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Previously, we have analyzed the function of a Community Manager for a real estate, who this should be related to the organization of the real estate, its professional competence and some other basic tips in order to manage the sites of a real estate on different social networks.

We also made a list of the best tools so that the Community Manager manages effectively the accounts of the real estate on different social networks.

In the last article Factors related to web positioning for a real estate we explained the most important guidelines that a real estate should consider in order to get a good positioning on Internet because this is one of the key factors for its presence on social networks.

As we already stated in the last article, there is a little chance a real estate might get to sell a property on a Facebook page or any other social network, but the importance is given by its active presence on the social networks.

An active presence of the real estate on social networks increases the visibility on Internet and it strengthens its brand development.

These are the two important factors well planned and implemented which convert into elements that help the selling of properties. Through the social networks, a real estate reaches a platform of a huge advertisement, well divided according to its necessities and structures especially for its Branding strategy.

There are dozens of tools for a Community Manager, but the thing is to use the best of them according to the necessities of the real estate. Their effectiveness is essential because they are the factors of the level of efficiency in the management of the Community Manager.

This leads to an increase of the level of productivity. I need to say that the best thing for a Community Manager is to try several complete and good tools which allow a good management and functions.

Tools for the Community Manager of the real estate.

For a Community Manager knowing everything what happens on the Internet is something essential. He has to value the information on blogs and other different social networks and this is essential.

The contents that are announced and mark the trend of the day are obligatory to be known by a Community Manager in order to structure his work. The RSS (Really Simple Syndication) in a XML format allow sharing the contents on the Internet in a very simple way.

When we visit a blog we almost always find the possibility to syndicate the contents of the sites and receive them automatically when they are published.

This is possible with the help of the RSS. This system facilitates the task of announcing the contents of a real estate agency, both of its website as its blog on different social platforms.

A Community Manager should be updated with what happens on different social networks and especially with what is new in relation to the real estate. In the same time, he needs to be able to value different levels of activity of several social networks and divide the main themes surrounding the real estate.

In this way, the use of the RSS becomes obligatory for a Community Manager in order to get to be updated with everything about a real estate.

The advantage of using a RSS is that it allows a simple managing of the contents of the real estate and it filters them. This last element is important if we take into consideration the huge amount of data generated daily by the social platforms.

There are different free tools to manage the contents RSS of a real estate. But if the real estate pretends to get better levels of productivity, it is better to use the payment services for that purpose.

A very effective tool for real estate is Google Reader, which allows us to centralize different contents of different blogs in one application. It allows us to classify the contents and to filter them.

– SocialMention. 

SocialMention is another useful tool to manage contents of different sources of the Internet. They could also come from blogs, the real estate pages on different social networks or even its main website.

One of the most practical and a determinant factor of this tool is the integral searcher. As I already said earlier, for the Community Manager of a real estate is vital to manage and value the amount of info on the Internet.

The content searcher of SocialMention allows us to make specific searches on different social networks and so focus on the real estate strategies.

Apart from the possibility of creating a widget with info on the spot for any blog, there is also the option to create reminders related to specific contents. This is a great option of great utility.

To be updated to all the info that is moved on Internet is essential in order to generate and announce the contents of the real estate. In other words, this is the difference between a passive or active attitude on Internet.

We should not forget that a Community Manager must also have some characteristics, be sure on his work and be proactive.

TweetDeck and HootSuite are two important tools for the Community Manager of a real estate. The advantage is that both of them allow us to manage different social networks without the necessity of enter on each social network and do it simultaneously.

They are very similar and they have similar characteristics, but there are some slight differences between them.

In order to manage more accounts on social networks at a time, TweetDeck seems to be easier to use than HootsSuite, but we recommend both of them for the use of a real estate in order to choose one of them and then get the feedbacks for each of them.

– TweetDeck.

TweetDeck has a great design and it is very well structured and this facilitates the managing of the account on the real estate´s Twitter.

Among other interesting functions, this tool allows the organization of the contacts on lists and allows us to classify them alternatively, which facilitates a lot the managing. In this way, we get an increase on productivity.

Regarding the search of Tweets, there are 2 options: to do it based on the tweets of the real estate or in general, a search on the tweets of any user of the platform.

A very useful and practical option of TweetDeck is that it permits us to visualize independently the answers of the Tweets. This offers more clarity at the moment of following the contents of the real estate and helps us promote them efficiently.

On the contrary, HootSuite is a tool that does not need to be installed on the computer. It opens as a new window on the Internet browser. That is why it depends on the Internet browser, as HootSuite will function differently on each one.

This tool is better to be used by the real estate Community Manager on Chrome or Firefox, as Chrome allows the installation of an extension on TweetDeck as well. A real estate could use both applications on the same Internet browser.

– SocialBro.

SocialBro is a very good tool, specific for the managing of the accounts on Twitter and it can be downloaded for free from its official website to use it both on the computer as on Chrome.

We should say that the version for the Google Internet browser functions easier and faster than the one on the computer.

Moreover, if you do not have Adobe Air installed on the computer on which the tool will be used, this will be automatically downloaded when SocialBro is installing.

It offers a huge number of options, from the location of the followers through Google Maps (in order to underline the strategies of the real estate) to the administration of the contact lists. It counts also with specific options that analyze the community of real estate.

We should take into consideration how important is for a Community Manager to know its followers. In this context, this application offers the possibility to create graphics with precise data on the followers of the real estate, classify them on language, their activity and other extras.

In the same time, it facilitates other information on the members of the real estate community such as: the date of the first entry on Twitter, the followers ratio, the number of Tweets sent per day and when was a certain Tweet sent.

SocialBro allows us to detect who does not follow the real estate anymore (which is actually the “unfollow”).

A practical function offered by this tool is the possibility to make a backup of the account of the real estate Twitter which permits a structuring of a local data base which can be checked on its offline mood. We can also detect the spammers.

SocialBro counts with a very well detailed tutorial, a user guide which I recommend to be read in order to get the best of this brilliant application for the managing of the real estate accounts on Twitter.

As I stated at the beginning of the article, there are a lot of tools for a real estate Community Manager. The key is to find which of them offer the best efficiency taking into consideration the functions so the real estate gets the best levels of productivity.

The tools that need to be paid to manage the different accounts of the real estate on different social networks are also to be taken into consideration because they offer professional functions which allow a more effective control and they maximize the resources of the real estate.

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