they were to disappear or end working as a flying company.

Anyway, the role of the other airlines is of great importance, because there is the necessity to have someone to transfer the potential clients.

The important role of the low cost airlines in Europe.

Nowadays, in Europe, some of the low cost airlines influence on the working of the property market, speaking mainly of the regional areas phenomenon. In this way, they manage to change places in a tourist attraction for the potential clients.

Of great importance is to mention that those places were never visited before. This phenomenon is unbelievable for some people because there has not been recorded any huge raise in the volume of foreign clients intake, even if for some certain local area it worked. All this led to an increasing economy.

If we have a look on the potential buyers in Europe from the last decade, we will easily notice an increase in the buying of foreign properties in some countries which were never taken into consideration before.

Visible examples are Bulgaria and Hungary. In the case of Hungary, the real estate sector flourished due to the Spanish clients while in the case of Bulgaria due to the Polish ones.

On neither of the cases, the property investments from the foreign clients resulted as a great consequence, but helped to the development of the real estate agencies in certain areas of those two countries.

How works property investment in Orihuela Costa.

Since the last two decades, there had been a high investment on properties here in Orihuela Costa, due to the foreign clients. Despite of the Spanish economic problems, Orihuela Costa maintains its status.

Nowadays, as a consequence of the high investment in the area during the last years, it is noticeable the presence of English, Germans, French, Swiss and all the other Northern clients in general.

Due to the intense decrease of the properties prices in Spain, the above clients maintain their number and after them come the Russians and the Polish clients.

Here in Orihuela Costa, the drop in prices has not been only a factor which favoured the coming of the Russian, Polish and Norwegian clients.

There are also other factors that favored the foreign clients to come to Orihuela Costa.

Within the strategies used to captivate the foreign clients, the most important is the excellent infrastructure of services and a wonderful weather with mild temperatures all the year round so they could enjoy the beautiful coast´s beaches.

Since decades ago, the coming of the foreign clients has influenced the managers of different areas to incorporate qualified staff that dominated the mainly spoken languages of their clients.

Not only the real estate agencies did hire bilingual employees, but also the hotel industry and all the other companies which offer any type of services around the affected areas stole the strategy.

As a result of the foreign clients high demand in Orihuela Costa, we could notice a huge number of overseas companies which are based here. What they actually do is to offer different services based on the nationalities and culture of their clients.

This fact has pushed the real estate agencies to divide by nationality their clients, offering their services in different languages and centering their resources on the specific markets.

Studying the case of Costa Invest Real Estate, this process is part of their strategy introduced years ago in order to get the pros regarding excellency in their services.

Right from the beginning, is important to emphasize that there is no need to hire bilingual staff qualified only in foreign languages if they do not have any training in property market.

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