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Optimizing the real estate Facebook page.


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We have already analyzed the importance of Facebook for a real estate on different posts, considering different factors taken from different perspectives. Now, we will analyze the factors linked to the optimization of the real estate Facebook page.

Each and every online site of a real estate must be optimized. The same for the real estate blog, as for the real estate website on different social media platforms.

Objectives must be previously set and the target of each site on Internet must be clear. In this way, the real estate Facebook page is no exception of this rule and it must be optimized in order to get the best results possible.

Optimization of the real estate page on Facebook.

These are some of the main functions offered by Facebook in order to optimize the real estate page and something important must be taken into consideration:


The audience of the real estate page on Facebook.

For a real estate in Spain managing to get the maximum level of contents shared is very important. However, it is not convenient in all cases. Limiting the targeted audience of the real estate is essential and segmenting it is vital in order to get the best results on Facebook.

There are two ways of controlling who will see the posts of the real estate:

  1. Limiting the audience of the post in a way that only some persons could see it.

  2. Segmenting the preferred targeted audience.

1 – Limit the audience of a post on Facebook.

If the real estate page has less than 5.000 likes, we must first check the options of optimization and segmentation which must be enabled.

By limiting the audience of the posts, the real estate can control who could see the contents according to their age, sex, location and language.

Only the selected audience can see the real estate contents on Facebook, especially each page created for a specific language. The process for segmenting the targeted audience is really simple and it can be edited from the section called “Audience restrictions”.

We must understand that if a post is shared by someone, only the targeted audience can see it.

2 – Segment the preferred audience for the real estate contents.

A real estate can segment a preferred audience for its posts, in order to get more chances that people will see the news sections according to their interests.

Unlike what happens when we choose to limit the targeted audience, choosing a preferred audience does not change who can see the posts on the page.

The segmenting system through the option called ¨Preferred Page Audience¨ does not exclude the possibilities of the other option. However, it offers a different function to the real estate.

Shared contents are not always attractive for all public. That is why segmenting by interests could become a very effective system for getting better results.

Roles of the real estate page on Facebook.

Setting roles to the page is a very important factor for a real estate, as it allows the members of the real estate team to participate and collaborate on the implemented strategy.

The main role of a page on Facebook is the one taken by the Administrator, the one who has the competences to assign other roles on this site.

The administration of a real estate page on Facebook should be made by a real estate Community Manager. However, this organizational figure in Spain is not present in most of the real estate agencies.

Anyways, no matter his technical competence or experience, the administrator of the Facebook page is the responsible of assigning roles for its correct management.

In order to assign a role to another member of the real estate team, for example to a real estate agent, the latter must have an active account on the platform.

Although this might seem obvious, it becomes very important. In order to assign a role on the Facebook page, the administrator must find the user on Facebook by his name or through the email used for registration in the first place.

Depending on the configuration set by the administrator of the page, the person assigned for any role will be advised by notification or email.

Types of roles inside the real estate page on Facebook.

There are different roles for the administrators of the page. When a person creates a page, he automatically becomes the administrator. That means that only that particular person could make any change and set more roles.

Roles on Facebook page are easily assigned and only the administrator can assign and change the roles.

Different roles of the page and their tasks can be found on the following image:

inmobiliaria y facebook

Source: facebook.com

The badge called “very responsive to messages”.

Very responsive to messages badge is given to the pages that respond very fast and in a constant way to the private messages. In order have the badge down the main image of the real estate page on Facebook, the real estate must achieve the following objectives during 7 days in a row:

  • Answering level of 90%.

  • Average time of answer of 90%.

When the real estate page gets the badge, all users of the platform can see it. On the other hand, if the real estate does not get the badge, the users will not see any information on the capacity of the page of answering to messages.

The answer level and the answering time of the real estate page on Facebook.

The answering level is the percentage of the new messages answered in the same day of arrival. The answering time is the average time a real estate page answers to the new messages in a day.

When we use the sentence ¨the page will answer soon¨, it means that the answer will be sent by the administrator to the users.

It is also important to take the following aspects into consideration:

  • The rate and the answering time are based only on the first answer of a conversation. They are not based on the previous messages of the same conversation.

  • If the page of the real estate receives messages during the ¨Absent¨ status, the results will be calculated from the moment when the page will be available again.

  • Instant messages of the real estate page and the messages marked as spam are not taken into consideration by the answering time system and they will not be linked to the answer rate at all.

Enable the instant messages of the page on Facebook.

This a very useful tool for the administrator of the real estate Facebook page. It is really effective if we want to show a proactive behavior to the users of the platform.

In the same time, the automatic answering message can be used in order to bring more info on the real estate such as telephone numbers, offers of properties for sale, rentals of apartments, etc. It is also used in order to thank the users or potential buyers for contacting with the real estate.

Adding a menu to the real estate page on Facebook.

In order to place a main menu on the real estate page on Facebook we must include it in the specific category in the first place.

On the other hand, the real estate must understand some norms established by Facebook when adding a menu on the page:

  • The menu must be uploaded to the page under a PDF format with a maximum size of 1 MB.

  • It must include a list of different properties for sale and a title for each of them.

  • There is the possibility of placing a rental advertising (following the same rule as the previous point).
  • The prices of the properties for sale or rental properties can be shown or not.

  • The real estate product shown on the menu must be readable on PDF.

  • If the menu is made on different pages, each menu must include different properties. All menus that do not follow the rules implemented by Facebook might be eliminated.

  • A real estate in Spain cannot use the SinglePlatform system because the latter can be found and used only by the businesses located in Canada and USA.

Facebook offers many resources and functions to optimize a real estate page. They seem to be very effective tools needed when we want to achieve better results on the social media platforms.

It is very important for a real estate in Spain to count with a well-optimized Facebook page, as the latter strengthens the brand development and the real estate marketing strategy.

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