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Articles of a real estate blog are an essential factor for the results of the SEO positioning. That is why it is so important to create some specific optimization tasks.

It is necessary to optimize and edit the contents in a correct way in order to get good results for your real estate blog. We also need to pay a special attention to the grammatical structure, avoid lacks of orthography and take into consideration other variables that we will analyze next.

Elements to take into consideration before posting on the real estate blog.

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– Format and basic edition of the articles.

Although it might seem too obvious, the first step is to write the content of the article to be published. We need to use a text editor, or the default one which the CMS brings, or if not, an external app.

Nowadays, locally hosted folders are needed in order to archive the published contents on the real estate blog.

This working system allows us to have a better control and a higher level of security of the published contents and it makes the planning of a calendar of next coherent and efficient posts easier. Using an external editor allows us to create a first phase edition of the article and then, we can create a second edition directly from the CMS in order to get a higher level of optimization.

When we speak about the content´s format that will be published on the real estate blog, we must focus on its general structure.

In this section, we find the use of the bold letters, the header signs for its later edition inside the CMS and also the links that will be included inside the content.

It is important to take into consideration the fact that the default template used for the real estate blog must be predefined (type of letter, size, color, general style, etc.). If we configure the template earlier, we will find the edition on the contents manager easier.

– Extension, orthography and grammar of the contents.

An article of the real estate blog must count with an extension or minimum number of letters in order to position the blog in an effective way.

Nowadays, no matter the changes implemented by the search engines on Internet, contents must never be smaller than 800 words.

If we want to have a real idea of the number of words that will be published, we should use a specific function provided by the text editors.

Those text editors include orthographic correctors and the effectiveness is brought by that system of correction.

However, do not forget the orthographic correctors must be previously configured by languages and a data base of an updated dictionary.

The advantage of using an editor with different dictionaries appears at the moment of editing the contents of a multilingual real estate blog.

The database of a dictionary used can be extended according to the necessities of the author of the contents. This converts into a very useful function.

Anyways, no matter if we will use an orthographic corrector from an advanced editor or WordPress, we still need to do an orthographic revision at the end of the edition, before publishing the article.

The grammatical structure used must be supervised by the author of the real estate blog contents and must be adjusted to the style and the necessities of the potential readers.

A real estate blog is a corporate site and the author should understand the importance of not using the linguistic licenses of other types of sites.

Personal blogs are different than corporate blogs on which we need to use a certain type of language and never forget it is all about the agency.

– SEO optimization of the contents.

On one of the previous points we spoke about the direct editing on the CMS real estate blog and about the fact that we can use advanced editing plugins when we use WordPress.

These are the advantages of using a system of advanced editing:

  • Fast definition of the head tags.

  • Use of different sizes and colors for titles and subtitles.

  • Include quotes and edit them.

  • Attach links with attributes.

  • Place images and multimedia contents.

These are some basic functions of the WordPress´s text editor and if we use an advanced editor, we will find more functions which will bring better results.

We can also use SEO plugins like Yoast for the specific optimization of the contents published on the real estate blog.

No matter what plugin for optimizing the contents we choose to use, we should always try to avoid the over-optimization of the contents and not follow all the recommendations word by word.

In the case of SEO plugin by Yoast, users pay too much attention to the SEO quality indicator to become green and this appears to be counter-productive in most of the situations.

This system of quality for the SEO optimizing of the contents should be understood as a reference and orientating guide.

– Categories and tags of the articles.

Categories are good for when we want to give an organized structure to the real estate blog. They favor also the users´ experience on the site.

With their help, users can navigate in a simple way on the real estate blog and find the contents of their interests.

Apart from the categories, there are also the subcategories for when we want to structure the content of the real estate website. The number of categories used on the real estate blog must never overpass number ten, although the number of categories might depend on different variables and on the necessities of the real estate.

The tags of the articles are a complementary resource which allows us to get a better surfing inside the site. The number of tags used on a blog does not have a specific value, although we should never exaggerate. Tags linked to the blog´s contents should be seen as an extra resource for the users´ experience on the site. In the same way as categories, tags must be indexed by the search engines.

In order to avoid duplicate content, we must firstly configure the way in which the categories and the tags of the real estate blog will be indexed.

– Header image of the article.

Feature image of the article must be attractive and it must represent the published content.

Normally, human beings focus a lot on the visual aspect of things when processing information. That is why a good image can easily get the user´s attention.

The header image used by us is a very important factor and it is seen as a call to action for the users, at the moment of spreading the contents of the real estate blog through social media platforms.

An original and quality article will always have a strong SEO positioning when the image is the proper one, especially if we take into consideration the importance of the images for the search engines.

The size and position of the featured image will depend on the chosen platform, but we can do some changes on its configuration in order to get the desired results. Depending on the configuration of the template, images can be placed on top or below the title, taking all the width of the template with the possibility of having format options such as square, rectangular, round borders or including transition effects.

Once selected, we need to optimize the header image of the real estate blog and make sure it will not harm the content positioning.

These are some factors to take into consideration for a correct optimization of the feature image of our articles:

  • Type of archive used (PNG, JPEG, etc.).
  • Default size configured on the template.
  • Use of images editor (Photoshop, Gimp, etc.).
  • Get a wordy archive but without losing the quality.
  • Attach attributes and the correspondent description.
– Optimize the title and the links of the articles.

The title of the shared content should be descriptive and attractive in order to call the users to action.

Nowadays, on social media platforms, the combination of the title and the image used predict the users´ answer to the call to action.

Combining these two variables in an effective way will present the effectiveness of the call to action which is created on the social media platforms when we share a content.

This is a basic element to take into consideration, but it is essential for the strategy of digital real estate marketing.

The title of the real estate blog must contain the keyword and the latter must be used only once inside the title.

This word must also be introduced inside the personalized link of the content, trying to place it at the left part of the link.

We must never mix the terms of keywords and anchor texts, which must also be used inside the content in order to get a good visibility. A very short title might result inefficient, but a very long one might harm the whole article.

It is recommended that the internal links used inside the article open on a new tab, so the user will not lose its track.

Links related to external sites should also be configured to open in a new tab.

We need to pay attention to all these factors in order to get good results of positioning. The optimization of the articles of the real estate blog is essential.

Blog contents of a real estate are important elements for the brand development and for the quality and quantity of the organic traffic.

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