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Organizational figures of the real estate agency.

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One of the biggest challenges experienced by a real estate in Spain is the ability to increase its level of productivity. That is why it is so important not to mix up the concept of organizational figures with the internal roles.

On the other hand, a real estate must understand that not all members will be dedicated to the selling of properties and this will influence on the company´s level of productivity.

If the real estate productivity of the real estate is low, recovery systems must be implemented in order to solve the situation. If that level is halted, some specific strategies must be achieved in order to loosen the situation.

Anyway, a real estate must always understand that dynamic environment of this sector, as the real estate sector is known for a constant process of changing.

In order to get good and proper organizational levels, we must always highlight the importance of the real estate as an organization. The real estate organizational structure will definitely determine the company´s results.

The organizational structure of the real estate is a key factor for achieving good business results. So important is also to achieve to create an effective real estate team.

A real estate without an effective team is only a unit with some persons working without any defined target. Unlike this, the situation changes drastically if we set some objectives.

In the same time, the result of the global productivity of a real estate is conditioned by the individual efficiency. Every member of the real estate team must be efficient at some point in order to positively influence on the level of global productivity of the real estate.

The situation in which all the real estate agents (not only some) are selling in a constant way seems to be a more productive fact for a real estate in Spain. The real estate team must achieve a similar productivity level, no matter the function of each of the members.

A real estate must vision itself as a whole and must be conditioned by the individual performance. The individual productivity is actually the one that gives the percent on the global productivity of the real estate.

Some clearly defined competences bring an improvement on the real estate productivity level, because the level of specificity increases and the professionals will center on their assigned tasks.

Nowadays, it is not suffice for a real estate to count only with trained and experiences professionals. Inside this sector, a real estate must be specialized.

Organizational roles inside a real estate.

Since many years now, the traditional real estate model implemented is based on selling properties, although not all the members of a real estate are specialized in this field.

It is obvious that a real estate´s main concern is to sell properties, but there are other roles that do not get that same target and they are still important.

Let´s see some examples of organizational figures inside the real estate sector, which without having the main target of selling properties they must show a constant level of performance and not harm the global productivity.

On the other hand, we will discover some factors that are not always taken into consideration and they require an aptitude for certain professional areas. We will also discover some organizational figures that must show a high level of professional competence.

The manager of the real estate.

The real estate manager is an essential figure who is determinant for the achieving of good levels of productivity. Depending on the organizational model implemented, the real estate manager has certain competences and targets.

Particularly in Spain, the figure of the real estate manager is mixed up with the figure of the real estate agent.

This might result effective or totally counter-productive. Normally, the majority of small and medium real estate in Spain use the figure of the real estate agent who practices the functions of a real estate manager.

This is totally understandable, as this figure will manage better the human resources. This is always acceptable only when the professional will manage to deal with both responsibilities.

If a real estate agent leaves aside the responsibilities as a real estate manager, because of trying to sell a property, he/she will definitely neglect the organizational management.

On the other hand, when the figure of the real estate manager and the figure of the real estate agent are mixed up in only one figure, the role of the seller will win for sure, only because those who sell properties gain commissions.

There are intermediate models for a real estate to manage to mix the two without lowering its level of productivity, especially for a real estate that counts with a low number of members.

In my professional opinion, this ends badly in most of the cases and it depends on who will be the delegated person and what responsibilities he /she will have. As a company, the real estate must assume a certain level of risk.

A real estate should avoid the possibility of being harmed because of the level of productivity delegated to some unqualified professionals.

A professional who centers only on a certain management area gets always better results. This is my argument that stands for the importance of not mixing up the two organizational figures.

There is no need of comparison between a real estate agent who will exclusively sell properties and one that focuses also on the management of the organizational sector of the real estate.

Moreover, we might simply ask the solicitor of the real estate to sell properties when it might come to the strategy that all members of the real estate must sell.

First of all, a real estate organizational structure must be clearly defined. That is why we emphasize on defining the roles and the internal competences.

I do understand the small real estate in Spain that mixes these two organizational figures, when they do not count with enough people and money. However, I do insist on the need to divide the competences and not mix up the assigned functions in order to get good levels of productivity.

– Some recommendations for the real estate.

Delegate the functions of a real estate manager to only one professional, who must dedicate exclusively to the internal management.

When the real estate manager deals correctly with the organization, an increase on the collective productivity will be noticed and so, the real estate gets economic benefits also.

The role of the professional real estate manager is to manage effectively the functioning of the real estate and should not focus on selling properties, as that target is specifically set for the agents.

The real estate´s legal consultant.

A real estate cannot work without a solicitor or a good team of legal consultants. A real estate must always take into consideration the legal factors and must always follow the fiscal matters.

Apart from solicitors, a real estate must have also some accountant that should manage certain tasks.

When the real estate team is effective, but when getting to the point of signing the title deeds something goes bad, then the level of productivity will be totally affected in a negative way.

We should not forget that not all real estate agents count with a good level of resilience.

In this case, the prejudice is even bigger, as the real estate agent will get frustrated too. There are many situations in which the selling of properties might not end because of legal errors and the negligence of the organizational figures not linked directly to the operation.

The real estate must count with legal professionals and members of the real estate team formed in a certain area.

Directly linked to the figure of the legal consultant of the real estate we notice the essential role of the notary. This is the epicenter of the selling operations made by the real estate. A selling is not ended until the last papers are signed at the notary.

Although this might seem weird, the notary is the place where most of the sales become a fiasco. When a real estate loses a sale at the notary, the factor might be the legal aspects that were not taken into consideration.

There are many variables that might enter in the game and the notary is a crucial environment for the ending of a sale. Anyway, when the real estate loses the selling of a property because of legal errors, the company loses organizational and economic resources.

– Recommendation for real estate.

Get a solicitor as a legal consultant who will be part of the real estate team. Of course, the solicitor must count with specific knowledge in this sector. He /she must be a professional specialized on the legal management of the real estate.

This involves an extra economic investment that is not achieved by many of the real estate in Spain.

On the next article, we will keep analyzing other organizational figures which are essential in order to increase the level of productivity of the real estate.

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