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Online real estate CRM with Brivity.

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Brivity is very easy to use and it is an online real estate CRM for all real estate agents, which offers functions that target the increase of the professional productivity.

A real estate CRM allows the user to use the All-In-One system for managing the professional activities such as: task managing, setting a communication channel with the clients and advertising the products.

Brivity is also used as a personalized task manager which shows the way to the professional real estate agent towards an effective auto-management system with the help of a clear and intuitive interface.

A real estate CRM is based on two basic aspects in order to increase the conversion level: the real estate agent and the property for sale.

Each property which is part of a property portfolio for sale counts with its own page. This makes easier gathering the advertisement resources and set an effective share. 

In the same time, Brivity offers advanced tools of real estate marketing, such as virtual tours of the properties for sale, a fast publishing system on Craiglist, a direct connection with the main social media platforms and all the functions gathered in only one page per property. 

When a real estate professional signs in his Brivity account and navigates through several options as properties for sale, clients, recruited properties or rentals, he can visualize the entire activity linked to each section.

The info linked to each property or client is quite diverse: pending or completed tasks, received emails, advertisement actions and marketing actions to be set, comments received or offered services, etc.

Main characteristics of Brivity as a real estate CRM.

crm inmobiliario

Communication between the real estate agent and his clients.

The communication between the real estate agent and his clients is a very important factor and this CRM offers automatic updates which are enabled when the professional signs in his account.

Brevity notifies the client when the real estate agent sets a task linked to him or to his property.


  • When the real estate professional advertises a property for sale on one social media platform, the system notifies the client automatically.
  • If the real estate visits a property for sale with his clients, the system notifies the owner by email about that action made by the professional.

It is a very transparent system which generates positive synergies with clients, it increases the level of confidence of the professional agent and it is used as an evidence of the actions took by the real estate agent lined to a certain operation in particular (sale of a property, visits with clients, rental management, etc.).

Through the function called Client Log-ins, the real estate agent can access his clients with a personalized account. According to the configuration set by the agent, clients can visualize all the actions made by the real estate professional:

  • Visits of the property with potential buyers and the feedback obtained.
  • Advertisement campaigns divided by specific channels.
  • Costs derived from the different aspects of the real estate management.
  • Check-in and check-out of the tenants.
  • Bank transfers for the rental payments.

Action plans templates.

A real estate agent can personalize his templates, dividing them according to his necessities. Default templates of Brivity are based on properties and clients, but they can easily be modified.

In the same time, if none of the templates of the real estate CRM adjust to the professional´s necessities, Brivity can create them from the scratch without any element of specific data (create categories, client data, not conventional tasks, additional info on properties or clients segmented by categories, etc.).

The flexibility level offered by Brivity to create job templates is very high and anything can be created or modified: from date systems, to generation of completely new action plans.

Templates for the real estate marketing.

The templates for the control of the real estate advertisement can also be modified or created in a personalized way. The real estate agent can use them in order to control and manage the ad campaigns related to properties for sale, recruited properties and rentals.

Real estate CRM includes a simple model of marketing campaigns, which can result very basic, but quite effective, especially for an agent with low experience in real estate advertisement.

For those real estate agents with experience in real estate advertisement or management of different channels (social media platforms, real estate portals, online websites, etc.), Brivity offers an advanced personalization.

In both cases, either for the basic system of real estate marketing, as for the advanced one, this CRM includes an expense management system for the advertisement matter (ADS campaigns or social media platforms, adverts in magazines or real estate portals, etc.).

Real estate team management.

Brivity is understood as a CRM for the professional use of an individual, mainly for a real estate agent. However, its task management function for the whole team brings the possibility to use the real estate CRM inside and for the entire company.

Under these circumstances, the real estate needs to get a plan for each member of the organizational structure, which might increase significantly the relation cost-benefit of this real estate CRM.

However, this is a very practical function for a real estate agent, due to the possibility to structure and plan eventual collaborations with other colleagues from the same sector.

This is a very effective function for a professional who wants to manage different variables derived from his job and it brings the possibility to control the professional links inside the real estate sector in a more effective way. Examples:

  • He recruits properties and offers them to other colleagues and real estate companies in order to collaborate on the selling.
  • He manages the sale of the recruited properties by other real estate agents or companies.
  • He can manage the rentals on the specialized real estate portals which offer these products to freelance professionals.
  • Group property recruitment with the help of other freelance colleagues or colleagues part of a company.
  • He supervises all the professional links with other real estate agents and companies.

Anyways, the application options of this function are very complete. Brivity offers multiple possibilities, as a result of the high level of personalization on the configuration of the real estate CRM.

Data base and automatic updates by email.

Any professional inside the real estate can create a very complete data base with the help of Brivity. As it is a very flexible system, it brings the possibility to get a very high level of personalization of the data bases.

The data base of the real estate CRM allows us to include different elements and personalize them such as: specific fields, templates for the working plans or campaigns of real estate marketing, detailed info on clients and properties for sale, data on the sizes of properties, number of properties sold, managed rentals, recruited properties, etc.

The data base created on the real estate CRM can be linked to the automatic updates by email, which brings to possibility to achieve better levels of productivity and increase the level of professional effectiveness.

The real estate agent counts with an automatic update function, which makes possible the receiving and sending of emails in a scheduled way. Similar to the sending system of emails to clients, this function can be configured in different ways.

Personalized updates of the email on Brivity can be configured in order to be sent to other colleagues of this sector, collaborators, real estate agents, professionals of other sectors (Community Managers, advertisement agencies, online advertisement portals, etc.).

This is a function that offers a high level of productivity and it targets the productivity of the real estate professional.

This function allows the automatic sending of emails which can be used as reminders in order to maximize the productivity level of the professional. Email updates can be configured in order to be sent in two ways: daily or weekly.

Automatic updates by email cane be used for different targets: remind tasks, notify meetings, finished tasks, pending tasks, completed managements, events calendar, notes, etc.

Moreover, this function can also be used to implement a campaign of real estate marketing email.

Before implementing the real estate CRM, the professional can use it in beta mode through Live Demo available on the official website of Brivity, in order to get an idea of its effectiveness.

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