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Online management tools for real estate.

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The online management tools for projects allow us to increase the functional level of the entire organization and it favors the increase of the real estate´s business level.

For a real estate agency, the concept of using an online management tool is actually the use of a different model of working, which has as target the creation of another environment for the organization.

The management tools are very intuitive and easy to be used and they allow us to manage a huge amount of elements related to the real estate in real time which will be converted into the best way to increase the real estate´s productivity.

The online management tools have as target the increase of the productivity and it could be achieved only by taking into consideration an effective management of the real estate´s resources.

It is important not to forget that any tool which allows us to increase the productivity of the real estate as an organization will also help the real estate in all its levels.

The management of online projects for a real estate is a way in which all the members of the real estate could be linked in a constant and effective way. This also brings the liberty of using them.

Although the email is a very used tool inside any real estate, it is also quite deficient in its functionality especially if the real estate pretends to have an interchange of info or to manage tasks in real time.

The limitations of the email as a means of communication in an organization are huge, especially if we compare them to the limitations of the tools for online management which are actually: assign and supervise tasks, edit online documents, manage data bases, set meetings ad confirm assistance, value the individual effort, a more efficient time management, generate activity reports and so many other things which are especially oriented towards the increase of the real estate productivity.

The email for a real estate is good inside its parameters, but that does not mean it is not a useful tool.

The thing is to understand that a tool for the online management for a real estate is an element superior regarding its functions. We should not forget that the majority of those tools also allow us the management of the email accounts.

For a real estate agency, the ability to manage online projects is something very useful because it allows the natural increasing of the productivity level.

Right from the beginning, every tool for managing online projects has its own characteristics, but we should know that the best tool will be the one that fulfills all the real estate necessities.

Characteristics of the tools for online management.

Some of the tools of online management are free and they turn out to be effective for a real estate, although we should admit that those payable tools allow a good access to some valuable extras.

Anyway, the different plans offered by each tool should be analyzed in order to detect those really useful functions for a real estate agency. The main factor that determines the price of the tools for online management is the number of people who can access the platform.

This is important for any small or medium real estate, because it will allow them to access a high quality system for a convenient price.

In any of these cases, for a beginner real estate who never implemented such a system, it is important to have a first contact with the system beginning with a free plan, or a demo.

The online tools for the good management of projects of the real estate have several characteristics and aspects in common.

The main characteristics of the tools for the management online which determine their qualities and cost are the following:

  • Number of active users.
  • Capacity of storage.
  • Email accounts.
  • Real estate CRM.
  • Management of documents.
  • Private forums.
  • Encoded security systems.

The utility of the tools for online management.

For a real estate, the use of a tool for managing online projects is essential, especially if the real estate pretends to increase its level of productivity.

Some of the most important benefits a real estate could get from the management tools are:

  • Intuitive system of working with a friendly interface.
  • Center the real estate´s projects in a single place.
  • Access of the users through different ways (computer, tablets, smartphones).
  • Interchange of ideas and data in real time.
  • Realize a precise following of the work done.
  • Set the action points for each member of the team.
  • Manage meetings and coordinate timetables between the users.
  • Assign individual tasks and supervise them.
  • Manage the time of each real estate agent.
  • Add tickets with estimated time.
  • Revise, modify or actualize documents.
  • Create performance and productivity reports.
  • Edit documents in different formats.
  • Set specific targets within specific time.
  • Create internal fora (private) inside the real estate.
  • Manage the private blog with the help of different authors.
  • Automatic and manual security copies of info.
  • Individual or webinar videoconferences.
  • Manage used applications and real estate websites.
  • Private social network with restricted access.
  • Create internal and public surveys (internal and external feedback).
  • Encoded online connections and SSL for a major level of security.
  • Real estate CRM included (because not all tools include this option).
  • Management of email accounts.
  • Storage space.
  • Remote supervision of the individual activities.
  • Offline access from an email.
  • Transparency in all the activities for each member.

For a real estate agency, the most important aspect of the tools for the management of online projects is to be efficient and to deal with all the particular interests of the real estate.

Before taking the decision of which tool to choose for the real estate, the latter should pass by every aspect described above and value each of those particular characteristics.

Five management tools for a real estate agency.

Valuing all the possible options right on the moment of making a decision is very important for the real estate and especially dedicating a special time to try every tool.

Normally, all the online management tools offer us the possibility to download a free version of the tool for a limited time and this is important because we get more experience.

A real estate should know its own limits which come from its real estate agents and its economic resources. In the case of the online management tool, a real estate should consider it a good investment and not an expense.

It is also very important to analyze each of the technical and functional characteristics that every tool has to offer and if there is a responsible of a real estate that does not know those aspects, he should ask for the help of a qualified professional.

A real estate must never buy a product without knowing all its functionalities.

The best management tools will be the one that adjusts perfectly to the organizational necessities of the real estate.


It’s an online management tool for the real estate with a visible tendency towards the increase of the productivity of the working teams and functions linked directly to the assigned tasks and allows their management in real time by email, computer or smartphone.

Each leader of a team or the leaders of projects can create a specific virtual space so to manage it independently. This enables the assignment of particular tasks, setting deadlines, managing activity and productivity reports.

A main characteristic of Producteev is the possibility to set points of action specifically linked to a certain task in particular and this will permit the supervising and managing the task in real time and in an effective way.

Another important characteristic of Producteev is to access the tool from different platforms, allowing the real estate team to work in a synchronized way.

Producteev allows the management of the tool from any operational system such as Windows or Mac and download complements for iPhone, Android, iPad and Outlook.

The technical and organizational characteristics of Producteev are brilliant because they offer an excellent relation between them and the tool´s price.

The free version of Producteev brings almost all the characteristics of a payable version, except the possibility to relate the tool with Outlook, personalize the colors of the interface and use the logo of the real estate agency. These are functional details which cannot limit the real estate by any means.

The payable version of Producteev, although is not very cheap, it worth because of its good functional and technical functions. Anyway, as any other type of management tools for a real estate, it is recommended to try first the free version and then to buy the full version.

Producteev features.

  • Manage an unlimited number of users, projects and tasks.
  • Realize updates in real time.
  • Assign tasks and supervise them.
  • Set deadlines and top dates with automatic reminders.
  • Filter projects and assigned tasks by level of priority.
  • Link documents and manage them through Dropbox.
  • Generate and export reports of projects, tasks and productivity.


Confluence is a tool for online management which facilitates the better organization of the job of a real estate. It also allows the interchange of archives and documents in a simpler way.

Through Confluence, the real estate can manage different working teams, assign specific tasks, manage individual productivity reports and create debates subjects via Discuss.

A well-known characteristic of Confluence is its user interface, which is actually a hybrid between a social network and a traditional platform of management.

It has a very complex editor which is so known for its professional functionalities and it counts with an effective system of database management.

Confluence offers a very important variety of complements, good to get the best performance of the platform and to obtain higher levels of productivity from the real estate.

The free version of Confluence is available for a week, a proper time for the real estate agency to understand the tool´s functional characteristics and to value them correctly.

Confluence features.

  • Plans by users: 10/100/150 + additional.
  • Professional editor of interface and templates.
  • Assignment of tasks and project control.
  • Online file sharing.
  • Professional page for each agent, collector or member.
  • Very effective database management.
  • Feedback in context.
  • System of linked questions.Online task calendar.
  • Automatic status updates.
  • Compatible to integrate hundreds of third-party applications.
  • Languages: English, Spanish, German, French and Chinese.


ActiveCollab is an online management tool which counts with a clean and functional interface.

It offers a free version for 30 days only by registering with the email and it can be found in English and French. With the free version of the tool, they also include the assignment of a subdomain such as nameofthecompany.manage.projects.com

ActiveCollab offers 5 plans, depending on the number of active users and the storage space.

The Mega plan allows the management of an unlimited number of users and 500 Gb of storage, all these for a special price.

ActiveCollab features.

  • Customer management and unlimited projects.
  • Custom subdomain.
  • SSL security system.
  • Timestamps for tasks.
  • Project management with templates.
  • App for computers and mobile devices.
  • Email integration.
  • Advanced project and task reports.
  • Attach and manage documents (plans, contracts, etc.).
  • Off-line account management via email.
  • Daily backups.
  • Support: telephone / email.
  • Integration with third party applications.
  • Languages: English and French.
  • Basic plan with payment by users.
  • Technical support via mobile or email.
  • 2 weeks free trial.


Assembla offers 3 types of services: Repo Only, Professional and Portfolio. Repo Only is a limited plan, but is good to try the management tool for real estate.

The Professional plan is divided into 4 different payable options which are limited regarding the number of active users and the number of online projects to manage.

The Portfolio plan with a hosting included offers an unlimited number of users and projects, including also an unlimited storage space.

The most competitive plan regarding the price and its functions is the Portfolio plan (although is placed on the lowest rank among the best online management tools for a real estate).

The big differences between the plans make the Portfolio the most interesting especially because it offers a series of technical and functional characteristics and not because of its price which I personally consider too excessive.

Assembla features.

  • Plans: Starter, Cloud and Self-Hosted.
  • Management of tasks and projects in real time.
  • Automatic update of conversations.
  • System of questions and answers linked.
  • Integrated calendar.
  • Mobile and desktop application.
  • Task control by roles.
  • Sending invitations to users.
  • Multiplatform notifications.
  • Automatic reports.
  • Integration with Slack, Jenkins and Zapier.
  • 2 access authentication factors.
  • Automatic backups.
  • Support: telephone / email / 24 hours.
  • Hosting included or own.
  • 14 days free trial in Assembla hosting.
  • 30 days free trial in real estate hosting.

Central Desktop.

Is an online management tool for real estate which is oriented to the working in real time. It allows us to make videoconferences, interchange of documents and online editing and the use of an internal service of instant messaging.

The free version of Central Desktop is valid 15 days and plenty of details should be provided in order to register and use this version of this online management tool. Central Desktop offers 3 plans: Professional, Enterprise and Agencies.

On its official website it is only presented the basic plan (Professional). To know the prices for the others plans we need to consult them according to the specific necessities of the real estate.

If your plan is the Professional one, you need to know it is limited regarding the number of the users and it gives the possibility to add up to 10 collaborators of the real estate. In this plan, the basic plan of Central Desktop, we could manage up to 5 online projects.

The Central Desktop interface for users is very professional, intuitive, and simple to use. The real interesting functions of this tool could be discovered only with the plan Enterprise. The price must be consulted according to the necessities of the real estate (number of real estate agents, storage space, etc.)

This online management tool for the real estate is only available in English and the phone number for the user support is from USA. These facts may affect some real estate regarding their choice.

Central Desktop features.

  • Plans: Professional, Enterprise and Agencies.
  • Integrated system with CRM.
  • Project planning.
  • Task management.
  • Control of commercial processes.
  • Automatic task update.
  • Up to 10 external collaborators.
  • From 5 projects online.
  • Custom reports and Gantt chart.
  • Custom Calendar
  • Very professional user interface.
  • Online training courses.
  • Support: email / chat / telephone.
  • English language.
  • Free trial demo.

Nowadays, in this market, there are dozens of online management tools to manage a real estate agency and it is not only about make some expenses, it is also about investing the necessary time to learn to use them and get the best efficiency of them.

The already mentioned tools were chosen on the grounds of their functional and technical performances.

A real estate should try to find the best management tool (according to its own criteria) in order to manage to increase its productivity.

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