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In the previous article we talked about the strict necessity of counting with a real estate team that dominates different languages and so create a model of multilingual real estate.

As a projection of this model, we find another necessity linked to the company, the one of counting with a multilingual real estate web and blog as well.

The multilingual real estate needs a lined digital platform – a medium of business projection in different languages. In this way, the multilingual real estate blog and web are the best platforms for the international brand development.

On the other hand, in order to get a higher level of effectiveness of the international real estate strategy, the sites of real estate on internet need to be multiregional.

The combination of the both factors is essential in order to get the maximum level of effectiveness of the real estate strategy. That is why this is not only about having a multilingual real estate team or sites on different languages on Internet.

The main link of the strategy is that the real estate sites should be multilingual and multiregional.

A simple international real estate strategy should be based on three previously established and linked factors:

  • Multilingual real estate team.
  • Multilingual real estate web and blog.
  • Multiregional real estate blog and web.

Creating a multiregional real estate web and blog allows the real estate to divide the clients in a more precise way in order to get better business results. The intention is always the same in a way or another- getting to the potential foreign buyers in an effective way.

In order to achieve this, it is essential to target all the actions towards the geographic points.

Once the real estate defines the countries and the segment towards which to target the actions of digital real estate marketing, the real estate targets its human and technological resources towards its objective and so it manages to increase globally those resources.

Multilingual real estate web and blog.

URL addresses of the multilingual real estate web and blog.

When creating sites on Internet for the real estate, the first step is that they need to be ¨clean¨ and well-defined. Those addresses play a very important role in the visibility and the multiregional segmentation of the real estate.

An optimized URL address allows us to segment specific parts of real estate sites and target them to some specific regions.

Basically, the options of the real estate URL addresses for a real estate blog are the following:

– Domains for specific countries for the real estate.

Examples: costainvest.es / costainvest.ru / costainvest.pl

Those domains offer a very clear form of geographic segmentation. The situation of the hosting is totally irrelevant and those sites can be easily isolated.

On the other hand, the real estate should take into consideration the fact that those domains are more expensive than the basic superior level ones and some might also count with some restrictions when buying them, for example domains.ru.

The requirements for using ccTLD domains are normally stricter than any other type of domains.

Example of URL domain for each country: dominio.com/es/orihuelacosta/studio/1659

With the help of a high level domain associated to a specific country, the real estate can easily observe that it is about a property for sale in Spain, that its content is Spanish and the fact that the property is a studio situated in Orihuela Costa.

– gTLD subdomains for the real estate sites.

Examples: es.costainvest.com / ru.costainvest.com / pl.costainvest.com

The subdomains are very simple to configure. In order to determine the specific orientation of the subdomains, we can use different systems of geographic segmentation from the tools of webmasters: Microsoft, Google, Yandex and so on.

The disadvantage of the subdomains (although is nothing so serious) is the fact that the URL address makes it difficult for the user, who does not recognize the geographic segmentation: “es” can come from Spain as for spanish.

The use of subdomains by the real estate can also result negative, especially when we talk about the visibility of the contents linked to them. However, the subdomains are still a good option that proves to be useful when managing the URL addresses of the real estate.

Example of URL with subdomain: uk.dominio.com/en/orihuelacosta/apartment//2648

By using a URL address through a subdomain of the real estate web we confirm the fact that the geographic location of the potential buyers is UK and the fact that the contents are in English.

Next, we have the specific location of the property for sale (Orihuela Costa), the type of property (studio) and the number of the assigned reference (always as an example).

– gTLDsudirectories for the real estate.

Examples: costainvest.com/en – costainvest.com/pl – costainvest.com/ru

The subdirectories are normally the most used option in order to manage the URL addresses of the real estate sites. This happens because they can be easily configured and they can be easily defined with the help of webmasters tools.

They do not need any technical maintaining and they are very effective when generating sitemaps by specific languages (especially the articles in different languages of the real estate blog or the properties for sale of the real estate web).

Compared to subdomains, the subdirectories are linked to an only physical location of the real estate hosting server. That is why they are also very easy to be used and they are also limited in their versatility.

However, before defining the type of structure used in its sites (basic domains, subdirectories or subdomains) the real estate should plan its SEO visibility strategy and value the different variables, in order to obtain the best results.

All the options of URL addresses offer advantages and disadvantages for a real estate and that is why we need to plan the strategy first and then action!

URL addresses are important not only to achieve a good segmentation of the real estate, they are also essential for the real estate strategy of SEO visibility. URL addresses of the properties for sale of the real estate should have trustful and clear rules.

Example of URL with subdirectories: dominio.com/es/orihuelacosta/apartamento/1425

This is a simple example of how the URL directories should look like:

  • Basic superior level domain (.com).
  • Language and/or country (“es”: spanish /Spain).
  • Specific geographic segmentation (Orihuela Costa).
  • Number of property reference (the number used as an example).

I here underline the fact that what has been stated above are only possible examples of URL addresses of the properties for sale.

In the same time, it is very important to understand that the URL addresses can be structured depending on the different technical variables, as for example those determined by the real estate web programming.

Also, those structures can be generated according to the specific necessities of the real estate.

However, we can change the order of some variables (set first the type of property and then its location) or generate more complex addresses. Mostly important is the functionality and the technical effectiveness.

The fact that the URL address must be ¨clear¨ is an essential aspect and it implies the prohibition of symbols or their minimal use.

If the real estate uses a content manager such as WordPress for its real estate blog or web, it can increase more its level of personalizing the URL addresses and so get a higher level of effectiveness.

If it uses an automatic system of URL creation, the real estate should configure that system in order to generate addresses as precise as possible.

Multilingual real estate web and blog without duplicated contents.

A quite often situation is when the real estate web and blog offer contents in different languages for different regions and they also generate contents similar to the ones that we can find in other URL addresses.

Although those specific contents are oriented towards different users from different regions and countries, this means no huge problem.

But, if those contents are not oriented to different users of different countries, the real estate would generate duplicate contents and this is not good either.

The best scenario (which is difficult to achieve) is that each content should be oriented to an exclusive segment of users and to a specific country.

In the case of the real estate web, this is easy to achieve, the only thing is to set specific attributes to each content in order to define its geographic orientation.

The complex aspect comes for a real estate blog, as the articles are translated and normally the same image is being used for each published translation.

The most effective solution is to personalize each URL address of the contents in every language of the real estate blog and in the same time,to assign different attributes to the same image used.

However, both in the case of the real estate web and real estate blog, we can use the robots.txt and the meta-tags ¨noindex¨ in order to avoid the duplicate contents. This is a very effective resource although we need to understand it is only used for specific cases.

For example: when the same content is offered to the same users but through different URL addresses. Practical example: ejemplo.es and ejemplo.com/es offer contents in Spanish for the Spanish users.

Before such a situation, we should define a version of the spanish content for the users of Spain and redirect the users towards another URL. When this happens, there is another valid and effective option: the link ¨ rel=canonical¨.

But we should also follow the technical guidelines determined by the search engines in order to avoid problems or penalties. Following the technical guidelines of the ¨re=alternate-hreflang¨ it ensures us of the fact that the visitors of the real estate sites who make searches by language they find the correct URL address.

In the next article, we will keep analyzing some technical aspects which are necessary in order to get a multilingual real estate web and real estate blog function effectively.

In the same time, we will present the main factors of a multiregional real estate blog and real estate web configuration. So the real estate manages to get its potential clients in an effective and precise way.

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