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Moscow International Property Show 2018.

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The next 20st and 21nd of April we will celebrate the Moscow International Property Show 2018 (Russia). 

The Moscow International Property Show 2018 will be located inside the expo centre called Tishinka, located in the central part of the city.

Costa Invest Real Estate and its professional team will be present at the stand nb. 51, just at the main entrance.

This is one of the most prestigious and old international real estate expo in Europe which brings a massive number of Russian visitors. Since many years, this expo has brought up to 5.000 daily visitors, a desirable fact for any other country in Europe.

Costa Invest Real Estate adopted a strategy focused on international events in order to place its image in the world and get more potential buyers. It has started the year attending to two different expos, in Sweden and Norway.

The expos in Sweden and Norway (celebrated this year) where Costa Invest has had a proactive presence were added to the many events to which the real estate attended during many years, as the leader of the real estate sector in Orihuela Costa (Spain).

Costa Invest at the Moscow International Property Show 2018.

Costa Invest and its real estate team are waiting for you at the stand nb. 58 in order to offer you a professional and personalized attention.

These are characteristics that define us as a leader company in the real estate sector of Spain, along with our organizational values.


Moscow International Property Show 2018.

Organization of  the Moscow International Property Show 2018.

The international expo of Moscow is being organized by AiGroup, a leader in the organizing of real estate events in Russia.

AiGroup offers a high quality support to its professionals of the real estate sector, along with additional services of logistics such as aerial transport, ground transport, accommodation, technical tools for their stands, etc. , but also advertisement and all the necessary media for any real estate that wants to share its properties portfolio.

Moscú -Москве

aiGroup started a professional advertisement campaign for this international real estate event: three television channels, five radio stations, magazines and real estate portals, along with advertising this event on the search engines Google and Yandex.

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