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WPML is an excellent resource for a real estate in Spain because we know it´s important to count with a multilingual real estate blog and web which allow the real estate to get to clients of different nationalities in an easier way.

In the same time, it is important for a real estate in Spain to have multiregional real estate blog and website. In other words, they need to target different countries. Some languages, as for example Spanish and English must target a certain country depending on business necessities of the real estate.

A real estate blog article of an agency in Spain does not necessarily target Spain as country. The contents of each language of the real estate blog and web must be configured in order to target specific countries.

On the other hand, languages such as Polish and Russian are more restrictive in terms of audience and the configuration level is lower in comparison with other languages such as English or Spanish, which are the most extended countries.

A real estate blog on WordPress can be multilingual using different options. However, the use of a specific plugin for a task is the most effective option. Such is the case of WMPL.

If managed through WordPress, the real estate web can be transformed into a multilingual website through different plugins.

The use of a multilingual plugin for a real estate blog or web requires a configuration and an adjustment according to its technical aspects in order to get a correct functioning. It is not enough to install a multilingual plugin. This must be configured and it must attend to different technical factors in order to achieve better SEO real estate results.

There are different options on the market to convert the real estate blog or web into multilingual ones, including free options. However, not all of them offer the same characteristics and the same configuration level and technical potential.

One of the most featured among the different multilingual plugins is WPML. Its technical effectiveness and its functions make it one of the best options for the management of a multilingual real estate blog or website on different languages.

Although the WPML plugin is not free, its characteristics and options worth the license price for implementing it on real estate online sites.

Characteristics of WPML for a multilingual real estate blog.

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These are the main characteristics of WPML for a real estate blog and real estate web:

  • General segmented editing by language of the real estate blog.
  • Regional configuration by languages (must be done manually).

  • Menu synchronizing from a predetermined language towards secondary languages.

  • Personalization of language flags (previous loading to the system of content manager).

  • Synchronization of translations of articles, pages, RSS, Feeds, SiteMaps, images, videos, taxonomies (categories and tags), etc.
  • Definition of a management language and default administration.

  • Avoid linking of the not translated contents (articles, pages, forms, etc.).

  • Hide the pending and not revised translations from the visitors and the search engines.

  • Edit preferences of language from the profile of the CMS administrator.
  • Conversion of the real estate blog into a multilingual one without editing the PHP archives.

  • Automatic adjustment system of the multilingual identities (this increases the enquiry on the data base).

  • Set priorities of the hreflang language tags SEO On Page of the real estate blog).

  • Optional uploading of the archives .mo in an automatic way (´laod_theme_textdomain´).

  • Translation of the contact forms and personalized entries.

  • Translation of the header according to the source language.

  • Synchronize comments, pings, passwords, personal indicators, formats, etc.

  • Copy the translation taxonomies and the publishing date of the contents.

  • Alternative translation options for text contents and other plugins from WordPress (archives .mo).

  • The option to minimize the translations of an entry in order to delete the main content.

  • Choose whether to discard translations linked to taxonomies (categories, tags, etc.) when they are discarded.

– Options of WPML language selector for a real estate blog.
  • Widget location of the language selector (sidebar, footer, etc.).

  • Personalized language selectors (language name, flags or both of them).

  • Sort languages and assign them a style (color editing, etc.).

  • Style of the language selector: foldable menu or language list (vertical or horizontal).

  • Include or exclude elements (language names, flags or define a default language).

  • Define the behavior of the translator when there are no linked translations.

  • Connect to the main page of the real estate blog when there are no synchronized translations.

  • Set URL parameters for the addresses translated in each language.

  • Show translations links inside the article (below the title or at the end of the content).
  • Assign alternative texts for languages on the articles and pages of the real estate blog.

  • Implement an additional CSS code (Cascading Style Sheets).

– Format of the URL addresses of the languages inside a real estate blog.
– Redirection according to the browser´s language.

This a very interesting function which allows us to make an automatic redirection according to the language used by the users of the real estate blog or real estate web.

This function redirects the visitors based on their preset language on their browser. These are the main options of this plugin which can be configured:

  • Deactivate the redirection by the languages of the visitors´ browser.

  • Redirect the users based on the language of their browser only if there are translations.

  • Always redirect visitors in an automatic way based on the langue of their browsers.

  • Set the main page as a destination for when we redirect where there are no linked translations.

  • Show the language used by the visitor during a time set by hours (this is adjusted manually).

WPML versions for a multilingual real estate blog.

There are 2 versions of WPML, both payable: Multilingual Blog and Multilingual CMS.

– Basic version for a multilingual real estate blog.
  • Translation of the posts, pages, tags, categories and taxonomies.

  • Translation of the different menus of the real estate blog and web.

  • Automatic detection of the browser´s language used by the visitor.

  • Synchronized control of all the elements mentioned in different languages.

– The Multilingual CSM functions brings more features.
  • Translation of personalized fields of the real estate blog.

  • Administrator of template text translations and WordPress plugins.

  • Widget and sticker translation.

  • Manager of archives attached on different languages.

  • Multi-users translations system.

  • CMS navigation and XLIFF interface (XML Localization Interchange File Format).

Both versions of the multilingual plugin, for a real estate blog and a real estate web must be renovated yearly. After paying the membership for any of the two versions, the customer service and the plugin updates will be extended for 12 months.

WPML also offers the option of Lifetime Multilingual CMS which allows the user to access all its functions through an only payment for life. There are also the customer service and updates included without any additional payment.

Customer service of WPML.

Customer service of WPML is one of its strongest points. Although the multilingual plugin of WordPress is quite simple to configure, the user can go to the customer service of WPML in order to make enquiries and/or solve problems.

The users help center is available 5 days per week, during 19 hours per day and it is available in 9 languages. On the other hand, the development team of WPML shows a clear and proactive attitude, by creating functional adjustments and constant updates of the plugin.

This is a very important factor, because the multilingual plugin of the real estate blog or web must always be updated and compatible with other plugins and must always function correctly with every WordPress update.

Source: wpml.org

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