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The organization diagram of a real estate.

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The real estate ´s organization chart will determine its management system, showing its business performance and the productivity of each real estate agent, as also the real estate clients´ perception of it.

The organization chart of the real estate agency will directly affect the relation between the real estate and the agent, and eventually the productivity could be positively or negatively influenced.

If the real estate will adapt to the diagram and manages to be effective, the former should also develop an effective organization chart. Very often, the real estate agent breaks the link with the real estate precisely because the latter lacks a good and effective structure.

In most of the cases, the real estate blames the agent because of his/her incapacity of organizational analysis.

We are not highlighting this in favor of the real estate agent in order to do it like this, because each case has its own aspects although we all know that in the majority of the cases the real estate does not recognizes its own organizational structure.

The effectivity of the real estate´ organizational structure could be easily valued by analyzing the obtained results and those analyses should be sustained by arguments, but not always considering the money aspect.

This is a highly important thing, because we know the majority of the real estate is considering only the economic aspect and in this way, they could make a huge mistake for a long term.

Of course, a real estate should always value the economic results, especially the achieved ones, but this does not mean the real estate is entirely effective.

A real estate is not a business that sets short term objectives, because each real estate should have some patterns and limits linked to the area of work and these are well defined and not flexible at all.

This is applicable to the small and medium businesses, not for the huge real estate brands which diversify their activities sustained by huge expenses. A small or medium real estate should not think of this yet, but should focus all its resources in order to slowly advance in achieving all the set objectives.

A small or medium real estate which manages to create a solid organizational diagram, will win as a first achievement the ability to operate as a business and those real estate which do not manage to understand the real estate as an organization or do not understand the necessity of an organization will end in a fiasco.

Elements of the real estate´s organization diagram.

Depending on the different opinions, we could easily find differences regarding the fundamental elements of a real estate as an organization.

But we could also set some general elements inside the real estate´s structure.

In order to understand better the link between the elements and get how they affect the good functioning of the real estate, we will divide them into two areas:

  • The real estate management.
  • The real estate team.

The real estate management.

The real estate management should not be confused with the concept of business administration, but it must be related to the concept of bureaucracy as a means of internal functioning.

This is characterized by the standardization of the internal processes which we know they are daily routines inside a real estate. In order to be effective they need to be specialized and approved by formal rules.

In this way, the internal management of the real estate should contain different aspects which are interrelated. We should have a look at some of them:

  • Functional areas of the real estate.
  • Assigned competences and achieved responsibilities.
  • Control and supervision of the productivity.
  • Real estate agent´s area of specialization.
  • Hierarchy pyramid and leadership.
  • RR.HH and interpersonal relations.
  • Making of decisions and solve problems.
  • Real estate internal and external relations.

A very important thing for a real estate is that form of internal management should not become a limitative factor for the real estate agent and this could affect the entire real estate´s productivity.

The methodology used by the real estate will highlight its way of functioning and internal links but will also generate external links and that methodology will be the result of all the implemented techniques.

When the areas of a real estate are well-defined and each member of the organization has his competences clear, there is no cause to be aware of.

On the other hand, the problems appear when the real estate is not well organized regarding its internal functions or it does not set well the individual competences for each member.

Anyway, if the real estate has its internal areas well-defined and its competences are properly assigned, as an organization, the real estate should always keep moving in order to achieve the best level of productivity.

It is highly advisable that the real estate´s areas of work to be well linked, to work efficiently and to settle common objectives.

Nothing of what we already described can sustain itself without a well-defined organizational pyramid on the top of which we have the real estate´s director. When a small or medium real estate counts with several partners, it is very important to leave it clear to whom will the name of “director” be allocated.

Even when the real estate has only one owner, he/she should decide if the title is to be hers/his. A leader of a real estate should count with certain abilities in order to organize and maintain the team motivated, leading them to the objectives previously set.

In the same time, the leader of a real estate should supervise, evaluate, manage, make decisions and become the facilitator of the entire real estate team. The organizational values should be highlighted in the leader´s conduct and behavior and the leader should always be the mirror of all the members of a real estate agency.

The real estate team.

The real estate team is the inflexion point at the organizational level and could easily incline the scales in a way or another. If the figure of the real estate agent has a special relevance, there are several other actives which the real estate should never eliminate.

When a real estate counts only with the figure of the real estate agent in order to create a whole team, the former commits some mistakes and is not taking into consideration its resources, because each member of the organization belongs to a certain team and could generate positive synergies.

The real estate team must be formed by a group of members of the organization, set some well-defined competences but without making any exclusions.

The organizational leader is a most important person inside the real estate, because he/she is the guide of the team, just because he/she should generate the positive synergies inside the company.

The real estate which manages to create a solid team has all the necessary conditions to achieve the organizational and business objectives. Here we note a very important aspect: maintain the members of a team inside the real estate.

The above is something extremely difficult inside the real estate, because normally, the real estate agent shows an individualist profile. Let´s not forget the real estate environment which is extremely competitive and highlights an individualist behavior between his members.

This does not show that the organizational leader achieves a solid team although he/she should always use the mentioned variables.

In order to have a solid working team inside the real estate, it is better to adopt a constant supervising mood, promote the organization´s values and develop strategies to facilitate the permanence of the member inside the company.

When the real estate team vanishes in time, it is obvious that some mechanisms are wrongly applied inside the real estate.

In many occasions, the real estate fails when it needs to take some decisions whether to accept a new member in the team or not and when this happens, is just a question of time till the new member abandons the company or gets dismissed.

There are also other scenarios, as when the new member of the working team is so productive and that productivity starts to decrease because of incommodity inside the company. There are also the situations when the new member is taking the decision of leaving the company.

A way to achieve a solid and functional organizational structure of the real estate is with the help of a previous planning of the strategy, oriented towards the achievement of the set objectives.

That is why the internal management, the organization leader and the work team of a real estate are so important.

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