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Organic traffic for the real estate

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The organic traffic is one of the most relevant aspects of the real estate SEO. It is essential for a real estate to get this type of traffic for its real estate web and real estate blog.

In a more simple way, the organic traffic is that obtained through the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex.

In the same time, all the traffic that gets to the real estate web from other internet platforms such as social networks or directories it is also considered organic traffic.

On the other hand, there is also the paid traffic, the one that is obtained only by paying the advertisements on the search engines and social media platforms.

These are strategies of real estate marketing based on payable advertisement campaigns, but there are also the strategies combined for the development of the real estate brand. These are the mixed ones, combining the organic traffic with the paid one.

Anyway, both the organic traffic as the paid one will make the real estate manage its resources in a correct way. The organic traffic is obtained by using a real estate SEO strategy, normally observed by a professional and qualified person.

It is quite usual to find some wrong concepts inside the real estate sector in Spain and they are normally linked to the idea that the paid traffic is a question of paying the Internet´s search engines.

This is not true, as an Ads campaign also requires implementing a strategy and a professional person.

The real estate must understand that there is a huge difference between the organic traffic and the paid one. This is the temporal frame needed in order to get visibility results.

A real estate SEO strategy based on organic traffic is planned for short and medium term and it has the target of getting a strong visibility for a long time.

The paid traffic means that the real estate maintains a constant inversion flow on advertisement. It will get fast results of good visibility, but it will lose it all at the moment of not paying any more. When the real estate stops paying for the traffic, the latter will descend a lot.

On the other hand, Internet users are more and more reluctant to the sponsored searched results and most of them access the contents from organic traffic. The statistics show us an increase on the number of users that refuse to click on the paid adverts.

This becomes essential for the real estate which must focus on the organic SEO. The organic traffic sends confidence and trust to the users and underlines the fact that the real estate content is relevant. This is a factor that influences the call to action of the potential buyers.

It is important to underline the fact that organic traffic is achievable only with the help of a strong SEO strategy which requires many hours of work and dedication from the professional.

Although both the paid and organic types of traffic require some economic investment from the real estate, the visibility results for medium and long term are completely different.

For a newbie real estate in Spain the paid traffic could be a good starting option. However, when the real estate wants to get good visibility for a long term, it should invest time in a SEO strategy focused on the organic traffic.

Another good option for an experienced real estate in Spain is to combine the two strategies and get some paid traffic sometimes during the year.

For example, a real estate maintains its strategy of organic traffic all year round, but it implements the paid traffic just before the summer, focusing on the rental department.

Organic traffic and real estate SEO.

No matter if the real estate chooses one strategy or the other, it must pay attention to some essential aspects for achieving good results. These are some of those aspects:

  • Optimizing its online sites (real estate web, real estate blog, social media pages, etc.).
  • Correct use of the keyword on every site.
  • Strategy of quality Link Building that must be linked to the real estate web.

These are some of the points that an optimization strategy requires. A total optimization of the real estate web or blog implies the improvement of all its parts such as texts, images, titles, attributes, hyperlinks, etc.

The key of a real estate SEO strategy is counting with correctly optimized sites. No matter if the real estate´s intention is to get organic traffic or paid traffic, the first thing to do is to optimize all its sites on Internet (web, social media pages, real estate blog, etc.).

When the target is to get organic traffic, the optimization is highly recommended.

How to get organic traffic for a real estate.

As we already stated before, the key of a real estate SEO strategy focused on getting the organic traffic is the optimization of the real estate´s sites.

Once the real estate counts with sites optimized in a correct way (real estate blog, real estate web and social media), it is simple to get a good level of organic traffic.

Next we will see some basic factors needed to get good organic traffic for a real estate web or blog:

  • Use default optimized templates with a good structure.
  • Publish quality contents with a high frequency.
  • Hire an efficient hosting for the real estate sites.
  • Set attributes to the images with lined descriptions.
  • The usability of the real estate sites must be good.
  • Include the keywords and “anchor text” to all contents.
  • Avoid the use of flash banners, animated content and elements that make difficult the indexation.
  • Redirect the URLs with the standards established by the search engines.
  • Do not publish duplicate content and do not repeat texts inside the sites.
  • Exclude the bad quality backlinks and link only to popular sites.
  • Create a good structure of relating the internal links.
  • Manage the real estate blog and real estate web with an effective CMS.
  • Manage to get a minimum of 300 words for each content you publish.
  • Include descriptions of every page and every content of the real estate web.
  • Generate Sitemaps to send them to the search engines.
  • Redirect through texts not images of properties for sale.
  • Supervise the related links and check their functionality.
  • Include social media buttons linked to the real estate web.
  • Make sure that robot.txt does not block any URL address.
  • Generate RSS feeds for the real estate web and blog.
  • Use an effective multilingual system for the management of the contents.
  • Supervise the real estate sites with different tools for webmasters.
  • Follow the recommendations of SEO practices from Google, Microsoft, Yandex, etc.
  • Install only the needed plugins on the CMS used.

To sum up, the real estate must count with a real estate webpage and a real estate blog that are correctly optimized, in order to set a SEO strategy focused on getting organic traffic.

However, the correct optimization of the real estate sites is essential and it also brings better results when implementing paid or mixed advertisement campaigns.

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